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Delta is the No.1 solar inverter manufacturing company that provides a complete range of highly efficient on-grid solar inverters that are specially designed to suit Indian electrical grid conditions. 

Equipped with MPPT and a high-frequency topology, the inverters from Delta are effectively useful for residential, commercial and utility-scale inverter needs. They are available in two series namely RPI that ranges from 3KW to 125KW and DeICEN ranging from 1MW to 3MW.

Delta Solar Inverter Price List
Delta Solar Inverter Price List

Addition to their industry’s high efficiency, Delta solar inverters are designed for a long service life. These inverters are easy to install, maintain and monitor. Delta solar inverters are compatible with all types of solar panels.

Delta has dealer, distributor, stockist and service center network in almost every city of India. It has reliable local service support in terms of application engineering and after sales service. Highly motivated and trained solar team offering to customers fast and reliable services.

Read the article thoroughly to get complete information about the various models of on-grid inverters manufactured by Delta along with their price ranges.

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Buy solar panels online at best price
Buy solar panels online at best price

#1. Delta Solar Inverter Price

The on-grid solar inverters from Delta are affordable, reliable and highly efficient. The price starts from Rs.42,000 for 3kW solar inverter and goes up to Rs.2,30,000 for 50kW solar inverter.

5kW and 10kW solar inverters are most usable inverter for homes. Just go through the price list mentioned below and choose the best for your place.

Delta Inverter ModelkW RatingSelling Price
3 kW On-Grid Solar Inverter3 kW 1PhaseRs.42,000
5 kW On-Grid Solar Inverter5 kW 1PhaseRs.56,000
6 kW On-Grid Solar Inverter6 kW 3PhaseRs.85,000
10 kW On-Grid Solar Inverter10 kW 3PhaseRs.95,000
15 kW On-Grid Solar Inverter15 kW 3PhaseRs.1,30,000
20 kW On-Grid Solar Inverter20 kW 3PhaseRs.1,35,000
30 kW On-Grid Solar Inverter30 kW 3PhaseRs.1,40,000
50 kW On-Grid Solar Inverter50 kW 3PhaseRs.2,30,000
  • (Inclusive of all taxes) Prices can vary ± 10% to 12% depending on location, promotions and availability, and solar brand.
  • Prices are exclusive of Govt. Subsidy, as the subsidy on solar systems depends on your eligibility and types of solar system.
  • Check our Online Solar Shop or Amazon Store for latest price and stock availability.

#2. Delta Rooftop Solar Solution

RPI – Home Series

The residential range of Delta solar inverters is an ideal option to go with–for homeowners. This range includes plenty of affordable options like the Delta RPI home series.

Delta RPI (renewable power inverter) home series is a single phase solar inverter series. These solar inverters of single phase come only in 3 kilowatt and 5 kilowatt capacity. But there are other high capacity options as well for big homeowners. 

Delta RPI-Home Solar Inverter
Delta RPI-Home Solar Inverter

The home series is equipped with all the essential features that ensure high performance in generating clean electricity. It provides complete energy security to your home. Delta’s RPI home inverter comes with IP65 protection and therefore they are best for indoor/outdoor and home solar system.

Delta RPI-Commercial Solar Inverter
Delta RPI-Commercial Solar Inverter

RPI – Commercial Series

Delta’s RPI commercial solar inverters are the best option for medium and large size solar system. The ultra-wide operating range of voltage offered by the Delta Commercial series can withstand even the harshest conditions of the Indian climate. 

Delta RPI commercial solar inverters are highly efficient 3-phase solar inverter. These solar inverters are specially designed to fulfill the requirements of the Indian market. They are equipped with a wide range of MPPTs to maximise the yield produced.

This inverter range is an ideal choice for commercial applications as the inverters are highly effective at providing maximum yield besides being reliable and budget-friendly.

#3. Delta Hybrid Solar Solution

Delta hybrid solar inverter can operate on grid-tie grid solar system as well as off-grid solar system. A hybrid solar inverter will run your appliances by using solar power, grid power and battery power accordingly. We have E5 hybrid solar inverter and ES30 hybrid solar inverter in Delta’s hybrid series.

If you want a solar system that should be connected to your main grid besides storing electricity for instances when grid electricity is not available, you should go for a hybrid solar inverter.

Delta Hybrid Solar Inverter
Delta Hybrid Solar Inverter

#4. Features of Delta Solar Inverter

The solar inverters from Delta work as a heart for your system to help you maximise your profit to a considerable amount. It has equipment for intelligent control to keep an eye on the power generated. The monitoring system is built with the latest technology to make the inverters outstanding. Other remarkable features of Delta solar inverters are listed below-

  • Delta solar inverter has dual MPPT Trackers
  • Inverter’s peak efficiency is up to 98.3%
  • Delta inverters come with IP65 outdoor Protection
  • These inverters has in-built AC/DC switch
  • Wide operating temperature range between 0°C to 55°C
  • Come with a 5 years standard warranty that can be extended to 10 years
  • Multifaceted with high compatibility
  • Equipped with the state-of-the art technology

#5. Benefits of Delta Solar Inverter

The reason why you should choose Delta over other solar inverter brands available in the market is that– solar inverters from Delta are versatile and produce high yields. They are better than their competitors in plenty of aspects which are listed below.

  • Delta solar inverters possess a great efficiency level which is more than 98%.
  • These solar inverters can be used with all available types of solar PV modules and components.
  • The hybrid inverters by Delta solar have multiple operational modes. It can automatically choose a mode to power your connected load.
  • There are a range of quality solar inverters by Delta solar. So you have an option to choose among them.
  • Delta solar inverters are one of the reliable and safest solar inverter.
  • The maintenance cost of these solar inverters are very low or nominal.
  • Delta solar inverters are easy to install and operate.

An inverter is the heart of a solar system. Hence care should be taken while choosing the brand for it. And now that you know, Delta is a great option for solar inverters, going for it will leave you feeling relaxed. Just choose the perfect size and enjoy going solar.

Frequently Asked Question

The solar inverters from Delta are best for their high efficiency and reliability factors.

RPI stands for renewable power inverter.

solar inverter regulate the passing voltage and prevent our appliances. In a solar system, the generated voltage is mostly being unstable due to passing clouds and weather. An inverter will also convert DC current into AC current if required.

You cannot use same capacity/type of solar inverter for small and large size solar system. For 1kW to 100kW solar system, solar string inverter will be used. And above 100kW solar systems, central solar inverter will be used.

A string inverter is small size inverter. These inverters are use in solar system between 1KW to 100KW capacity. Their capacities may be vary according to the size of solar system.

A solar inverter can run almost all your electrical appliances like LED lights, TV, fridge, AC and so on.

The size of a solar inverter depends upon your power consumption and the size of solar system. We recommend you to install a large model of inverter than your requirement. For example: if you want to run 800-900 watt load than install at least 1000 watt (1KW) solar inverter.

If you are looking for an on-grid solar inverter, Delta solar is best for you to choose an inverter from.

Yes, you can install it even in your bedroom. But make sure that the place should be properly ventilated and dry as well. After installing, make sure that your solar inverter should be in appropriate position.

Central inverters are high capacities solar inverter. These inverters are used along with 100KW solar systems. The upper capacity of large solar system can goes up to 1MW solar system and even more.

Size of cable is a very important aspect of solar system. Failing to choose appropriate size cables could lead your inverter toward overheating and it will not support your connected load properly. While choosing cable size following points should be keep in mind.

  • Choose cables according to your inverter size.
  • Select cables as per your solar battery voltage?
  • Connected load should be the focus point
  • Always buy quality cables of verified brands.

The prices of solar inverter depends upon its capacity. However the general price of Delta inverter starts from Rs.42,000 for 3KW on grid solar inverter and it will goes up to Rs.2,30,000 for 50KW on grid solar inverter.

If you want to buy solar inverter than you can contact us. We provide you solar inverters and other solar accessories at adorable prices. You can also buy it from our online shop.


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