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About Solar Battery

Solar batteries are manufactured and designed in various types and models. These solar batteries are fairly a new technology to be used in solar system. Solar battery is an equipment that is used in a solar system to store excess power that can further be utilize. Normally, all solar batteries comes with a super high cycle life. It means that they can support a higher number of complete charge and discharge before their capacity falls under 80%. Mainly, solar batteries are used in off grid solar system and hybrid solar system.

Top solar battery manufactururs in India
Solar battery

Solar batteries doesn’t require frequent maintenance or replacement over and over. In fact, solar batteries are virtually maintenance free, which allows its owners to enjoy the power backups without worrying about permanent damage due to deep discharge.

Types Of Solar Battery

After knowing about solar battery, now it’s time to learn about their type. There are several types of solar battery that we will talk about. If you don’t have proper knowledge about types of solar battery than they can make you confuse at the time of buying or installing them. The different type of these batteries are as following.


Types of solar battery or batteries
Types of solar battery

Each of above mention solar battery have their own importance along with their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look over all types of solar battery one by one in detail.

Lead Acid Solar Battery

A lead acid solar battery is the most common and oldest technology solar battery which is used to provide backup power for solar powered homes. These are fully tested and reliable solar batteries that has been used in off grid solar system since several decades (from 1970s).

A lead acid solar battery is specially manufactured C10 rated battery that is designed to provide a higher number of complete charge and discharge before their capacity falls under 80%. These solar batteries require regular maintenance as they need to top-up with water in every 3 to 6 months.

Lead acid tall tubular solar batteries

These batteries can store more solar power than any other battery. But if we compare than these solar batteries have comparatively short life and lower DoD. Lead acid batteries are cheapest batteries in solar power storage sector.

120 Ah Luminous Solar Battery
120 Ah Luminous Solar Battery

Other models of solar battery is also available. Read more about:

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Lithium-Ion Solar Battery

Lithium-ion solar batteries are new technology batteries that provides many advantage over other traditional batteries. These are top solar batteries due to their high energy density and low cost per cycle. However, there are further some other types of lithium-ion solar battery. But among all of those lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) is best suitable for solar system.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is assembled with a naturally safe cathode material (iron phosphate) which makes it an extremely stable lithium battery when compared to other lithium batteries. LiFePO4 batteries are completely safe and can be used under harsh environmental conditions.

Lithium ion solar battery by patanjali solar
Lithium-ion solar battery

The main advantages of LiFePO4 solar battery is that they are consistent performance for around 15 to 20 years and maintenance-free. It has good electrical performance with low resistance. These solar batteries are lighter and more portable than other batteries.

Lithium-ion solar battery
Lithium-ion solar battery

Other models of solar battery is also available. Read more about:

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Lead Acid Vs. Lithium-Ion

Now after learning about the type of solar batteries, its time to compare them. Here we have a complete comparison between two types of solar batteries.

Lead acid vs. lithium-ion solar battery
Lead acid vs. lithium-ion solar battery
Particular Lead Acid Solar Battery Lithium-ion Solar Battery
Cost/Price Least expensive compare to other batteries. Little bit more expensive than other solar batteries.
Lifespan Shorter working life Longer working life
Depth of Discharge Lead-acid batteries should only be run to 50% depth of discharge. Lithium-ion batteries can handle 80% or more deep discharge.
Efficiency Lead acid batteries are 80% to 85% efficient. These solar batteries are up to 95% efficient.
Charge Rate These batteries required to be charge on low ampere which means that need more time to be charge. Lithium-ion batteries can handle a higher amperage from the charger, means they can be refilled fast.
Space Required More space is required to get installed. These solar batteries required less space compare to lead acid batteries.

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Best Solar Battery for Home

Best solar battery
Best solar battery for home

According to solar experts, the suitability of any solar battery depends upon its using purpose. If you want a full time normal power backup at your home and business again and again than you should buy and install flooded lead acid solar battery. However, you need to refill it with water timely.

But on the other hand, if you are looking for heavy power backups than you should go for lithium-ion battery. Similarly, if you want solar battery for your vacation home, office or such kind of place than sealed lead acid battery will be best alternative for you.

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Author: Bhanwar Chauhan
Updated On: 24/07/2021