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About Indosolar

Indosolar Limited is a Solar cell and solar panel manufacturing company based in Noida (Delhi NCR) including photovoltaic panels SONA SERIES (Multi-crystalline Cells) and SAPPHIRE SERIES (Mono-crystalline Cells). Company’s solar modules include ISL SONA SERIES (Multi-crystalline modules) and ISL SAPPHIRE SERIES (Mono-crystalline modules). Indosolar provides Solar Panels for residential, commercial and utility-scale rooftop and ground mounted installations. Indosolar  has set up a solar manufacturing unit with a capacity of 160 megawatts (MW) comprising two lines of 80 MW each under Phase-I and is in the process of setting up an additional manufacturing facility Line-3 with a 200 MW capacity second phase.

indosolar Solar Panel price in india
Indosolar Solar Panel Price in India

IndoSolar provides solution for residential rooftop systems, solar street lights, grid- connected commercial and industrial solutions and turnkey utility scale installation services.

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Indosolar Solar Panels Price List

Solar Panels 3w-300w
Waree Solar Panels 3w-300w
Panels Price Per
Cost (Rs.)  
300w 24V  35.00 10,500.00
250w 24V 35.00 8,750.00
200w 24V 36.00  7,200.00
200w 12V 36.00  7,200.00
160w 12V 37.00 5,440.00
150w 12V 37.00 5,550.00
125w 12V 38.00 4,750.00
100w 12V 39.00 3,900.00
80w 12V 40.00 3,200.00
75w 12V 40.00 3,000.00
50w 12V 42.00 2,100.00
40w 12V 42.00 1,680.00
20w 12V  50.00 1,000.00
10w 12V 60.00 600.00

Wholesale & Dealer Price for Solar Panels:

1) All price are negotiable.

2) Special discount for bulk quantity.

3) Wholesale price for dealers and re-sellers.

Please email on below email ID for more discount.