Solar Brands in India

When looking to install solar system for home or industry, one of the most significant decision you’ll need to make is choosing the best solar brand.  We have top solar brand in India, when searching for the best solar brand, you should consider about the features of their solar product like their efficiency level, their performance, their cost, and warranty etc. There are many famous solar brands in India like Tata solar, Usha solar, Luminous solar, Delta solar, Vikram solar, and many more.

Top Solar Brands in India

Top Solar Brands in India

Choosing the best among all of these brands often create a great confusion for many people. Firstly you need to choose the type of solar system then choose the brand of solar. To provide accurate and fair information about solar brands, we are listing top most solar brands in various 3 category below.

  • Top Solar Panel Brands in India


  • Top Solar Inverter Brands in India


  • Top Solar Battery Brands in India

Top Solar Panel Brands in India

Buying solar panel is not just a simple purchasing decision because solar panels are design to last at least 25 to 30 years. So accordingly, you are going to investment for long run. Before purchasing solar panels almost everyone wants to know about top most solar panel companies or reputed top solar brand in India. So here we have with a fair comparison and top solar panel brand list to provide you the accurate information.

Top solar panel brands in India

Top solar panel brands in India

RankSolar BrandCapacity
# 1.Vikram Solar1.1GW
# 2.Adani Solar1GW
# 3.Usha Solar
# 4.Waaree Solar500MW
# 5.Emmvee Solar500MW
# 6.Indo Solar500MW
# 7.Goldi Green Solar500MW
# 8.Tata Power Solar400MW
# 9.RenewSys Solar280MW
# 10.Moser Baer Solar250 MW

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Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar (well known as Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd.) is a globally recognized leading solar panel manufacturing company. The solar panels by Vikram solar is high in efficiency and have great reliability at adorable prices. The company is providing its services since 2006 and has its presence across 6 continents. Vikram Solar’s rated annual PV Module manufacturing capacity has been upgraded to 1 GW in 2017.


Adani Solar

Adani Solar is the Solar PV manufacturing unit of Adani Group of Industry. This is India’s second largest Solar PV cell and modules manufacturer. Adani Solar is India’s best solar company that offers services across the spectrum of photovoltaics manufacturing. The solar panels by Adani solar is high in efficiency and it also offers multi, mono PERC and bifacial modules with superior efficiency, higher performance and enhanced reliability at ow price. Adani solar company is also the fastest growing rooftop and distributed solar EPC Company with projects over 250 MW commissioned and over 400 MW under execution.


Usha Shriram Solar

Usha Shriram solar product world is a solar energy company that provides a wide range of solar panels and services as well. Usha solar spent decades to build its reputation through millions of satisfied customer by serving customers high-quality solar panels which are affordable and reliable. Usha solar panels are best solar panel on the basis of their performance, durability and reliability. These solar panels are best for home and commercial use.


Waaree Solar

Waaree solar is one of the best solar panel manufacturer in India. The company has solar PV Module manufacturing capacity of 2 GW’s at its plants in Surat and Umbergaon in Gujarat. Waaree solar is one of the top most and reliable solar brand in India that provide EPC services, project development, rooftop solutions, and solar water pumps. Waaree solar company has its presence in over 300+ locations nationally and 68 countries internationally.


Emmvee Solar

Emmvee solar is a big manufacturer and developer of high quality mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline modules in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India. Emmvee solar was founded in 2007 as a manufacturing unit to develop and manufacture high performance Photovoltaic (PV) modules and systems as well. The company has sales offices across India and Germany also. EMMVEE is an expert player in the field of solar modules and EPC in India and Europe. Emmvee solar has successfully installed and commissioned solar PV projects 11.2 MW roof-top and 140 + MW ground mounted in India.



IndoSolar is India’s premium solar PV module manufacturing company. The company was established in 2008. The solar panels by IndoSolar are best quality solar panels with 35 years estimated life, 25 years performance warranty. The company has its presence globally over 30+ countries. Company’s solar products meet the highest global quality standard along with high-performance solar cells and modules. Solar panels by IndoSolar comes with long-term & reliable partnership for the whole product lifecycle.


Goldi Solar

Goldi solar company is one of the fastest growing solar panel manufacturing company. The company recognizes as a star export house by the Govt. of India. Solar panels by Goldi solar offers maximum efficiency and optimized temperature control to allow top performance even in extreme condition weathers. The company started its business with 10 megawatt production capacity in 2011. And today, Goldi solar is going to establish its new unit in Gujrat that has 1GW of module production capacity.


Tata Solar Power

Tata solar is one of the famous and reliable company which manufacture quality solar panels at best price in India. Tata solar manufacturing unit and brand is best among all other solar companies. The company is committed to provide solar panel at best price everywhere and bringing the power of the sun to people at lowest price in India. It is one of the biggest bankable solar panel manufacturer in India from 25 years that is backed by $100B Tata group. Tata solar follow the highest standards of quality and management globally.



RenewSys Solar

RenewSys solar is the renewable energy unit of the ENPEE Group, which is a diversified global conglomerate with a heritage of nearly 60 years of manufacturing excellence. The company supply to over 40 countries worldwide including India, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore, UAE and China. In India, RenewSys solar has two manufacturing facilities situated in Hyderabad (Solar PV Modules – 750 MW, Solar PV Cells – 130 MW) and Bengaluru (EVA and POE – 1.4 GW; Backsheets – 3 GW). The company is committed to provide innovative, best quality, and value-for-money solar panels that assure long-life and consistent performance.


Moser Baer Solar Limited

Moser Baer Solar Limited (MBSL) and Moser Baer Photo Voltaic Ltd (MBPV) are subsidiaries of MBIL that are engaged in solar business globally including India. Moser Baer solar company serves customers across the solar value chain through world class solar panel through both these companies. In a short span of time Moser Baer solar brand has taken a dominating position in solar EPC services and solar PV modules in India. The total manufacturing capacity of the company at current efficiency levels is of 250MW. If we split technology wise then they will be as crystalline cells – 185 MW and crystalline modules – 200 MW.

Top Solar Inverter Brands in India

For those who are looking for most efficient solar inverter for their solar system, the knowledge of top solar inverter brands is must. While evaluating solar inverter brands, there are many feature that have been consider including their efficiency, operating temperature, their performance etc. We given below top solar brand in India.

Best solar inverter brand in India

Best solar inverter brand in India

RankSolar Brand
# 1.Delta Solar Inverter
# 2.Usha Solar Inverter
# 3.Solaredge  Solar Inverter
# 4.SMA Solar Inverter
# 5.Goodwe Solar Inverter
# 6.ABB Solar Inverter
# 7.Fronius Solar Inverter
# 8.Sofar Solar Inverter
# 9.Huawei Solar Inverter

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Delta Solar

Delta is No.1 on grid solar inverter manufacturing company which specially designed its solar inverter as per Indian electrical grid conditions. Addition to their industry’s high efficiency, Delta solar inverters are design for a long service life. The solar inverter by Delta solar is easy to install, maintain and monitor. The company has its dealer, distributor, stockiest and service centers almost in every city of India.


Usha Solar

Usha solar is well known and famous solar brand that manufacture and design solar inverters to provide best possible service at affordable rates to its customer. Usha solar is a great solar company with over 4 years’ experience in providing high quality solar inverters. The solar inverters by Usha solar comes under the brand “Eurolex”. These inverters are aesthetically designed for better performance. These solar inverters can be used with almost all types of solar system.



SolarEdge gave its best in transforming the solar inverter into a smart energy manager. Since SolarEdge’s foundation, the company has been committed to develop innovative solar solutions to make solar energy more accessible. The company always tried to change the way of harvesting the solar power. To obtain the goal, SolarEdge manufacture DC optimized inverter topology and HD-Wave inverter technology. It is a great step toward solar development over the past 20 years by decreasing inverter size and weight, while achieving record efficiency. Its StorEdge model of solar inverter allows its user to manage solar energy, battery storage, and smart consumption.  SolarEdge’s inverter solutions address a wide range of energy market segments through its diversified solar products.


SMA Solar

SMA solar offers you the best solar inverter ever that will be the smart choice for each application, for all type of solar panel, for on grid solar systems and also for off grid solar system. These solar inverter can be used for small house systems and commercial systems in the Megawatt range. SMA solar manufacture solar inverter in two category, i.e. string inverter and central inverter. These solar inverters are available in various capacity and models.


GoodWe Solar

GoodWe solar is a leading company in the field of solar manufacturing which focuses on research and manufacturing of PV inverters. The company has an average monthly sale volume of approximately 20,000 pieces in 2019 and 12 GW installed in more than 80 countries. GoodWe solar inverters have been mostly used in residential rooftops, commercial system and energy storage systems. The company has set up an integrated service system for pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale.


ABB Solar

ABB solar is a solar inverter manufacturer and a group of Swedish Swiss multinational company. ABB manufacture of all type of solar inverters that are best for all type of solar system either it is a rooftop solar system or a commercial solar system. ABB solar is an active company around in 100 countries, with approximately 132,000 employees in the world. ABB solar offers residential solar inverter, currently available in single-phase and three phase. All solar inverters provide PV installations with high performance, robust enclosures, ease of installation, and a quick return on investment.


Fronius Solar

Fronius solar offers high-quality products and exceptional services that make Fronius Solar Energy Division the quality leader in the global market. Fronius solar inverters are efficient and reliable solar product available from 1.5 to 27.0 kW rating. These inverter are best for any size and type of solar system from a family home to a large-scale system. As a solar pioneer and manufacturer of inverters from day one, the company now offer a wide range of solar inverters as well as other solar products. This includes inverters, storage solutions and energy monitoring systems, as well as complete solar system and an extensive range of services.


Sofar Solar

Sofar solar is one of the subsidiaries of Sofar Group in China. Sofar solar was established in 2012 and now it offers specializations in R&D production, sales and service of grid-tied inverters. The rating of Sofar solar inverters is 1kW to 7.5kW for residential purpose and from 10kW to 70kW for commercial purpose. The company has a very strong and experienced R&D team with 400 employees who have improved inverter technology. Sofar solar inverters have been installed in 40+ countries including Australia, UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherland, France, China etc.


Huawei Solar

Huawei solar is a leading global energy solutions provider, serves more than one-third of the world’s population. Huawei solar has its presence in solar markets worldwide since it was established. Huawei solar manufacturers provide new generation string inverters. These inverters comes with smart management technology that create a fully digitalized smart photo-voltaic system. Huawei solar inverter is smart, safe and reliable product with high efficiency and ROI. These solar inverters make Huawei the preferred choice for investors and developers worldwide.

Top Solar Battery Brands in India

Top solar battery manufactururs in India

Top solar battery manufactururs in India

RankSolar Brand
# 1.Exide solar battery
# 2.Okaya solar battery
# 3.Usha solar battery
# 4.Luminous solar battery
# 5.Amara raja solar battery
# 6.Relicell solar battery
# 7.Su-Kam solar battery
# 8.Base solar battery
# 9 .Southern solar battery
# 10.HBL solar battery

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Exide Solar

Exide solar tubular batteries are many steps ahead of other available options in the market. Selectively chosen alloy, high pressure casting in HADI machines, in-house oxide formulation, imported microporous separators and vent plugs make this product a much superior performer. The mixture of low antimony alloy in the positive spine and ceramic vent plugs keep the water topping up requirement very low. High longevity and other features make the batteries a reliable storage power solution. Superior performance, high reliability & guaranteed service life make Exide solar batteries top most choice.


Okaya Solar

Okaya solar is one of the top solar brand famous for its tubular solar batteries. These solar batteries are specially designed to daily charge and deep discharge at high ambient temperature. These battery works effectively in partial state of charge (PSOC) conditions. Okaya solar battery will operate successfully even in consecutive non sunny days and can be recharged at a fast speed and also these battery is very efficient in off grid/hybrid applications. Okaya solar battery comes in 11 models which are different on the bases of their size and capacity which range from 20 Ah to 200 Ah.


Usha Shriram Solar

Usha Shriram solar brand is another top most solar brand famous for its quality solar batteries. These solar batteries are introduce for expanding its extensive product portfolio in solar power segment. These solar batteries have a super high cycle life which means that these solar battery can support a higher number of complete charge and discharge before their capacity falls under 80%. Usha solar batteries are virtually maintenance free which allows its user to enjoy the backup without worrying about permanent damage due to deep discharge.


Luminous Solar

Luminous solar is well known and well establish top solar brand which offer solar battery in two different series i.e. L-series & H- Series. Luminous solar L-series and H-series batteries are specially designed C10 rated deep cycle batteries that provide a long lasting power back up for your home. These L-series luminous solar batteries comes with 3 years of warranty while H-series batteries comes with 5 years of warranty.


Amara Raja Solar

Amara Raja solar brand is well known for its battery manufacturing unit. Amaron solar tubular batteries are latest offering from the house of Amara Raja to provide power backup solutions for any type of solar power system. Amaron solar battery is available in both SMF & tubular technology. These solar battery has covered almost all required features in their design. Amaron solar batteries provide long backup and estimated life along with fast charging feature. Amaron solar battery is available in 75 Ah, 100 Ah, 120 Ah, 150 Ah and 180 Ah capacity.


Relicell Solar

Relicell solar is best solar battery manufacturer that produce maintenance-free solar batteries. These solar batteries comes with a special gel electrolyte made by mixing acid electrolyte with pyrogenic silica. Relicell solar gel batteries provide a much higher cyclic life compared to the other VRLA batteries and can be operate even in high ambient temperature. These features of solar batteries make them an ideal choice for solar applications and UPS applications as well. Relicell solar battery is suitable for long power outages and high temperature conditions.


Sukam Solar

Sukam solar is one of the India’s biggest residential solar manufacturing company. Sukam is the first solar company who won the title of ‘Super brand’. Sukam manufactures more than 200 products including solar batteries. Sukam solar batteries are best solar batteries that are best suits for all type of solar applications. Sukam solar is India’s largest solar power solutions company which has presence in 90 countries worldwide and holds a record for being the only company in this field to file for over 100 patents.


Base Solar Corporation Limited

Base Corporation Limited is one of India’s top solar battery manufacturers. The company was founded in 1987 having its headquarter in Bangalore, Karnataka. It also have international offices in China and Dubai, and are a TS16949, ISO-9001, and ISO-14001 certified company. Base has now ventured into producing solar batteries. These solar battery comes under the brand name “Radiance”. These solar batteries are well known for their fast charging and low discharge rates, are designed to suit a wide range of solar panels. Base solar batteries range starts from 2.5Ah to 200Ah that can be used for two-wheelers, automotive, solar storage, inverters etc. for both home and industrial usage. With over 1,600 employees and a highly motivated network of 15,000 retailers the company is around to reach nearly 2,04,000 new customers every month.


Southern Solar

Southern solar manufactures are well known brand in India that manufacture solar batteries from lower end to higher end. These solar batteries are specially designed and manufactured on the basis of advanced science and technology. The solar energy is stored as the electrical energy in solar battery that can be reused for several appliances at crucial times. Apart from this the Southern solar manufacture solar batteries that are high standardized and supplied to customers after a large series of quality assurance process.


HBL solar

HBL solar manufactures are also a well-known brand in the field of solar energy. HBL solar manufacture photolite tubular plate vented batteries that are ideal for all kind of solar applications. These photolite tubular solar batteries are made out of robust & aesthetically superior polypropylene copolymer container. HBL solar batteries require very low maintenance during operation and also have excellent cycle life. These solar batteries are also supplied in dry charged condition as per the requirement. HBL battery range includes 40Ah, 60Ah, 75Ah, 100Ah, 120Ah, 150Ah solar battery.

Top Solar Brands in India

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