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A solar charge controller is a small solar device that is used to connect the solar panels to an inverter battery. The controller prevents the battery from overcharging in the daytime and discharging at night. 

A solar charge controller can convert an existing normal inverter to a solar inverter. With this device, you will be able to use your existing inverter with the solar system. Hence, a solar charge controller eliminates the need of purchasing a new solar inverter for the solar system while you have a normal inverter.

solar retrofit charge controller working diagram

Now that you know a solar charge controller is an important gadget that affects the overall production of the solar system, you must be careful while choosing the brand for it. Spending a few minutes reading this article, you will get to the answer to the most frequently asked question– which is the best solar charge controller?

Please keep in mind that solar charge controllers are only required with existing or standard inverters. It is not necessary with a complete solar system. So, if you want to convert your existing or non-solar inverter into a solar inverter, install a high-quality charge controller.

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Buy solar panels online at best price
Buy solar panels online at best price

#1. Why To Use Solar Controller

If you have an existing inverter- battery installed at your home and you want to connect it directly to your solar panel, you need to hold on. Connecting the two devices directly is not the right way. They can be overcharged and may get damaged before time.

If you directly connect the solar power panel with the solar power battery, there will be no barrier to the inflow and outflow of current. Many times a solar power panel starts to produce extra power due to more sunlight in summer. So your battery can be overheated by it.

Charge controller is a small but important device. It connects the solar panels with your existing inverter and batteries while keeping the connection well regulated. Let’s know why to install a charge controller along with the solar power system.

  • Prevent the battery from being overcharged.
  • Prevent the battery from discharge at night.

If the current constantly passes into the battery, the internal temperature of the battery will increase. It may burst or damage before the maturity period. Similarly in nights, the current started to flow reversely i.e. from battery to solar panels. Because energy always travels from higher potential to low potential.

#2. Technologies of Charge Controller

Solar charge controllers come in two different types. Both the charge controllers do the same work to control the passing current but with different methods. Hence, we can say, there are two different technologies on which the charge controllers are based. These technologies are namely

MPPT Charge Controller (Maximum Power Point Tracker)

PWM Charge Controller (Pulse Width Modulation)

Let’s understand their working methods and the difference between the two.

#3. MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Maximum power point tracker charge controller converts the passing voltage into battery voltage. It also increases the current when voltage drops.

This power controller extracts maximum power from the solar panel and charges the battery effectively. The MPPT charge controller can give us 96W power out of 100W of solar panels. Which means its efficiency is 96-97%.

UTL MPPT Solar Charge Controllers
UTL MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

#4. PWM Solar Charge Controller

Pulse width modulation charge controllers only utilize the power generated from solar panels and charge the battery. In this charge controller, current is passed into the battery in the form of solar pulses.

A PWM technology based solar panel is known as the standard type of solar charge controller. It is traditional, simple and cheaper. It can provide up to 70W of power out of a 100W solar power panel.

Smarten PWM Solar Charge Controller
Smarten PWM Solar Charge Controller

#5. MPPT V/s PWM Charge Controller

Both the technologies are popular in their specific fields though there are certain clear cut differences between them. While comparing the two types of solar charge controllers, you will find that the main points of difference between the two are as mentioned in the table.

MPPT Vs PWM Charge Controller
MPPT Vs PWM Charge Controller
TechnologyMPPT Charge ControllerPWM Charge Controller
Working Criteria MPPT is more with 96% extracting capacity.PWM controllers are less effective. It can extract only 70% power of solar panel.
Availability MPPT solar charger controller is new but having good results.PWM has been introduced in market since long time ago.
Limitations It reduces the power of solar panel only up to 4%.It reduces the power of solar panel up to 30%
PricesMPPT controller is comparatively more expensive.The price of a PWM charge controller is less than MPPT controller.

#6. Solar Charge Controller Price

Buying a solar charge controller is cost-effective way to get maximum possible power out of your solar panels. A solar charge controller not only converts your existing inverter to a solar inverter, but it also increases the efficiency of your system. Hence this small additional investment should not bother you anyway.
The price of solar charge controller depends on various factorts like their power rating, technology or type and solar brand. The detailed price list of MPPT and PWM solar charge controller are mentioned below.

Smarten Solar Charge Controller

Smarten Solar Charge Controller is a highly efficient tool that can convert your UPS system to a solar system quite effectively. It is a regulator for voltage and current. It is excellent at protecting the life of your battery. 

The solar charge controller from Smarten is nothing less than a boon to customers searching for a true saviour solar charge controller for their solar system.

Smarten Solar Charge Controller MPPT
Smarten Solar Charge Controller MPPT

Smarten Solar Charge Controller Price List

Smarten solar sells a wide range of MPPT based solar PCU kits under the name of PRIME+. Have a look at all the models of solar charge controllers manufactured by Smarten Solar with their price.
Charge Controller Model Selling Price
12V/24V 30A Solar Charge Controller Rs.5,100
12V/24V 50A Solar Charge Controller Rs.5,600
24V/48V 50A Solar Charge Controller Rs.10,299

UTL Solar Charge Controller

UTL solar charge controllers are great at increasing the overall efficiency of the solar system by opening the circuit and regulating the voltage. They are 30% more efficient than their alternatives with the highly-efficient microprocessors that are inbuilt.

UTL Solar is a well-known solar product manufacturing company that is famous for providing high-quality products.

UTL MPPT Solar Charge Controllers
UTL MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

UTL Solar Charge Controller Price List

UTL solar charge controllers are among the most advanced and hugely demanded controllers available in the market. Have a look at the price list of all the models of UTL solar charge controllers.

UTL Solar Charge Controller Selling Price Range
12V Solar Charge Controller (10A to 40A)Rs.1,706 – Rs.4,095
24V Solar Charge Controller (10A to 40A)Rs.2,457 – Rs.7,917
36V Solar Charge Controller (10A to 40A)Rs.4,095 – Rs.10,238
48V Solar Charge Controller (10A to 60A)Rs.6,143 – Rs.30,030
96V Solar Charge Controller (30A to 60A)Rs.27,300 – Rs.34,125
180V Solar Charge Controller (30A to 60A)Rs.30,713 – Rs.40,950
240V Solar Charge Controller (40A to 60A)Rs.40,950 – Rs.68,250

Luminous Solar Charge Controller

Luminous claims to offer the widest portfolio of solar controllers especially PWM controllers and solar retrofit charge controller. From luminous solar, you can get a solution for connecting your power backup system with a solar system at affordable price rates. 

The solar charge controllers from Luminous solar work on solar optimization techniques. They are aesthetically designed in a compact structure that requires very low maintenance and high efficiency for charge control.

Luminous Solar Charge Controller Price List
Luminous Solar Charge Controller Price List

Luminous Solar Charge Controller Price List

Get these best in class products from Luminous solar to go solar. The prices of Luminous solar charge controllers are listed below in the table.

Luminous Solar Charge ControllerSelling Price
6 amps, 12 Volt Charge ControllerRs.570
10 amps, 12-24 Volt Charge ControllerRs.1,050
20 amps, 12-24 Volt Charge ControllerRs.1,800
50 amps, 48 Volt Charge ControllerRs.8,350
50 amps, 96 Volt Charge ControllerRs.12,150
50 amps, 120 Volt Charge ControllerRs.15,000

Microtek Solar Charge Controller

Microtek offers a wide range of solar charge controllers which are high in speed, performance and reliability. Thanks to its microcontrollers and operational life. The device can select for 12V or 24V automatically.

Microtek solar charge controllers are compact in designation and come with a wall mounting feature. They prioritise solar energy over electrical energy. If you choose a solar charge controller from a trusted and well-preferred brand like Microtek solar, you will not need to worry about its working efficiency and performance.

Microtek solar charge controller
Microtek solar charge controller

Microtek Solar Charge Controller Price List

The brand of Microtek is a guarantee for high-quality products. Just go through the price list of the Microtek solar charge controller and get one for your home.
Microtek Solar Charge Controller Selling Price
30 amps, 12 Volt Charge Controller Rs.1,520
30 amps, 24 Volt Charge Controller Rs.1,800
60 amps, 12 Volt Charge Controller Rs.2,280
60 amps, 24 Volt Charge Controller Rs.2,650

#7. Solar Retrofit Charge Controller

Retrofit is a solar conversion kit used for existing inverter batteries. It is an upgraded version of charge controllers. It acts smarter than any other solar power charge controller allowing your existing inverter or battery to be a solar inverter or solar battery.

The main feature of the retrofit solar charge controller is to run the connected load on first priority directly from solar.  And charge the battery with surplus solar power. If needed it also uses the grid electricity and saves the battery power for backup.

Besides, with retrofit solar charge controllers, you don’t have to take stress about the fittings or wiring. Solar retrofit charge controllers have the intelligence to maximize solar power. So you can easily use your appliances without any problem.

Luminous Retrofit Charge Controller 

Luminous Retrofit Charge Controller is a great choice for getting a trustworthy and powerful retrofit solar charge controller for your solar system. It can extract maximum power from the solar system using solar optimization techniques.

The four-step charging feature of this solar charge controller allows the system to charge fast and safely. Besides, it is user-friendly and is equipped with an informative LCD.

Retrofit Solar Charge Controller
Retrofit Solar Charge Controller

Luminous Retrofit Charge Controller Price List

Luminous offers a wide range of different capacity retrofit charge controllers. The price list of all the models available in the market is listed below.
Luminous Retrofit Solar Charge Controller Selling Price
1220 Luminous Shine Retrofit Rs.1,400
2420 Luminous Shine Retrofit Rs.1,800
3650 Luminous Shine Retrofit Rs.2,950
4850 Luminous Shine Retrofit Rs.5,800
9650 Luminous Shine Retrofit Rs.8,400
 12050 Luminous Shine Retrofit Rs.11,500

Which Charge Controller is Best?

MPPT charge controller’s power conversion efficiency is 96%. Where PWM controller converts only up to 70% power. So the MPPT solar power controller is better than the PWM charge controller as these controllers give us the best output.

For operating a PWM solar charge controller, the voltage of the battery and that of the solar panels must be the same. On the other hand, MPPT solar charge controllers are more flexible. While operating them, the solar panels can have a higher voltage than the voltage of the battery. 

However, comparing the price of the two types of solar charge controllers, MPPT controllers come at a higher price rate. Hence, in this aspect, PWM solar charge controllers are more preferred.

Both the charger have their positive or negative sides. But as per our recommendation MPPT solar charge controller is best. PWM solar chargers are not up to the mark for professional applications.

Frequently Asked Question

To prevent your battery from damage and  to stop battery drainage in the night you must need a solar charge controller.

If your system is small-sized, you can go with PWM while for big sized installation, MPPT charge controllers are best.

No, the charge controller is needed only for normal inverter-battery.

MPPT charge controller is better than PWM charge controller as MPPT controller can extract maximum power from solar panel.

No, if you want to prevent you batter from unnecessary damages than its price is nothing to you. You can also check the prices of all the charge controllers above.

The main purpose of a solar charge controller is to regulate the voltage and current of the solar system from panels to batteries.

Yes, MPPT charge controller charges your battery very efficiently.

MPPT charge controller is better than PWM charge controller as MPPT controller can extract maximum power from solar panel and it charges your battery fast.

Yes, it will definitely works for exiting battery and for non-solar batteries. If you already have solar battery then you have no need of charge controller.

You can buy it from our online solar store or you can contact us for the same.

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