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Usha Solar Battery

Usha Shriram solar product world is a solar energy company that unveiled a unique range of solar batteries for expanding its extensive product portfolio in solar power segment. Solar batteries have a super high cycle life. It means that a solar battery can support a higher number of complete charge and discharge before their capacity falls under 80%. Usha solar batteries are virtually maintenance free which allows its user to enjoy the backup without worrying about permanent damage due to deep discharge. In a stand-alone system which is better known as an off grid solar system, solar panels are connected to solar battery instead of utility grid.

usha solar battery
Usha Solar Battery

Very few companies including Usha solar, are developing high quality solar batteries that can be installed with solar panel to create “solar-plus-storage” system. It seems like “solar with storage” revolution is just getting start.

Usha Solar Battery Price

Usha solar manufacture solar batteries from 40 Ah capacity to 150 Ah capacity to fulfill the requirement of all its user. So accordingly, the price of a solar battery depends upon its rating mentioned as below.

Usha Solar Battery Price List 2020

Model/Ah  Selling Price
40 Ah Solar Battery Rs.4,000
75 Ah Solar Battery Rs.8,000
100 Ah Solar Battery Rs.10,500
150 Ah Solar Battery (36 Month Warranty) Rs.12,000
150 Ah Solar Battery (60 Month Warranty) Rs.14,000
Usha solar battery
Usha solar battery

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Feature Of Usha Solar Battery

There are certain features of Usha solar battery that you should know before installing it. Let’s have a look over its features.

  • C10 rated solar battery for better performance.
  • Made with tubular plate technology for long backup.
  • High efficiency solar battery AH efficiency > 90%.
  • Comes with 36 & 60 months warranty respectively.
  • Specially designed for solar PV applications
  • Self-discharge @3% pm only.
  • Low water loss : very low maintenance

Usha Solar Battery Benefits

When it comes to evaluate Usha solar battery than few questions are very common like how long Usha solar battery will last, how much power it can provide etc. Below, we have Usha solar battery’s all benefits that you should know about.

  • Safe and reliable solar battery for all electrical needs
  • Easy to install and maintenance free solar battery
  • Eco-friendly solar battery
  • Best suits for off grid system and hybrid solar system
  • Quick rechargeable even after deep discharge
  • Only like one time investment.

Why to Use Solar Battery?

Why to use solar battery
Why to use solar battery?

When you install a solar battery as a part of your solar system, you are able to store excess solar power at your home instead of sending it back to the grid. If your solar panel is generating more electricity than you can store excess power into the solar battery. Later, when your solar panels aren’t producing electricity you can draw down the energy that you stored earlier in your solar battery for night use. You only need to send the electricity back to the grid when your solar battery is fully charged and you are not consuming the power.

Battery Based Solar System

If you are looking for complete solar system for home, than Usha off grid solar system is best choice for you. Off grid solar system is also known as “Battery Based Solar System” in which solar batteries are used. Usha solar off grid system are available from 1kW capacity to 10kW capacity. The prices of Usha’s complete off grid solar system is as below.

Usha Off Grid Solar System Price List 2020

Model (kW) Selling Price Price Per Watt
1 kW Solar System Rs.85,330 Rs.85
2 kW Solar System Rs.1,62,340 Rs.81
3 kW Solar System Rs.2,25,470 Rs.75
5 kW Solar System Rs.3,88,520 Rs.78
6 kW Solar System Rs.4,45,770 Rs.74
7.5 kW Solar System Rs.5,35,680 Rs.71
10 kW Solar System Rs.6,56,110 Rs.66
Off grid home solar system
Off grid home solar system

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FAQs Usha Solar Battery

Why should I buy Usha solar battery instead of any other solar battery?

Usha solar is a reliable and affordable solar brand. Usha’s solar batteries are C10 rated batteries designed specifically to provide maximum backup to its customer. So if you are going to install solar battery in your solar system, go for Usha solar batteries.


What is the price of 100 Ah solar battery?

A 100 Ah Usha solar battery will cost you around Rs.10,500.


Which model of Usha solar battery is best?

Usha solar specifically design its each and single battery to provide maximum backup for solar applications as well as other electrical applications. Therefore all models of Usha battery is best. You just need to choose the solar battery capacity as per your requirement.


How many solar batteries do I need to install in 3kW solar system?

In 3kW off grid solar system, you need to install 4 solar batteries of 150Ah each.

Know other models of: 3kW solar system.


What is battery based solar system?

Battery based solar system is well known as off grid solar system. In this type of solar system, solar panel will generate solar power and excess power will be stored in solar battery for further use.


How much power can a solar battery store in it?

Solar batteries come in Ah (Ampere hour), that means a 12 volt 100 AH battery can store 100 ampere hours 12 volt in it. Storing capacity of a solar battery can be increase or decrease according to its capacity.


What are the available models in Usha solar battery?

Usha solar batteries are available in different ranting and model starts from 40 Ah to 150 Ah.


Can I use 2 battery of 150Ah in 2kW solar system instead of using 4 batteries?

No, each solar system has its own requirements. You can’t change it according to your desire. In 2kW solar system, you will have to install 4 batteries.


What is the estimated life of Usha solar batteries?

The estimated life of Usha solar batteries are approximately 5 to 7 years.


I have 1 ton solar AC and 1 refrigerator, how many solar batteries should I need to install?

To run 1 ton solar AC and 1 refrigerator you should install 5kW solar system. And in 5kW solar system 8 nos. of solar batteries (150Ah each) are used.


Can I use solar battery in on grid solar system?

No, solar batteries are not used in on grid solar system. If you want battery based solar system at your home or business than you can go for off grid solar system or hybrid solar system.


Is there any warranty on Usha solar battery?

Yes, Usha solar battery comes with 3 year or 5 year warranty respectively. The warranty period of a solar battery (either it is 3 year or 5 year) depends upon its model.


How do I buy Usha solar battery?

For buying Usha solar battery or any other solar product, you can contact us. You can also buy it from our online solar store.