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Solar Lights

What is Solar Light?

Solar lights are an innovative product that integrates all solar components into just one solution. There is a highly efficient solar panel, several LED bulbs, a rechargeable solar battery (lithium-ion), a mounting structure, and other small solar accessories. These lights are significantly more efficient and reliable in operation as a family of next-generation solar luminaires that work on the photovoltaic effect. Solar lights work independently without a grid and don’t require heavy wirings, making them extremely safe and convenient

The solar light has a compact design to let you handle it most efficiently. There are many advancements in solar light technology in the last few years. Every technological breakthrough has improved the efficiency and reliability of these lighting. The popularity of these lights is getting increase day by day because of their wide applications and huge benefits. Solar lights can be used at any place whether as an interior or as an exterior.

How does solar light works?

As the name suggests, solar lights run on solar energy. To generate this solar power, a solar panel is connected to the solar light. The panel absorbs the sunlight during the daytime and convert that sunlight into electrical energy which is stored in a solar battery. At night time the solar light starts automatically and consumes the electricity already stored in the solar battery. In the daytime, the light turns off and starts again battery charging. The system continues its same cycle on daily basis for years and years throughout its lifetime.

Solar light additional feature

Let’s understand it technically. When the sun goes down, the solar panel will no longer generate electricity and so the battery will stop charging. There is an inbuilt charge controller which detects this moment and gives the signal to the light to switch it on. Firstly, the light starts at 30% of power in eco mode. When the Dusk-to-Down/PIR sensor detects a movement, it activates the light to full power at 100%. After any movement is not detected for at least 20 seconds the light power will reset to 30% brightness. The next day when the sun starts to shine, the solar panel starts to give a signal to the controller and the light will be switched off automatically.

Types of Solar Light

Solar lights are no longer limited to the sides of the roads, thanks to advancements in solar technologies. Now you will get to see many types of solar lights. Whether it is your home, any institute, bus stand, or airport, you will find solar lights installed everywhere. After all, how many types of solar lights are there, which are being used everywhere. Let’s know about the types of solar lights.

Let us know a bit more about all these solar lights, which light will be suitable for which place.

Solar Street Light

Patanjali Solar Street Light Price List

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Solar Street lights are also known as stand-alone or battery-based street lights. In solar street lights, solar panel and solar LEDs are integrated on a pole. The main work of the solar panel is to convert sunlight into electricity by using a photo-voltaic effect. A normal size solar street light can cover around a 10 to 15-meter area for illumination.

There is a wide range of solar street lights available in the market such as 9 watt, 12 watt, 15 watt, 18 watt, and 24 watt street lights. These lights are an economic and eco-friendly method of illumination.

Solar Home Lights

Solar Home Lights

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Solar home lights are a modern way to power your home. In a home solar lighting system, the solar panel is mostly get installed on the roof of a home. In day time solar panel will generate electricity and store it in the solar battery. This stored power can be used when there is no grid or your solar panel is not generating electricity during the night or cloudy days. Unlike other traditional exterior lights, these solar lights need no complicated setup.

Just like solar street lights, solar home lights are also available in various capacities and ratings. The home solar lights are available in 18 watt, 20 watt, 30 watt, 75 watt capacities. You can install any capacity solar home lighting system at your home as per your need or power requirement.

Solar Garden Light

Solar garden light

Solar garden lights are the best way to give your garden a designer look and make it attractive. There is no restriction to use solar light anywhere. Just like solar lights can be used in homes, similarly, solar lights can also be used in gardens. You often see solar lights installed in gardens.

Solar garden lights on one side will provide a low-cost illumination and on the other hand, it also increases the beauty of your garden. These lights are charged in the daytime and automatically powered up at night. A solar panel that comes along with the solar garden light will generate electricity in days and during nights the light will power up by using the same solar power/electricity.

Solar Lamps & Lanterns

Solar emergency lights

Solar lamps are also a popular type of solar light. These lights come with an inbuilt solar battery that can be charged with solar power. These are very attractive lights and also easy to lift and carry. Even though it may be small in appearance, but in terms of power backup, it is not less than anyone. Solar LED lamps, solar camping lanterns, hand crank solar lanterns, solar outdoor lamps, and solar cabinet lanterns are all types of solar lanterns or solar lamps.

Solar Emergency Light

Solar lamps

Solar emergency lights are designed with a feature of low power consumption. This feature helps these lights to provide at least 5 to 7 hours of power backup for emergency purposes.  Solar emergency lights are a user-friendly solar product that can be turned on and turn off very easily.

Solar emergency lanterns are the best power backup option during electricity cuts and limited exposure to sunlight due to monsoon or bad weather. This solar light also can be used in extremely problematic situations like natural calamities and disasters where there is no option of power connectivity.

Features of Solar Light

  • Brighter Solar Luminaries

    Solar light comes with highly efficient LED luminaires to provide you a bright and beautiful night with a great ambiance. These tiny but powerful LEDs are designed to enhance the appearance of your home. The number of these LEDs depends on the capacity of the light.

  • Extremely Efficient Solar Panel

    Extremely efficient solar panels are the specialty of solar lights. Solar panels are the part of solar light that absorbs sunlight and converts it into electricity. Sometimes the panel is integrated with LEDs and sometimes it comes separately with solar light, depends upon the type of solar light.

  • Lithium-ion Solar Battery (LifePO4)

    Solar lights come with lithium-ion solar batteries (LifePO4). A solar battery is used to store the electricity generated by solar panels. These lithium-ion batteries allow the light to extract maximum solar power. You will get a continuous and stable backup for a long time.

  • Advance Technology Controllers & Sensor

    Solar lights come with inbuilt controllers and motion sensors. There are intelligent controllers which check solar panel status and battery level. In addition, there is a Dusk-to-Down sensor that detects any activity/the motion of people and automatically turns the light on and off.

  • Premium Quality Solar Accessories

    Solar accessories are also a crucial part of solar lights. These accessories are manufactured specifically with premium quality materials. Without these, we cannot install solar lights. These solar accessories include mounting structures, light arm, poles, solar cable, nuts & bolts, etc.

Price List of Solar Lights in India 2021

The prices of solar lights depend upon their type, model, rating, and solar brand. We are providing a list of all capacity solar street lights and solar home lights below.

Solar Street Light Model (Watt)Selling Price
9 Watt Solar Street LightRs.12,000
12 Watt Solar Street LightRs.14,000
15 Watt Solar Street LightRs.17,000
18 Watt Solar Street LightRs.18,000
24 Watt Solar Street LightRs.21,000


Home Solar Light Model (Watt)

Selling Price

18 Watt Home Solar Light


20 Watt Home Solar Light


30 Watt Home Solar Light


75 Watt Home Solar Light


Pros & Cons of Solar Light

Solar-powered lights are designed and manufactured especially to provide maximum possible benefits to its user. But how can we consider any product as good without comparing its benefits and limitations? So let’s have a look over its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Reduce dependency on the electricity grid.
  • Comes with a high-qualitysolar panel.
  • Reduction in your heavy electricity bill.
  • Cost-effective and maintenance-free.
  • Eco-friendlysolar product for illumination.
  • 2 year to 5-year warranty with great ROI.
  • Provide power backups for even on cloudy days.
  • Easy to install, maintain, and access.


  • Little bit expensive compare to traditional lights.
  • It requires one time heavy investment.

FAQs - Solar Lights

Why I should use solar lights?

Solar lights are an economical and eco-friendly way to providing power to your home and other places. It saves your electricity bill and provides you green energy for free.

What should be the optimum distance between the two street light poles?

The standard distance between the two street lights should be 12 meters to 15 meters (2.5 to 3 times the length of the pole).

Will solar light work on cloudy days?

Yes, the solar light will work even on cloudy or rainy days. However, there is a solar battery in solar light which will provide you 18 to 24 hours backup.

What is a solar home lighting system?

In solar home lighting system sunlight is used to power solar lights in a home.

Read more about: Solar Home Lighting System.

Where can I use a solar light?

A solar light can be used or installed at many places such as schools, residences, parks, grounds, commercial purposes.

What is the price of solar home lights?

The price of solar home light depends upon its model and size accordingly. We have already mentioned the prices of all models above.

Does solar home lights and solar street lights are different?

Yes, solar home lights are different from a solar street light. Commonly, the light used in streets is big and consumes high power while the lights in the home are small and consume less power.

Do I need to switch on or switch off it every day in case if I install a solar street light?

No, you don’t need to switch it on or off again and again. These solar lights turn on and off automatically because they have an inbuilt smart sensor called, “dusk to dawn”.

What is the average battery backup in solar lights?

In solar lights, solar batteries will provide you 18 to 24-hour long backup.

Know more about: Solar Battery.

What are the available models of solar street lights?

What is the size of the battery solar home light?

The capacity of a solar battery in a home solar lighting system depends upon its model and capacity.

Is it possible to relocate solar lights after they once get installed?

Yes, you can easily relocate solar lights even after their installation.

How can I buy solar lights?

For buying solar street lights, solar home lights, solar garden lights, and other types of solar light, you can contact us or you can also buy it directly from our online solar store.

Top Solar Brands in India

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