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About Consul Neowatt (Solar Inverter Division)

Founded in 1981, Consul Neowatt is today, the No.1 Indian HYBRID SOLAR INVERTER Company with Pan India Sales and Service Support. We have World Class R&D in Pune/Chennai-India, State of the Art Manufacturing Facilities and Quality Systems with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approve state of the art manufacturing facilities in Chennai and Pune. All products are designed and tested to all relevant Indian and International standards like IEC, BIS, MNRE and others. Consul Neowatt is a MNRE Channel partner and MNRE Approved manufacturer for solar products. Consul Neowatt specialist in design, manufacture and supply of HYBRID SOLAR INVERTERS. And also provide power conditioning & power back-up products, services and solutions.

Consul Neowatt Solar Hybrid, Off & On-grid Inverter Price in India.
Consul Neowatt Solar Hybrid, Off & On-grid Inverter Price in India.

With our strong domain expertise, dedication to serve the Indian market and the desire to bring in world-class solutions in the Power quality market, Consul Neowatt is the leader in the Indian solar hybrid Inverter market with 30+ Years of rich experience in developing power quality solutions for residential and commercial applications. 1000+ MW of power backup & power conditioning products delivered, 250K+ Installations across India, Middle-East, Africa and Asia, 90+ Customers with more than 1MW of our products and solutions.

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CONSUL NEOWATT Hybrid Solar Inverters (1P) Price List:

Size Type/Volt Price (Rs)
3 kW-1P HYBRID 48V 72,500.00
4 kW-1P HYBRID 96V 75,500.00
5 kW-1P HYBRID 96V 79,500.00
6 kW-1P HYBRID 96V 84,500.00
7.5 kW-1P HYBRID 120V 1,19,500.00
10 kW-1P HYBRID 120V 1,79,500.00
12.5 kW-1P HYBRID 120V 2,17,000.00

CONSUL NEOWATT Hybrid Solar Inverters (3P) Price List:

Size Type/Volt Price (Rs)
10 kW-3P HYBRID 120V 2,40,000.00
15 kW-3P HYBRID 240V 2,50,000.00
20 kW-3P HYBRID 240V 2,87,000.00
25 kW-3P HYBRID 240V 3,60,000.00
30 kW-3P HYBRID 240V 4,25,000.00
40 kW-3P HYBRID 240V 6,75,500.00
50 kW-3P HYBRID 240V 7,95,000.00
100 kW-3P HYBRID 240V 10,70,000.00

Consul Neowatt Solar Inverters and Product Range

Consul Neowatt is specialist in Online UPS, Active Harmonic Filters,  Static Transfer switches Industrial Inverters, Solar Inverters, Industrial AC and DC systems, Stabilizers, Isolation Transformers and customized power electronic solutions.

Product Range
Solar Inverter · 1 kW to 12.5 kW – Single Phase Output (Off Grid & Hybrid Inverter)

· 10kW to 500kW – Three Phase Output (Off Grid & Hybrid Inverter)

· 10kW to 30kW – Three Phase Output (Grid Tie Inverter)

Solar Power Generating System · 1 kW to MW scale- Offgrid/Hybrid/On Grid –Three Phase/single phase as per requirement.
Small Online UPS · 1 to 10 KVA – Single Phase Input & Single Phase Output
Enterprise Online UPS · 10 k VA to 30 kVA – Three Phase Input & Single Phase Output

· 10 kVA to 800 kVA – Three Phase Input & Three Phase Output (upto 8 systems can be connected in parallel for maximum capacity of 6400 kVA)

Industrial Inverter · 10 kVA to 600 kVA – Three Phase Input & Three Phase Output

· ELOS – Emergency Lift Operating Systems

Industrial Systems · UPS upto 200kVA – Single or Three Phase Input & Single or Three Phase Output

·  DC UPS for 110V and 220V DC applications

Active Harmonic Filters · 30 A to 600A for Three Phase Systems with Neutral Compensation (optional)
Static Transfer Switches · Single pole, Two Pole, Three Pole and Four Pole upto 500A in Rack Mount and Floor Mount options
Stabilizer & Isolation Transformer · Servo voltage stabilizer: Air cooled, 1– 500 KVA and Oil cooled, 3 – 3500 KVA

· Isolation Transformers: Isolation, Ultra isolation and K-rated, 1 – 1000KVA

Thanking you and look forward for a long lasting association with you. Please feel free to Contact Us for best price or in case of any clarifications.