UTL Solar Charge Controller Hybrid SMU 50A, Support – 12V Panel with 12V Inverter Battery, 24V Panel with 24 Volt Inverter Battery (50 AMP)

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Main Features:

【High Performance Micro-Controller】High efficiency i.e. >95% SMU, equipped with high-speed microcontroller, allowing it to perform its tasks more reliably and efficiently.

【Solar Panel Configuration】Compatible with both 12V and 24V solar panels. It has an automatic voltage selection feature. Solar panels can be installed as: 12V, 50A: Upto 750W | 24V, 50A: Upto 1500W.

【In-Built Protection for Battery Under/Over-Charge】With 200Ah max. battery capacity, it uses four stages PWM regulation method to charge the battery i.e. Boost, Absorption, Float and Equalization.

【Prioritize Solar Power over Grid Power】This 12/24V 50A SMU prioritizes the use of solar power over grid power in order to reduce grid consumption. It uses grid power only when it is insufficient to meet the load requirement.

【Wide Operating Temperature】This 50A SMU can be operated in harsh environmental conditions. It can be used in temperatures ranging from 0°C to 50°C. Furthermore, it has wall-mounted fixing and can be installed in small spaces due to its compact size and lightweight.


The UTL 12V/24V 50A SMU (Solar Management Unit) transforms your existing inverter into a solar inverter. It is capable of charging a battery that has reached deep discharge.

The Solar Management Unit (SMU) from UTL is a highly reliable device with a long operational life. This SMU protects against overcharging voltage, overcharging current, under voltage, battery reverse polarity, solar reverse polarity, reverse current flow (from battery to solar array), and overheating.


Useful Tips:

  1. Read the manual or instructions before installing the SMU.
  2. Installation and wiring must be done carefully by a qualified person.
  3. Avoid touching the connections while the SMU is in operational mode.
  4. Do not install the SMU on flammable construction materials.
  5. To avoid short circuits and overheating, ensure that the wires are tightly connected.

Technical Specifications of 50A UTL SMU

The accessories and detailed specifications of 50 amp solar management unit are listed below.





System Operating Voltage

12V/24V DC (12V Solar Panel With 12V Battery & 24V Solar Panel With 24V Battery)

Solar Modules Size (Max.)

12V, 50A: Upto 750W | 24V, 50A: Upto 1500W

Max Solar Current


Nominal Grid Voltage

230V AC

Battery Charging Regulation

4 stage PWM (Bulk/Absorption/Float/Equalize)

Display Parameters

Batt. Voltage, Batt. Current, Batt. Type, Solar Voltage, Solar Current, Mode Selection, Saving: kWh, Mains Present, Low, high, absent, Max. PV Current


Batt. Reverse Polarity, Batt. Reverse Current, Over Current of SPV, Solar High Voltage, SPV Reserve Polarity, Load Short Circuit through AC Fuse, Solar Low Voltage, Over Temperature

Operating Temperature

0°C to 50°C


Wall Mounted


#1. High Speed Micro-Controller + Solar Prioritization

Equipped with high-speed and high-performance microcontroller. This latest technology microcontroller will improve the system’s efficiency. The compact design and wall mounting structure make it better compared to similar available alternatives in the market.

This SMU prioritizes solar power over grid power. It only uses grid power when solar power is insufficient to meet all of your energy needs.

High Efficiency UTL SMU
High-Efficiency UTL SMU

NOTE: The three-pin plug slot on the side is only for grid bypass. Don’t use it for AC power output connections.

#2. Digital Display

UTL 12V/24V 50A SMU comes with an LCD display for easy monitoring of dynamic data/figures and operating status.

It displays the data in digital format. Now you can see, compare and analyze your savings in Rs. and Units.

SMU Digital Display
SMU Digital Display

#3. Single/Double Auto Battery Selection

The SMU has an automatic voltage selection feature and can therefore work with either one or two solar batteries. It automatically detects 12V and 24V panels and adjusts its performance accordingly.

It prevents your battery from being overcharged and deep discharged. This PWM technology-based Solar Management Unit utilizes four stages charging algorithm to extend battery life.

SMU auto battery selection feature
SMU auto battery selection feature

#4. Support 12V & 24V Solar Panels

This SMU can work with both 12V and 24V solar panels. But it requires 12V panels to operate on a single 12V inverter battery and 24V panels to operate on two 12V (total 24V) inverter batteries.

Odd/Unusual combinations like 12V panels with two inverter batteries or 24V panels with a single 12V inverter battery will not work.

The three-pin plug slot on the side is only for grid-to-inverter bypass. It will bypass the grid electricity when solar power is unavailable. So don’t get confused and don’t use this point for AC power output connections.

smu grid bypass feature
smu grid bypass feature

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not a solar inverter. It is a solar management unit/solar charge controller that is used with an existing inverter battery.

Additional information

Weight 2.400 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


UTL Solar

UTL Solar is one of the best solar brands and a manufacturer of all types of solar products including solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries and solar charge controllers. Through its extensive network in India, UTL provides a wide range of high-quality solar products and the fastest after-sale service. UTL is the only brand that offers a complete range of solar solutions under one roof. Its solar solution range includes an on-grid solar system, an off-grid solar system, and hybrid solar system.


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