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About Luminous Solar Battery

Luminous solar is well known and a popular solar brand which manufacture solar batteries in 2 series i.e. L-series and H-series. Both kind of solar batteries are specially designed C10 rated deep cycle batteries that provide a long lasting power back up for your home and industries. Solar battery in a photo-voltaic solar system is used to accumulate the energy produced by the solar panel so that it can be used at night or cloudy days. Luminous solar batteries allow us to provide a higher current intensity than a functioning solar panel can offer. High current intensity is necessary if several electrical devices will use at the same time.

Luminous solar complete system
Luminous solar

Luminous solar manufacture and offer a wide range of solar batteries from 20 Ah capacity to 200 Ah capacity. The company also provides up to 3 years of warranty on L series solar battery and 5 year warranty on H series solar battery. Luminous solar batteries are the best option to providing electrical/solar power to your connected load at the moment when the solar panel do not generate the necessary electricity.

Luminous Solar Battery Prices

Solar battery by luminous is available in market from 20 Ah capacity to 200 Ah capacity. So accordingly, the price of luminous solar battery will definitely vary with what capacity battery you are buying. However, the price range of luminous solar battery is as mentioned below.

Luminous Solar Battery Price List 2021

Model/Ah  Selling Price
20AH 36M Solar Battery Rs.3,540
20AH 60M Solar Battery Rs.3,878
40AH 36M Solar Battery Rs.5,030
40AH 60M Solar Battery Rs.5,369
60AH 60M Solar Battery Rs.7,004
75AH 36M Solar Battery Rs.8,064
75AH 60M Solar Battery Rs.8,786
80AH 60M Solar Battery Rs.8,647
100AH 36M Solar Battery Rs.10,192
100AH 60M Solar Battery Rs.11,129
120AH 60M Solar Battery Rs.12,695
150AH 36M Solar Battery Rs.14,423
150AH 60M Solar Battery Rs.17,088
200AH 36M Solar Battery Rs.19,008
luminous solar batteries
luminous solar batteries

Other models of solar batteries are also available. Read more about:

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Features of Luminous Solar Battery

There are some specific features of luminous solar battery that you should know before installing it. Let’s have a look over its features.

Luminous solar battery features
Luminous solar battery features
  • C10 rated top solar battery.
  • Made with tubular plate technology for long backup.
  • High efficiency solar battery AH efficiency > 90%.
  • Comes with 2 & 5 years warranty respectively.
  • Top-up frequency: once in 8 to 10 months.
  • Workable under extreme weather conditions.
  • Specially designed batteries for solar applications.
  • Comes with very low self-discharge rate.
  • Low water loss: very low maintenance.
  • Rugged performance solar batteries.

Benefit of Luminous Solar Battery

Now it comes to evaluate the benefits of luminous solar battery. Benefits of any solar product is the second most priority after its price. Below we have luminous solar battery’s all benefits that you should know about before buying it.

  • These solar batteries are safe and reliable for all electrical appliances.
  • Luminous solar batteries are easy to install and access.
  • Maintenance free and eco-friendly solar battery.
  • Luminous batteries are perfect for off grid system and hybrid solar system.
  • Quickly rechargeable solar batteries even after deep discharge.
  • Just like only one time investment and great ROR.

Battery Based Solar System

If you are looking for complete solar system for home and complete commercial solar system, than luminous off grid solar system would be best choice for you. Luminous off grid solar system is also known as “Battery Based Solar System”. In this solar system, solar batteries are used to provide backup. Luminous solar off grid system are available from 1kW solar capacity to 10kW capacity and the prices of luminous complete off grid solar system is as mentioned below.

Luminous Off Grid Solar System Price List 2021

Model (kW) Selling Price Price Per Watt
1 kW Solar System Rs.91,819 Rs.92
2 kW Solar System Rs.1,79,531 Rs.90
3 kW Solar System Rs.2,23,298 Rs.74
5 kW Solar System Rs.3,89,149 Rs.78
6 kW Solar System Rs.4,64,641 Rs.77
7.5 kW Solar System Rs.5,43,725 Rs.72
10 kW Solar System Rs.7,35,513 Rs.74
Off grid home solar system
Off grid home solar system

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FAQs – Luminous Solar Battery

Why should I buy Luminous solar battery instead of any other brand?

Luminous solar is a reliable solar brand that provides solar products at reasonable prices. Luminous solar batteries specially designed C10 rated batteries that will provide maximum possible power backup. So if you are going to install solar battery make sure it is luminous battery.


What is the price of 150 Ah solar battery?

Luminous 150 Ah solar battery comes in two model. One comes with 3 year warranty and other comes with 5 year warranty. So the prices of 150 Ah solar battery is Rs.14,488 and Rs.17,023 respectively.


Which capacity solar battery is best?

Each and every model of luminous solar battery is specifically designed to provide maximum power backup for solar applications as well as other electrical appliances. So all models and capacities of luminous battery is best. You just need to choose the correct size solar battery according to your need.


How many solar batteries do I need to install in 5kW solar system?

In 5kW solar system, you need to install 8 solar batteries of 150Ah capacity each.

Read more about: 5kW Solar System.


How much power does a luminous solar battery store in it?

The capacity of solar batteries are measured in Ah (Ampere hours), that means a 12 volt 100 AH battery can store 100 ampere hours 12 volt in it. So accordingly, the storing capacity of a solar battery will depend upon its model and size as well.


What are the available models in luminous solar batteries?

Luminous solar batteries are available in two different series i.e. L-series and H-series. Both the series has solar batteries from 20 Ah capacity to 200Ah capacity.


Can I use 3 battery of 150Ah in 3kW solar system instead of using 6 batteries?

No, you can’t use 3 battery in 3 kW solar system. Each solar system has its own requirement and needs and you can’t change it according to your desire. In 3kW solar system, you will have to install 6 batteries.

Read more about: 3 kW Solar System.


What is the estimated life of Luminous solar batteries?

The estimated life of Luminous solar batteries are approximately 5 to 7 years.


I have 1 ton solar AC and 1 refrigerator, how many solar batteries should I need to install?

To run 1 ton solar AC and 1 refrigerator you should install 5kW solar system. And in 5kW solar system 8 nos. of solar batteries (150Ah each) are used.


Is there any warranty on Luminous solar battery?

Yes, Luminous provides 3 year and 5 year warranty on its solar battery respectively. The warranty period of a solar battery (either it is 3 year or 5 year) depends upon its model.


How do I buy these solar batteries?

For buying luminous solar battery or any other solar product, you can contact us. You can also buy it from our online solar store.

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Author: Bhanwar Chauhan
Updated On: 24/07/2021