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UTL solar is one of the leading brands in power back-up and power generation in India. Very few companies including UTL solar, are developing top-rated solar batteries along with other solar products such as solar panel, solar inverters, etc. to create a “solar-plus-storage” system. UTL designs its every single battery to provide maximum possible backup to its consumers.

UTL battery has HDPE material caps, pure spine and grid alloy, non-leaking vent plug, and high pressure die casting. All these features not only make the battery extra-long lasting but they also improve the working criteria of the battery.

UTL Solar Tubular Batteries
UTL Solar Tubular Batteries

As the company values long term relationships, its stakeholders and even customers have a very long association with the company. UTL solar products are not only popular and reliable but they are affordable too with real warranty packs.

There are various ratings/capacities UTL solar batteries available in the market today, so it’s worth spending 10 minutes reading the complete information and selecting the best for your solar system.

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UTL Solar Battery

Buy solar panels online at best price
Buy solar panels online at best price

#1. UTL Solar Battery Price

UTL solar batteries are available in various capacities. So it’s obvious that their prices will be different. So accordingly, their prices are as mentioned below.

UTL Solar Battery ModelMRPSelling Price
UIT4036 40 AH Solar BatteryRs. 10,500Rs. Rs.5,949
UIT1536 150 AH Solar BatteryRs. 16,850Rs.14,602
UIT2036 200 AH Solar BatteryRs. 20,860Rs.17,805
UIT2336 200 AH Solar BatteryRs. 24,590Rs.20,966
UST1536 150 AH Solar BatteryRs. 21,270Rs.15,309
UST1560 150 AH Solar BatteryRs. 25,190Rs.17,222
UST2036 200 AH Solar BatteryRs. 28,930Rs.22,123
UST2060 200 AH Solar BatteryRs. 34,935Rs.26,716
  • (Inclusive of all taxes) Prices can vary ± 10% to 12% depending on location, promotions and availability, and solar brand.
  • Prices are exclusive of Govt. Subsidy, as the subsidy on solar systems depends on your eligibility and types of solar system.
  • Check our Online Solar Shop or Amazon Store for latest price and stock availability.

Read more about subsidy on solar panel here:

#2. 150AH UTL Solar Battery

UTL’s 150Ah solar tubular batteries are the most demanding and top-selling solar batteries. They are specifically designed to provide heavy power backups and high voltage as well. UTL solar manufactures its solar battery in 150Ah capacity as per the latest technical standards. Therefore, they are assumed to be the toughest solar batteries in all operating conditions.

200AH Solar Battery

150Ah UTL solar batteries offer high purity, 20% more electrolyte and thicker positive plates to withstand power outages. They are composed of corrosion-resistant proprietary spine alloy to make the battery strong and durable. Besides, the batteries have features like flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlets and long life puncture-resistant polyethylene separators. These features ensure better performance and reduced internal short circuit possibilities. 

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Specifications of 150Ah Solar Battery

A UTL 150Ah solar battery is C10 rated. Having a self-discharge rate of just 2mV per day, the battery possesses an extremely high life cycle of 1500 @ 80% DOD. Other specifications of a UTL 150Ah battery are mentioned below.

Solar BrandUTL Solar
Available ModelsUIT1536, UST1536, UST1560
Battery TypeLead Acid
Nominal Voltage12V
ContainerIT 500
Plate Combination3+4
Dry Weight37.5 Kg (± 3%)
Filled Weight62 Kg (± 3%)
Dimension503 x 190 x 410 (±3mm)
Warranty3 & 5 Years (According to the model)

#3. 200AH UTL Solar Battery

Solar tubular 200Ah solar batteries are the highest rating model manufactured by UTL solar. These solar batteries are made of high quality tall tubular polypropylene containers that provide these batteries extra durability. 200Ah solar batteries are perfect to be used with all electrical applications in your home, office, and industry.

200AH Solar Battery

A 200Ah UTL solar battery provides a unique working experience with superior active raw material and high pressure die casting. The batteries are strong, durable, eco-friendly and fit for your home, office or shop. They perform unmatched in various applications providing superb battery backup and maintenance-free long life. Similar to the 150Ah variant, these batteries self-discharge at a very low rate of 2mV per day and provide a high life cycle of 1500 at 80% DOD.

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Specifications of 200Ah Solar Battery

A 200Ah UTL battery has all the features similar to a 150Ah battery except that it can deliver 200 amps of current in an hour. The specification list 200Ah UTL solar battery is mentioned below.

Solar BrandUTL Solar
Available ModelsUIT2036, UIT2336, UST2036, UST2060
Battery TypeLead Acid
Nominal Voltage12V
ContainerIT 500
Plate Combination4+5
Dry Weight46.5 Kg (± 3%)
Filled Weight71 Kg (± 3%)
Dimension503 x 190 x 410 (±3mm)
Warranty3 & 5 Years (According to the model)


How Many Solar Batteries Are Required in a Solar System?

A solar system is installed for fulfilling the energy needs of several individuals with distinct requirements. Since every individual has his specific budget and daily energy usage requirement, there is a unique solar system setup for each user. Hence the number of solar batteries you’ll need will depend on the capacity and voltage of your solar system, the energy you produce, your energy requirements, location, budget and a few other factors.

To find out your daily energy usage, you can simply divide your monthly bill by 30 or you can use an energy monitor on your home. To provide you with a rough idea about how many solar batteries will you need for what capacity of the solar system, we have mentioned a table below.

Solar System CapacityDaily GenerationNo. of Solar Battery

1kW Solar System

4 units

1 or 2

(According to system voltage)

2kW Solar System

8 units


3kW Solar System

12 units


5kW Solar System

20 units


10kW Solar System

40 units


15kW Solar System

60 units


20kW Solar System

80 units


#4. UTL Solar Battery Features

There are awesome features in UTL solar batteries that everyone wants to know before buying and installing it. So here are some of its great features.

  • Unique tubular gauntlet /Nat positive plates design.
  • Superior active material & special grid alloy.
  • Float vent plug for electrolyte level indicator.
  • Covered with HDPE material caps.        
  • C10 rated solar battery for better performance.
  • Extremely high life cycle 1500 @ 80% DOD.
  • Comes with non-leaking vent plugs.        
  • High-pressure die casting for a unique experience.        
  • Very low self-discharge rate i.e. 2mV/per day.

#5. UTL Solar Battery Benefits

The benefits and characteristics of any product are like two sides of the same coin. To evaluate a particular product, just to see its characteristics is not the right medium/way. The benefits of that product also matter. So we have mentioned some of UTL solar battery’s benefits below. Let’s have a look over them.

  • Reliable and safe solar battery for all electrical needs
  • Easy to transport, install, and clean.
  • Cheap and maintenance-free solar battery.
  • Environment-friendly solar solution for backups.
  • Equally suitable for off-grid and hybrid solar system.
  • Quick rechargeable even after deep discharge
  • Deep satisfaction with only a one-time investment.

Why are UTL solar batteries the best?

UTL solar is among the top-rated solar companies in the Indian market for a reason. It provides services that always aim to deliver more to the consumers. Among other splendid qualities already mentioned, the warranty duration it provides is the most attractive offering of a UTL battery. UTL provides you with a quite long term warranty on its solar batteries. Hence, you can stay deeply satisfied with only a one-time investment. 

UTL Solar Power Battery

Serving people with such attractive features & services, UTL has gained the popularity of being the most trustworthy solar brand for a huge number of happy customers. And this trust of people proves UTL solar batteries to be the best.

Frequently Asked Question

There are various models in 150Ah UTL solar batteries and their prices lie between Rs.10,091 to Rs.11,902.


For proper working of a 3kW solar system, 4 solar batteries of 150Ah each are required.

Besides the UST 1560 150 AH and UST 2060 200 solar battery models, UTL manufactures UST 4036 40 AH solar battery, UST 16536 165 AH Solar Battery and UST 2060 200 AH solar battery models.

UTL batteries come with many great features. These features are HDPE material caps, pure spine and grid alloy, non-leaking vent plug, and high pressure die casting. Rather than this UTL batteries are reliable and affordable.


UTL’s battery-based solar COMBO is a complete off grid solar system. In which you will get all components of a solar system including solar panel, solar battery, solar inverter, and other complete accessories.

Almost all the solar batteries come in standard units called Ah (Ampere hours). Normally, a 12 volt 100 Ah battery can store 100-ampere hours in it. However, the storing capacity of any solar battery depends upon its capacity accordingly.


A 150 Ah in battery ensures a continual current of 15 Amperes over a discharge period of 10 hours if it is C10 graded like UTL batteries. Moreover, a Class C20 type solar battery will provide a 7.5 Ampere current in 20 hours if discharging.

No, you can’t increase or decrease solar battery in any system according to your wish. Each solar system has its own requirements. Any quantitative change in solar components can misbalance the whole system.


To run that much load, you need to install a 2kW solar system. And in the 2kW solar system, 4 solar batteries of 150Ah each are required.


Yes, you can use a solar battery in your existing inverter. The batteries are 100% compatible. If you have plans to convert your inverter to a solar inverter and get a solar system for your home someday, it would be better to use a solar tubular battery like a UTL solar battery instead of a normal battery. 

You can contact us for buying any capacity solar battery or to Get Free Quote.

UTL batteries are exceptionally phenomenal when it comes to performance. They are rated C10 (indicating high quality). Besides, their long term warranty and long service life are incomparable. 

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