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About On Grid Solar Inverter

On grid solar inverter is also known as grid tie or grid connected solar inverter, which only works when the utility grid is available. In other words, we can say that an on grid solar inverter is an electricity grid based solar inverter that does not require neither solar battery or nor any other normal battery.

The main work of on grid solar inverter is to convert and regulate the electricity or solar power generated by solar panel. An on grid solar inverter also convert DC (Direct current) power into 220 / 440 volt usable AC (Alternative Current) power. Because solar panel only can generate DC power and there are so many appliances at our home or other areas that can be powered only by using AC current.

On grid solar inverters are used in on grid solar systems used for home, business, institutions and industries.

The main part of solar system is solar inverter as it converts sunlight into useful energy.

On grid solar inverter price

On solar inverter price for MPPT based technology with inbuilt remote or web monitoring.

Inverter Model KW rating Selling Price 
1kW On Grid Solar Inverter 1 KW 1P Rs. 19000
2kw On Grid Solar Inverter 2 KW 1P Rs. 25000
3kw On Grid Solar Inverter 3 KW 1P Rs. 30000
5kw On Grid Solar Inverter 5 KW 1P Rs. 45000
6kw On Grid Solar Inverter 6 KW 3P Rs. 75000
10kw On Grid Solar Inverter 10 KW 3P Rs. 90000


Warranty: Every on grid solar inverter comes with 5 years onsite warranty.

Price of inverter may increase or decrease as per the solar brand .

Features of on grid solar inverter

  • No load limitation : There is no load limitation while operating on grid solar inverter
  • Efficiency: On grid inverter contains great efficiency. It is compatible with heavy loads also.
  • Ease of installation: It is installed in very less time. In a typical string inverter it takes an hour to install whether including mounting options and rewiring its time decreases 15 to 20 minutes even with one installer.
  • Durability: Installation close to the coast makes it easier to seek a solution that’s coated with salt protection to withstand ocean breezes. Inverter technology can vary up to maximum temperature.
  • Connectivity: Today’s inverter is smarter and gets connected easily so there demand is also growing.

Brands in on grid inverter

  • Luminous
  • Havells
  • Delta
  • Solex

Pros & cons of on grid inverter


  • Solar power is 100 % utilized
  • No restriction of the load
  • Extra electricity exports to the grid
  • 70 % subsidy on on-grid solar system.
  • Installation in minimum space


  • Working without grid is impossible
  • During power cut electricity is not produced
  • No battery backup

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Final thought

Solar inverter can be considered as the brain of solar power system. A good inverter should prefer high efficiency, produced good outage.

And accordingly, you should also keep your requirements in mind after taking your final decision. I will advice you to go with the reputed solar brand, its cost can be high but it will be beneficial for the long time.

Created by : Pankaj saini