About Sukam Solar

Sukam solar is one of the India’s biggest residential Solar Company. Sukam was founded in 1988, company has grown exponentially to become an Indian solar company and a successful example of “Make in India”, as it has offices and over 40,000 channel partners in many countries around the world.

Sukam Solar Panel and products India
Sukam Solar Panel and products India

Sukam is the first solar company who won the title of ‘Super brand’. Su-Kam solar is India’s largest solar power solutions company which has presence in 90 countries worldwide and holds a record for being the only company in this field to file for over 100 patents.


Sukam manufactures more than 200 products including various solar panel, solar inverter, batteries, PCU, off grid inverters, on grid inverters and customized solar solutions. Sukam solar is counted among one of the fastest growing solar companies according to India Inc.

Sukam Solar Panel Price

Sukam solar manufactures best quality solar panels at affordable prices. Sukam use A-grade solar cells to manufacture solar panel. These solar panel comes with shock-resistant thick iron glass technology. The price of Sukam PV panel started from Rs.45/watt for 40 watt (12V) to Rs.31/watt for 335 watt (24V).

Model/WattPrice (Rs.)Price/Watt
Sukam 335W Solar PanelRs.10,385Rs. 31
Sukam 325W Solar PanelRs.10,075Rs. 31
Sukam 270W Solar PanelRs.8,370Rs. 31
Sukam 200W Solar PanelRs.6,200Rs. 31
Sukam 200W Solar PanelRs.7,000Rs. 35
Sukam 160W Solar PanelRs.5,600Rs. 35
Sukam 100W Solar PanelRs.3,800Rs. 38
Sukam 75W Solar PanelRs.3,000Rs. 40
Sukam 60W Solar PanelRs.2,700Rs. 45
Sukam 40W Solar PanelRs.1,800Rs. 45
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Sukam Solar Inverter Price

Solar inverter by Sukam is one of the best inverter because it can be used weather the voltage is low or high. These inverters can be use in all type of batteries like lead acid battery, tall tubular battery, lithium-ion battery and SMF battery. Solar inverters are available in various model/ranges. Best price for solar inverter are mentioned below.

Solar UPS Inverter Price List 2021

Inverter ModelVolt (V)MRP Rs.Discount %Selling Price
Brainy Eco  UPS  750 VA12VRs.11,89015%Rs.10,107
Brainy Eco  UPS  900 VA12VRs.13,99015%Rs.11,892
Brainy Eco  UPS 1100 VA12VRs.14,99015%Rs.12,742
Brainy Eco  UPS 1600 VA24VRs.16,99015%Rs.14,442
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Sukam Solar Battery Price

Sukam design their solar battery to provide more backup compare to any other normal inverter battery. The efficiency of Sukam solar battery is at its best. The prices of Sukam solar batteries are given below in detail.

Model (AH)Volt (V)MRP Rs.Discount %Selling Price
Solar Battery 40 AH12VRs.9,50015%Rs.8,075
Solar Battery 75 AH12VRs.11,50015%Rs.9,775
Solar Battery 100 AH12VRs.12,50015%Rs.10,625
Solar Battery 120 AH12VRs.14,50015%Rs.12,325
Solar Battery 150 AH12VRs.16,50015%Rs.14,025
Solar Battery 200 AH12VRs.18,50015%Rs.15,725


Sukam Solar Charge Controller

Charge controller is a small electronic device which regulates the power going to batteries from solar panel. A charge controller prevent our batteries from overcharging and block the reverse flow of current i.e. from solar battery to solar panel. Many time solar panel generates high voltage and our battery is not capable to store high voltage. In that case, solar charge controller is required to match the voltage according to battery’s power rating.

Solar Charge Controller PWM Price List 2021

Model (AMP)Volt (V)MRP Rs.Discount %Selling Price
Solar Charge Controller 6AMP12VRs.99015%Rs.842
Solar Charge Controller 10AMP12VRs.109015%Rs.927
Solar Charge Controller 20AMP12VRs.199015%Rs.1692
Solar Charge Controller 30AMP24VRs.399015%Rs.3392
Solar Charge Controller 45AMP36VRs.619015%Rs.5262
Solar Charge Controller 45AMP48VRs.599015%Rs.5092
Solar Charge Controller 60AMP96VRs.1999015%Rs.16992
Solar Charge Controller 40AMP180VRs.1699015%Rs.14442
Solar Charge Controller 60AMP192VRs.2079015%Rs.17672
Solar Charge Controller 60AMP240VRs.1950015%Rs.16575
Solar Charge Controller 30AMP360VRs.1990015%Rs.16915
Solar Charge Controller 50AMP
(Dual Array 25A + 25A)
Solar Charge Controller 60AMP
(Dual Array 30A + 30A)

Sukam manufactures two kind of charge controller.

  • PMW Charge Controller (Pulse Width Modulation)
  • MPPT Charge Controller (Maximum Power Point Tracker)

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Sukam MPPT Charge Controller

A maximum power point tracker charge controller can provide up to 96% to 97% solar power of solar panel. It has the capability to extract maximum power from solar panel. The prices of Sukam MPPT charge controller is as below.

Solar Charge Controller MPPT Price List 2021

Model (AMP)Volt (V)MRP Rs.Discount %Selling Price
Solar Charge Controller 17AMP12VRs.3,99015%Rs.3,392
Solar Charge Controller 20AMP24VRs.6,99015%Rs.5,942
Solar Charge Controller 20AMP24VRs.7,99015%Rs.6,792
Solar Charge Controller 25AMP24VRs.9,19015%Rs.7,812
Solar Charge Controller 40AMP48VRs.14,09015%Rs.11,977
Solar Charge Controller 40AMP96VRs.39,99015%Rs.33,992
Solar Charge Controller 40AMP120VRs.45,99015%Rs.39,092
Solar Charge Controller 40AMP180VRs.55,99015%Rs.47,592
Solar Charge Controller 40AMP360VRs.65,99015%Rs.56,092


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Sukam Solar PCU Price

Solar PCU is an upgraded version of solar inverter. Solar PCUs comes with inbuilt MPPT charge controller. This feature make solar PCU different from other solar inverter. The prices of Sukam solar PCUs are listed below.

Sukam Solar PCU Price List 2021

Model (Watt)Volt (VDC)MRP Rs.Discount %Selling Price
SOLAR PCU 600VA24VRs.17,99020%Rs.14,392
SOLAR PCU  1KVA24VRs.24,99020%Rs.19,992
SOLAR PCU  2KVA48VRs.54,90020%Rs.43,920
SOLAR PCU  3KVA48VRs.69,90020%Rs.55,920
SOLAR PCU  3KVA96VRs.72,90020%Rs.58,320
SOLAR PCU  4KVA96VRs.74,90020%Rs.59,920
SOLAR PCU  5KVA96VRs.99,90020%Rs.79,920
SOLAR PCU  6KVA96VRs.1,09,90020%Rs.87,920
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Sukam Solar UPS Price

Sukam solar is always committed to provide best quality solar UPS. Sukam solar UPS is available in different models. The prices of Sukam solar UPS is mentioned below.

Solar UPS Inverter Price List 2021

Model (VA)Volt (V)MRP Rs.Discount %Selling Price
Brainy S Solar Static UPS 5KVA96VRs.1,45,50015%Rs.1,23,675
Brainy S Solar Static UPS 5.5KVA96VRs.1,65,50015%Rs.1,40,675
Brainy S Solar Static UPS 7.5KVA120VRs.1,85,50015%Rs.1,57,675
Brainy S Solar Static UPS 10KVA180VRs.2,05,00015%Rs.1,74,250
Brainy S Solar Static UPS 10KVA180VRs.3,55,50015%Rs.3,02,175
Brainy S Solar Static UPS 20KVA180VRs.4,95,50015%Rs.4,21,175
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Sukam On Grid Solar Inverter

If you are installing on grid solar system than ‘Sukam on grid solar inverter’ is best option for you. Sukam on grid inverters are available in 1.5 KW (Single phase) to 30 KW (Three phase) capacities. For your convenience we have listed the prices of on grid solar inverter below.

Sukam Solar On Grid Inverter Price List 2021

Model (Watt)Phase (P)MRP Rs.Discount %Selling Price
1.5kw solar inverterSingleRs.57,29020%Rs.45,832
2kw solar inverterSingleRs.70,19020%Rs.56,152
3kw solar inverterSingleRs.86,99020%Rs.69,592
5kw solar inverterSingleRs.1,51,59020%Rs.1,21,272
10kw solar inverterThreeRs.2,58,89020%Rs.2,07,112
20kw solar inverterThreeRs.3,23,39020%Rs.2,58,712
30kw solar inverterThreeRs.4,72,49020%Rs.3,77,992
30kw solar inverterThreeRs.6,56,29020%Rs.5,25,032

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Sukam Solar Street Light

Sukam also manufactures solar street light. The street lights are available in 4 watt to 50 watt power capacity. The prices of solar street lights by Sukam is mentioned below.

Sukam Solar Street Lights Price List 2021

Model (Watt)MRP Rs.Discount %Selling Price
Sukam 4W Solar Street LightRs.11,89415%Rs.10,110
Sukam 9W Solar Street LightRs.18,81615%Rs.15,994
Sukam 15W Solar Street LightRs.24,09115%Rs.20,477
Sukam 30W Solar Street LightRs.36,79215%Rs.31,273
Sukam 40W Solar Street LightRs.53,92815%Rs.45,839
Sukam 50W Solar Street LightRs.71,06415%Rs.60,404

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FAQs about Sukam Solar

What is the output capacity of Sukam solar panel?

As an average, 1 KW solar panel system can produce up to 4 units per day through-out the year. The real output capacity of a solar panel also depends upon the climate. Weather it is hot solar panels will produce more and when it is cold than panels will produce less.


What is average (per watt) price of Sukam PV panel?

An average prices for Sukam PV panels are Rs. 26/watt.


What is charge controller?

Charge controller is a small solar device which connects with existing or non-solar battery and protect it from overcharging and unstable voltages.


Can I use solar panel without inverter?

Yes, you can use solar panel without inverter. But you should install solar inverter to prevent your appliances or solar battery from high or low voltage. Know more about: Solar panel.


What is the price of 10KW on grid solar inverter?

10 KW on grid solar inverter is available at just Rs.2,07,112.


How can I operate Sukam solar inverter through my phone?

For operating Sukam solar inverter with your mobile, you need to download Sukam iManager app from google play store. After installing it, connect your solar inverter with iManager app via Bluetooth and its done.


What is the difference between solar PCU and solar inverter?

Solar PCU is the upgraded version on solar inverter contain a lot of additional features like MPPT, customize priority etc. Know more about: Solar inverter.


What is the cost of Sukam 100 AH 12V solar battery?

The MRP of Sukam 100 Ah 12V solar battery is Rs.12,500 but we are providing you the same for Rs.10,625. Know more about: Solar Battery.


How much efficient MPPT and PMW charge controller are?

There is difference between the efficiency levels of both the charge controllers. MPPT charge controller can provide you 96% to 97% solar power of your solar panel while other side, PMW charge controller can provide you only 70% solar power. Read more about: Charge controller.


Is there any government subsidy for solar products manufacture by Sukam?

Yes, there is 30% government subsidy on solar panel in India. But according to different state solar policies of different state, the percentage of subsidy may be vary.


How to buy Sukam solar products?

For buying solar panel, solar inverter, solar battery and solar charge controller you can contact us or you can also buy it yourself by visiting our online shop.