About solar charge controller

Do you know what solar charge controller is? It is basically an electronic device. Which connects the solar panel with your existing inverter battery and helps them to prevent from overcharging in the day time and discharging at night.

solar retrofit charge controller working diagram
solar retrofit charge controller working diagram

Please note, solar panel charge controller mostly used with normal inverter battery to connect with solar panel. This is not required in complete solar system. So if are thinking of installing a solar panel then ensure good quality’s charge controller installation along with it.

Why to use solar controller?

If you have existing inverter- battery installed at your home and you are thinking of connecting them directly with your solar panel then hold on?  They can be overcharged and may be got damage before time. Charge controller is a small but an important device. It connects after solar panels with your existing inverter and batteries.

If you directly connects the solar power panel with solar power battery, then there will be no barrier for inflow and outflow of current. Many a times solar power panel starts to produce extra power due to more sunlight in summer. So your battery can be overheated by it. Let’s know why to install charge controller along with solar power system.

  • Prevent battery be overcharged.
  • Prevent battery from discharge at night.

If the current constantly passes into the battery then the internal temperature of battery will be increase. It may be bust or damage before maturity period. Similarly in nights, the current started flow reversely i.e. from battery to solar panels. Because energy always travels from higher potential to low potential.

Technologies of Charge Controller

Charge controllers have two different types

  • MPPT Charge Controller (Maximum Power Point Tracker)
  • PWM Charge Controller (Pulse Width Modulation)

Solar battery charge controller comes in two different types. One is MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) and the other one is PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).  Both the charge controllers do same work as they control the passing current in to battery and load, but with different methods. Let’s understand their working methods and the difference between the two.

MPPT Charge Controller

Maximum power point tracker charge controller converts the passing voltage into battery voltage. MPPT solar controller also increase the current when voltage drops.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller
MPPT Solar Charge Controller

This power controller extracts maximum power from solar panel and charges battery effectively. MPPT charge controller can give us 96W out of 100W of solar panels. Which means its efficiency is 96-97%.

PWM Charge Controller

Pulse width modulation charge controller only utilize the power generating from solar panels and charge the battery. In this charge controller current passes into the battery in the form of solar pulses. It can provide up to 70W of power out of 100W solar power panel.

Solar Charge Controller Price

Price range of solar charge controller starts 6 AMP 12 Volt @ Rs. 500 to  60 AMP 120 Volt @ Rs. 50,000 depending on rating, technology type and brand. MPPT solar control charger and PWM solar control charger price list are as below:

MPPT solar power charge controller price 2021

Charge Controller ModelSelling Price

Smarten MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V-24V  30 Amps

 Rs. 5,100

Luminous solar power charge controller price

Charge Controller ModelSelling Price
6 amps, 12 volt Charge controllerRs. 570
10 amps, 12-24 volt Charge controllerRs. 1,050
20 amps, 12-24 volt Charge controllerRs. 1,800
50 amps, 48 volt Charge controllerRs. 8,350
50 amps, 96 volt Charge controllerRs. 12,150
50 amps, 120 volt Charge controllerRs. 15,000

Microtek solar power charge controller price

Charge Controller ModelSelling Price
30 amps, 12 volt Charge controllerRs. 1,520
30 amps, 24 volt Charge controllerRs. 1,800
60 amps, 12 volt Charge controllerRs. 2,280
60 amps, 24 volt Charge controllerRs. 2,650

Difference between PWM and MPPT?

TechnologyPWM charge controllerMPPT charge controller
Working Criteria PWM controllers are less effective. It can produce only 70% power of solar panelMPPT is more effective charge controller, who have 96% generating capacity
Availability PWM has been introduced in market since long time agoMPPT solar charger controller is new but having good results
Limitations It reduces the power of solar panel up to 30%It reduces the power of solar panel only up to 4%.
PricesThe price of a PWM charge controller is less than MPPT ControllerMPPT Controller is comparatively more expensive.

Which Solar Charger is best?

MPPT charge controller’s power conversion efficiency is 96%. Where PWM controller converts only up to 70% power. So MPPT solar power controller is better than PWM charge controller as these controller gives us best output. MPPT charges solar battery fast. PWM is less effective in comparison to MPPT solar battery charge controller. PWM solar panel controller charge our battery in slow tempo. Both the charger have their positive or negative sides. But as per our recommendation MPPT solar charge controller is best. It charge your battery effectively and minimize the wastage.

Solar Retrofit Charge Controller

Retrofit is a solar conversion kit used for existing inverter battery. We can say the retrofit charge controller is an upgraded version of charge controllers. It acts smarter than any other solar power control charger. It allows your existing inverter or battery to be solar inverter or solar battery.

The main feature of the retrofit solar charge controller is to run the connected load on first priority direct from solar.  And charge the battery by surplus solar power. If needed it also use the grid electricity and save the battery power for backup.

You don’ have to take stress about the fittings or wiring. Solar retrofit charge controller have the intelligence to maximize solar power. So as you can easily use your appliances without any problem.

Luminous Retrofit Price List

ModalSelling Price
1220 Luminous Shine Retrofit1,400
2420 Luminous Shine Retrofit1,800
3650 Luminous Shine Retrofit2,950
4850 Luminous Shine Retrofit5,800
9650 Luminous Shine Retrofit8,400
 12050 Luminous Shine Retrofit11,500

Brands in Charge Controllers

There are few top companies which are providing best solar products and solar battery charge controllers along with good after sale service. Some of them are as following:

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Solar Charge Controller’s FAQs

Is it necessary to install a solar power charge controller along with solar system?

If you want to prevent your battery from damage or you also want to stop battery drainage during night then you must install solar power charge controller.

Does it necessary to install with all types of solar system?

No, the charge controller is needed only for normal inverter-battery.

Which charge controller is best for home?

MPPT charge controller is better than PWM charge controller as MPPT controller can extract maximum power from solar panel.

Is the charge controller expensive?

No, if you want to prevent you batter from unnecessary damages than its price is nothing to you. You can also check the prices of all the charge controllers above.

Can the charge controller really charge battery efficiently?

Yes, MPPT charge controller charges your battery very efficiently.

Which charge controller is better, MPPT or PWM?

MPPT charge controller is better than PWM charge controller as MPPT controller can extract maximum power from solar panel and it charges your battery fast.

Do it works for exiting battery?

Yes, it will definitely works for exiting battery and for non-solar batteries. If you already have solar battery then you have no need of charge controller.

How can we buy a solar power charge controller?

You can buy it from our online solar store or can contact us.