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What is Solar ?

Solar energy or solar power is a clean, cheap and renewable energy source that is harnessable everywhere in the world.  In simple words, solar energy is the conversion of sunlight into usable electricity. Solar energy is pollution free, safe and efficient alternative to those other traditional and harmful fossil fuels which are responsible to environment pollution.

Solar Power
Solar Power

Solar energy is getting popular day by day because of its huge benefits and less limitations.  One side it reduces our dependency on traditional power sources and on the other hand it also helps us to get rid of many problems such as long electricity cuts, heavy electricity bills and many more.

Why Go Solar?

Solar energy is like a revolution in the field of energy generation. It is a source of clean and green energy which is provided by nature to us. There are many reasons to switch to solar. Let’s explore them all one by one.

Why go solar
Why go solar

Reduce our electricity bill

Solar system provides us a medium to get rid of heavy monthly electricity bills over and over. A photo-voltaic system use sunlight to generate electricity which is free of cost. And if you use solar power instead of utility power than it is natural that you will see a great difference in your upcoming electricity bills.

Great return on investment

The second most benefit of solar power is that investment on solar is just like one time investment. A solar system will provide you great rate of return on your investment. As an average, a solar system will cover the whole investment within 3 to 5 years.

Increase in goodwill or property value

Rather than free electricity, a solar system also increase the goodwill of your business and increase the value of your property. The value of a solar powered home or business is always more than a normal or non-solar powered home or business.

Less dependency on utility grid

A solar system does not need utility grid to generate electricity. It is an independent source of energy generation. It helps us to be self-dependent in the sense of energy generation.

Protect the environment

One side a solar power plant reduce our dependency on utility grid, on the other hand it provides a safe, renewable source of energy that reduces harmful greenhouse gas emission, reduce the carbon footprint. Thus, a solar system is beneficial for us and for our environment as well.

How Solar Generated?

Solar energy generation is basically based on photo-voltaic effect in which sunlight is used to generate electricity. A photovoltaic panel, commonly called solar panel absorb the sunlight and convert it into DC (direct current) power. Solar panel is the main component that is used to convert sunlight into electricity. When sunlight strike a solar panel in the form of photons, than solar power is generated. Basically, a solar panel is a collection of solar cells that are shaped in a grid like pattern and fixed on aluminum frame. Each solar cell can generates only a small amount of energy, so a number of solar cells are grouped together to generate a big amount of electricity.

Working of solar panel
Working of solar panel

It is not only a solar panel that is used to generate electricity. There are also many other equipment which are used along with it. These equipment are solar inverter, solar battery, solar charge controller, ACDB/DCDB etc. Solar battery is used to store the generated power in it while a solar inverter regulate the flow of passing current.

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Subsidy On Solar

There are different ways to promote clean and green energy. One of them is subsidy on solar. Different state governments and noddle agencies are providing subsidy on solar as per their state solar policy. In India, the rate of subsidy is 30% to 90% on benchmark cost. The actual rate of subsidy depends upon the usage of solar and also on the policy of a particular state regarding solar.

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Solar Applications

Nowadays, solar power system is used for many purpose at various places. Some peoples are installing it on their residential rooftop while some are installing at commercial rooftops. Let’s have a look over various places where a solar system can be installed.

Home Solar System

Solar system in someone’s home is like a genuine thing today. Anyone can install a solar system at his residence. A solar system for home not only provide you power backup but it also help you to reduce your electricity bill up to 100%. And now, if you are thinking to install a solar system at your home than we recommend you to install off grid solar system between 1kW to 10kW according to your power usage or requirement.

Commercial Solar System

A solar system can also be used for commercial purpose. Commercial solar system is available from 15kW to 100kW. This type of solar system can be install at any commercial premises. For business or commercial sectors, a solar system will provide you double benefit. One side it helps you to reduce your electricity bill, on the other hand it also increase the goodwill and value of your business.

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Industrial Solar System

Industrial sectors are second to none in the sense of solar system. For industrial purpose, high capacity on grid solar system should be install. In industries, the power consumption or usage is very high. So accordingly, the range of an industrial solar system starts from 100kW and it can goes up to megawatt or even in gigawatt.

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Types Of Solar

Solar systems are available in many technologies but there are three main type of solar system. These types of solar is as mentioned below.



On Grid Solar System

on grid solar system for home
on grid solar system

An on grid solar comes with solar panel and solar inverter. In this type of solar power system, you can export excess or unconsumed electricity to the grid through net metering. This type of solar system is recommended to those who are suffering from heavy electricity bills on regular basis and only want to reduce their electricity bill.

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Off Grid Solar System

Off grid home solar system
Off grid solar system

An off grid solar comes with solar panel, solar battery and solar inverter. In on grid solar system, you can store excess or unconsumed power into the solar batteries. This stored power can be used further when solar panels not generating power during nights or rainy day. This type of solar system s recommended to those who want power backup at their places.

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Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid solar system working diagram
Hybrid solar system

A hybrid solar is a combination of both on grid and off grid solar system. This solar system provides you the features of net metering and backup as well. This type of solar system is recommended to those who want to reduce their electricity bill and also they want power backups.

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Equipments in Solar

Solar power is generated through solar system and a solar system is a composition of several components itself. These solar equipment are as mentioned below.

Solar panel

Types of solar panel
Solar panel

Solar panel is a major and key component of solar system. A solar panel absorb the sunlight and convert it into DC (Direct current) voltage or electricity. There are mainly two types of solar panel.

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Solar inverter

Usha solar inverter
Solar inverter

Solar inverter is like heart of a solar system. It prevent your appliances from high/low voltage and regulate the passing current. If needed than it convert DC (Direct current) voltage into AC (Alternative current) voltage. There are 3 types of solar inverter:

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Solar battery

Solar Battery Brands
Solar Batteries

Solar battery is used in off grid solar system and hybrid solar system. In a solar system battery is used to store the generated power. Solar batteries are also of two type.

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If you have an existing or non-solar battery at your home than you can use them too in a solar system. To attach non-solar battery with solar system, a solar charge controller is required. There are 3 types of solar charge controller.

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Other Solar Product

If you don’t know about solar products that are available in the market than we are here to tell you about them. There are so many solar products in the market that are as mentioned below.

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Solar Water Pump

Solar water pump is a new innovation and most popular solar product. A solar water pump comes with solar panel and solar inverter. This solar pump is used to lift the water for irrigation and supply purpose. There are two type of solar water pump.

  • Solar Surface Pump
  • Solar Submersible Pump


Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater is used to get hot and warm water any time. A solar water heater heats the water by absorbing the sunlight. Solar water heaters are also of two types.

  • ETC Solar Water Heater
  • FPC Solar Water Heater


Solar Air Conditioner

Solar AC is best alternative to get rid of heavy electricity bills. A solar air conditioner use solar power to run. Solar AC provides you cool air without any tension of maintenance and electricity bill. A solar air conditioner is available in many models and capacity such as 1 ton solar AC and 1.5 ton solar AC.


Solar Lights

Solar lights is like an innovation in the lighting industry. A solar light comes with solar panel, solar battery (in many cases inbuilt) and other solar accessories. A solar light is best option to illuminate indoor or outdoor area. It is just like one time investment for a long time.


Solar Home Lighting System

Solar home lighting system is a modern way to power you home. A home solar system reduces your dependency on utility grid and provide you backups for crucial times. A medium size home solar lighting system can run several bulbs, small fan and many other small appliances.

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Author: Bhanwar Chauhan
Updated On: 08/01/2021