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Solar company in Kolkata

Aparajita Solar deals in all types of Solar Energy System including Off-Grid, On-grid and Hybrid Solar Power Plants, Solar Water Heater, Solar Street light etc. Aparajita Solar is our Authorised Channel Partner for Kolkata, Howrah, Hoogly, Durgapur, Burdwan, Medinipur, Asansol, Bolpur, Shantiniketan & all other areas of West Bengal, India. We provide professional Services to help you to install the Solar Power Plants at every step. Aparajita is dedicated to provide crafting the power of sun and help peoples to generate solar electricity for residential, institutional, business and commercial premises at a very reliable price and delivered perfection at every stage.

Solar Power Plants installation by company in Kolkata, West Bengal

Solar Power Plants installation by company in Kolkata, West Bengal

We provide Pollution free electricity and also trying healthy and safe environment for living through Solar Power Plants System.  Solar Energy System is a leading Solar Energy entity committed to delivering a range of quality products and services that enrich the lives of its customers, employees and the communities it serves. Aparajita Solar is also doing bit and growing green energy to our society. Our efforts are continuously gives the services to make a greener place to live for human being in society.

Vision Aparajita , Kolkata

Our company’s main motive is to reduce the uses of fossil fuels and wants to include a new from of energy for a better future as our majority of life processes that depends on sunlight and sunlight is only one single life and also source of free energy in earth. We want to use sunlight as the main source to generate electricity requirements. Our vision is to be the most valuable and preferred solar Service provider and be professionally managed, Which can be totally committed towards customers satisfaction.

Mission of Aparajita , Kolkata

Our company’s objectives that there are 20% of the total population of the world which is living in dark we want to provide electrical energy to these types of people who are still living in dark and make their future bright by incorporating green energy in their lives. This energy source can be easily installed and can be produce electricity for long times in their lives.

Secondly our mission is to satisfy our customers with high quality compatible and reliable products. We take care of the entire process from design to Engineering, Installation and monitoring. So that the solar is going seamless and hassle free process

Solar EPC Solution at Kolkata

We provide complete solar EPC solution including: 1). Engineering: Free initial site survey and design as per site. 2) Procurement: Supply of complete material as per site 3) Construction: Complete installation of solar power plant including installation, testing and commissioning. After that we provide 5 years free after sale services and after that annual maintenance contact if required by customer.


Solar EngineeringSolar Engineering

Solar Engineering


Solar Procurement and supplySolar Procurement and supply

Solar Procurement and supply


Installation of Solar

Installation of Solar

Solar Experts available in Kalkata

Mr. Abhishek Chakraborty, a 15+ Years of working professional Managing Quality Assurance Department of international and Indian clients @ IBM. Lead Six Sigma Projects successfully as per the Busuness requirement to build a long term relationship with the clients to retain and expand the business to create more job opportunities for the young crowd of society. His Engineering , Marketing, Management& Relationship building skill are also plays a major role in our organization, He is a great planner, great enthusiastic person who is the one of the Founder for Aparajita Solar Power Solution.

He Launched a campaign name “ Go Solar Save Environment” to educate people the benefit of switching to renewable source of energy to reduce Global Warming and gift a pollution free world to new generation. Designed strategic plan to install customize “ Solar Power Plants” with best quality materials and provide hassle free after sales service to the customers. Thus he creates  job opportunities for the unemployed people of the society by a formal training and engaging them to be part of the movement across eastern part of India