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About ABB Solar Inverter

ABB solar is a solar inverter manufacturer and a group company of swedish swiss multinational ABB, manufacture of all type of solar inverters. ABB solar is the largest engineering company as well as one of the largest conglomerates in the world. ABB solar has operations around in 100 countries, with approximately 132,000 employees in the world.

ABB Solar Inverter Price List.

ABB solar offers residential solar inverter currently on the market including single-phase and three phase string inverters for photovoltaic (PV) systems installed in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. All solar inverters provide PV installations with high performance, robust enclosures, ease of installation, and a quick return on investment.

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ABB Solar Inverter Price

ABB solar inverter price depends upon its capacity and model. Its prices start from Rs.59,500 for 3KW solar inverter and goes up to Rs.3,19,500 for 50KW solar inverter.

ABB Inverter ModelSelling Price
3 kW Solar InverterRs.59,500
5 kW Solar InverterRs.78,500
6 kW Solar InverterRs.95,500
10 kW Solar InverterRs.1,18,500
15 kW Solar InverterRs.1,58,500
20 kW Solar InverterRs.1,68,500
30 kW Solar InverterRs.1,99,000
50 kW Solar InverterRs.3,19,500

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Features of ABB Solar Inverter

  • ABB inverters has inbuilt MPPT charge controller
  • Inverters have an efficiency rating up to 97.8%
  • ABB inverters has graphical display with detachable control unit
  • Can work efficiently from -25 C° to +60 C°
  • Integrated performance data monitoring
  • ABB inverters comes with outdoor IP55 enclosure (with additional safety features)

Pros and cons of ABB inverter

Pros. – Advantage

  • ABB inverters are design for large scale solar power generation
  • A highly reliable and efficient solar inverter by ABB manufacturers
  • ABB solar inverters are easy to install and maintain
  • ABB solar is a global manufacturer with local support services
  • Solar inverters with long service life.
  • One time investment and peace of mind guaranteed by ABB solar

Cons – Disadvantages


FAQs about ABB Solar

Where does ABB manufacture its inverter?

ABB solar is a multinational company which manufacture its solar inverter in many countries like China, Italy, USA, South Africa and Slovakia as well.

What is an inverter?

Inverter is an electronic equipment which install after solar PV panel. An inverter regulates the voltage generated by solar array and also convert it into AC power to charge your solar battery and to run your connected load.

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Why we need inverter in solar systems?

In a solar system, the power generated by solar panel and stored in batteries are DC power. But mostly, the power used to run your appliances is AC power. So if we see, there is a mismatch between the types of power. To eliminate this factor, solar inverter is used in solar system.

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What is the price of ABB solar inverter?

The price of ABB solar inverter depends upon its capacity and model. The starting price of ABB solar inverter is Rs.59,500 for 3KW solar system and it can goes up to Rs.3,19,500 for 50KW solar system.

Does ABB solar manufactures other solar products as well?

No, ABB only manufactures solar inverter in the field of solar energy.

After how much time does I need to replace my inverter?

Mostly solar inverter comes with a warranty of 2 to 5 years. So if you have installed a good quality solar inverter like ABB inverter than you do not need to replace it before 5 to 7 years.

How to choose best size of a solar inverter for any solar system?

As a thumb rule, a solar inverter should be equal to solar system’s capacity. Let’s assume that you are installing 5 KW solar system for your home than the inverter should be of 5KW capacity. There can a little plus or minus in percentage of solar inverter’s capacity.

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Does the solar panel works without inverter?

Yes definitely, the solar panel will work without solar inverter. But it is recommended to install a solar inverter along with your solar system. Because solar array cannot produce the same level of power all the day due to change in sunlight. So the generated power voltage will be unstable which can cause several damage to your appliances.

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Can I run my appliances without solar inverter?

Yes, you can power your appliances directly without solar inverter. But this is harmful for your appliances as well as for you also. The power produce by solar panel will not be stable. There will be fluctuation in the voltage. So if you are connecting your load directly to solar panel than they may be damage or bust.

How can I keep my inverter safe?

Here we have some safety tips by solar experts to keep your solar inverter safe.

  • Choose appropriate and ventilated position for installing a solar inverter.
  • Stay it away from fire and water.
  • Use good quality wires for connections.
  • Make sure the earthing is proper.
  • Turn off your inverter when you are not at home.

How to buy ABB solar inverter?

For buying any type of solar inverter as well as solar system, you can contact us. We are providing you best quality solar products at superior price.

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Updated On: 29/09/2021

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