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About Luminous Solar Panel

Luminous solar is a leading solar company in the field of solar power. Luminous solar has a best portfolio comprising of many solar power solutions such as solar panel, solar battery, solar UPS, solar inverter and other solar applications. Solar panel by luminous are comprised of several individual solar cells which are themselves composed of layers of silicon, phosphorus (to generate negative charge) and boron (to generate positive charge). Luminous manufacture solar panels from 40 watt capacity to 335 watt capacity in poly crystalline and mono crystalline technology. These solar panels are top quality solar panel that have been the first choice of people since a long time.

Luminous solar panel
Luminous solar panel

Luminous solar panel are equally efficient for home solar system and commercial solar system. The company is committed to provide best quality solar panel across the India at lowest price. So if you are planning to buy solar panel, than make sure to buy luminous solar panels.

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Types of Luminous Solar Panel

Luminous manufacture two types of solar panel, one is polycrystalline and another is monocrystalline. Both solar panel serve the same function in overall solar system i.e. capture energy from sun and turn it into electricity. But during manufacturing process, the purity of crystalline silicon determines whether it will be a polycrystalline panel or monocrystalline solar panel and also what will the efficiency of these panels. Below we are listing the type of luminous solar panel.


Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Luminous manufacture polycrystalline solar panel from silicon. However, instead of using a single piece of crystal silicon, the manufacturers used to melt a number of fragments of silicon together to form the wafer of poly crystalline panel. Polycrystalline solar panels are also referred as multi-crystalline solar panel. There are very less freedom for the electrons to move in poly panels. As a result, these solar panels have lower efficiency rating than mono crystalline panel.

Luminous Solar Polycrystalline Panel Price List 2021

The prices of luminous photo-voltaic panel will always vary with what capacity solar panel you are buying. In Luminous panels, you will get 40 watt, 60 watt, 75 watt, 100 watt, 160 watt, 200 watt and so many other capacity solar panel. The price range of luminous solar panel varies from INR-31 to INR-45 per watt.

Model Selling Price Price Per Watt
40 Watt Solar Panel Rs.1,800 Rs.45
60 Watt Solar Panel Rs.2,700 Rs.45
75 Watt Solar Panel Rs.3,000 Rs.40
100 Watt Solar Panel Rs.3,800 Rs.38
160 Watt Solar Panel Rs.5,600 Rs.35
200 Watt Solar Panel (12V) Rs.7,000 Rs.35
200 Watt Solar Panel (24V) Rs.6,200 Rs.31
270 Watt Solar Panel Rs.8,370 Rs.31
325 Watt Solar Panel Rs.10,075 Rs.31
335 Watt Solar Panel Rs.10,385 Rs.31
Polycrystalline Solar Panel
Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Other models of polycrystalline solar panel is also available. Read in detail about.

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Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Luminous monocrystalline solar panel is made from melted pure silicon, formed into bars and cut into wafers. These solar panels can easily be recognized by their uniform dark color and round edges. This solar panel can generate high power output and require the least amount of space compared to other technology’s panel.

Luminous Solar Monocrystalline Panel Price List 2021

Monocrystalline solar panel by luminous are available from 40 watt capacity to 335 watt capacity as listed below. The price range of luminous mono crystalline solar panel varies from INR-36 to INR-59 per watt that are as mention below.

Model Selling Price Price Per Watt
40 Watt Solar Panel Rs.2,350 Rs.59
75 Watt Solar Panel Rs.4,400 Rs.58
100 Watt Solar Panel Rs.5,800 Rs.58
335 Watt Solar Panel Rs.12,000 Rs.36
Mono pecr solar panel
Mono pecr solar panel

Other models of monocrystalline solar panel is also available. Read in detail about.

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Luminous Solar Panel Features

Luminous solar specially design its solar panel along with many great features. These features make luminous solar panels top most choice of the people across the country to install them at home and commercial places.

Features of Luminous Panel
Features of Luminous Panel

The features of luminous solar panels are as mentioned below.

  • Excellent low light performance.
  • Robust waterproof, corrosion and torsion resistant design.
  • Solar panel conversion efficiency > 19%.
  • Made with PID resistance technology.
  • Advance EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) encapsulation.
  • Available in both 12V/24V rating.
  • Manufactured with ‘A’ grade solar cell
  • Positive power tolerance even in extreme weather.
  • Heavy duty strong Aluminum frame.
  • MNRE & ICE certified solar panel.
  • 25 year performance warranty with:
    • 3% for first year degradation &
    • 75% for 2 to 25 year degradation rate.

Luminous Solar Panel Benefits

Luminous solar is a top solar company so that people can get numerous numbers of benefit. One of the major benefit of buying these solar panel is that they are best and consistence performers for every weather. Rather than these benefits, there are some other hidden benefits of luminous photo-voltaic panels that are as mentioned below.

  • Luminous solar panel is maintenance free solar product.
  • These panels are easy to install, maintain and clean.
  • Solar panel by Luminous can be install in all type of solar system.
  • The efficiency rate of these panels are high i.e. >19%.
  • These solar panels are the best way to harass solar power.
  • Luminous solar panels are energy efficient solar solution.
  • Last longer solar product with approx. 30 years long working life.
  • Solar panel by luminous has excellent durability & reliability.
  • Luminous PV panels are best for extreme weather conditions also.
  • One of the most trustable solar brand of India.

Luminous Solar Panel FAQs

Does Luminous solar manufacture both mono and polycrystalline solar panel?

Yes, Luminous solar manufacture both monocrystalline solar panel and polycrystalline solar panel.

Read more about: Luminous Solar.


How is the response of these solar panels in cloudy days?

Luminous solar panel is specially design for extreme weather conditions. So their performance will be at peak even in cloudy weather but comparatively the output will be lower than sunny days.


How many solar panel do I need to install with 3KVA solar inverter?

The quantity of solar panel will depend upon its capacity or power rating. With 3KVA solar inverter, you should install 8 to 9 solar panels of 335 watt each. By using low power rating panels, you can increase the quantity of solar panel.

Learn more about: Solar Inverter.


Can I install these solar panels with my existing solar panels?

Yes off course, you can install Luminous solar panel along with your existing solar panels of other solar brand. But make sure they will of same capacity for batter output.


What is the efficiency level of Luminous monocrystalline solar panel?

Luminous monocrystalline solar panel is up to 19% efficient.


What is the efficiency level of Luminous polycrystalline solar panel?

Luminous polycrystalline solar panel is up to 17% efficient.


Is there any warranty on these solar panels?

Yes, there is 25 year linear performance warranty with 3% for first year degradation & 0.75% for 2 to 25 year degradation rate.


What does it cost for 100 and 160 watt solar panel?

A 100 watt solar panel will cost you around Rs.3,800 while 160 watt poly solar panel will cost you around Rs.5,600.


Luminous 200 watt panel is 12V panel or 24V panel?

A 200 watt solar panel by luminous is available in both 12 volt and 24 volt capacity.


Can I run 1.5 ton solar AC on luminous 270 watt solar panel?

Yes, you can run your 1.5 ton solar AC on 270 watt solar panel. For this purpose you need to install 13 nos. of 270 watt solar panel.


How many solar panel do I need in 2kW solar system?

The quantity of solar panel in any capacity solar system depends upon its rating. For example, in 2kW solar system if you are installing 200 watt solar panel then 10 solar panels are needed but if you are installing 335 watt solar panel than only 6 solar panels are required.

Read in detail about: 2kW Solar System.


How much power luminous panel generate in a day?

Power generation capacity of any solar panel depends upon its type and capacity. As an average 1KW (1000 watt) solar panels can generate 4 units over a day.


Can I run a room heater on solar panels?

Yes off course, you can run your room heater on 5 kW solar system.

Read in detail about: 5 kW Solar System.


How much space is required to install a solar panel?

As a thumb rule, for installing one solar panel of any capacity, 2 shadow free areas is required.


Is there any government subsidy on Luminous solar panels?

Yes, there is 30% to 90% subsidy on solar panel is available by Indian government. The subsidy rates may vary according to your state solar policy.


How do I buy Luminous solar panel?

For buying solar panel, solar inverter, solar battery by Luminous ,you can contact us. You can also buy it from our online solar store.

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Author: Bhanwar Chauhan
Updated On: 24/07/2021