About polycrystalline solar panel

Polycrystalline solar panel are also known as poly solar panel, multi-crystalline or many-crystal silicon panel. Because there are many crystals in each cell. These panels are made of silicon. To make the cells of polycrystalline panel, fragments of silicon are melted together to form the wafers.

Polycrystalline Solar Panel India
Polycrystalline Solar Panel India

Poly crystal solar panels have blue hue on its surface. In this type of solar panels there are less space left for electrons to move around. In the outer structure of these panels, cells are square and the angles are uncut.

Polycrystalline Solar Panel Prices

The prices of polycrystalline solar panel depends upon its size and capacity. You will have to pay accordingly to its capacity.

Solar Panel ModelSelling Price
50 watt poly solar panelRs. 1,500
100 watt poly solar panelRs. 3,000
150 watt poly solar panelRs. 4,500
200 watt poly solar panelRs. 4,800
250 watt poly solar panelRs. 6,000
300 watt poly solar panelRs. 7,200
350 watt poly solar panelRs. 8,000


Features of Polycrystalline Panel

There are many common features of poly-crystalline solar panel.

Polycrystalline solar cell
Polycrystalline solar cell

Poly crystal solar panels are mostly known for its following features:

  1. It is less expensive than monocrystalline or thin film solar panels.
  2. It comes in blueish color.
  3. Polycrystalline solar panel are reliable panel.
  4. The life span of these solar panels are more than 25 years.
  5. These solar panels can bear high level of heat/sunlight.

Pros and cons of polycrystalline panel

Advantages of polycrystalline solar panel

  1. Polycrystalline solar panel are less expensive than monocrystalline or thin film solar panels.
  2. These solar panels are long lasting in use. The estimated life of poly crystal solar panels are 25+ years.
  3. The poly crystal solar panels can be used there, where the temperature is high and less solar power production is required.

Disadvantage of polycrystalline solar panel

  1. The productivity level of polycrystalline solar panels is typically low. These solar panel are not quite good as monocrystalline or thin film solar panel. Because poly crystal solar panel are made of lower silicon purity.
  2. If you want to produce much power, then you will have to install a good number of poly crystal solar panels as these panel will produce less power.
  3. As cleared, if you want to produce more power, then you will have to install more panels. These panels will cover a big area of your property.

Solar Brands in Poly-crystalline

Poly-crystalline solar panel are bestselling solar panels in India. So all top solar brands are manufacturing poly solar panel.

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