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About 1 Ton Solar AC

A 1 ton solar air conditioner is one of the most popular and reliable solution for cooling your home that includes solar panel, solar battery and solar inverter also. For many peoples, summer time means running their air conditioner non-stop. When the temperature heats up, the efficiency of a conventional air conditioner drops dramatically.

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The best and simple alternative of this problem is to switch solar AC. Whenever you think to buy a new solar air conditioner, a term often comes in your mind i.e. “tons”. Normally, solar air conditioner size is measure in tons. This is not a reference of weight. A ton is a measurement of an air conditioner’s cooling power. Solar air conditioner are eco-friendly and can be powered by solar energy as well as grid electricity as well.

Solar ACs
Solar Air Conditioner

Currently in India, solar AC is available in various cooling capacities such as 1 ton solar AC, 1.5 ton solar AC and many more. But here, we will discuss only about 1 ton solar AC. If your room size is 80 square feet to 120 square feet, than 1 ton solar air conditioner is best option for you. However, it is not always the carpet area that must be consider while buying a solar air conditioner.

An air conditioner with a capacity of 1 ton can cools a large area efficiently and provides clean and fresh air to give you a hill station like feel in your living room. Its filters ensure the air in your home is free from any bacteria and other air borne disease.

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Specifications of Solar AC

When it comes to buy a solar air conditioner, the first ever thing that occur in our mind is, “what is the specifications of this AC?” We are giving the answer of this question in simple and straight way. A 1 ton solar air conditioner comes with great specifications. Some of its major specifications are as mentioned below.

Particulars Description
Solar AC Capacity 1 Ton
Solar Panel 1.5 kW
Solar Panel Quantity 6 nos. X 250 watt panel
Solar Inverter 2.5 kVA (Off Grid)
Solar Battery (Optional) 4 nos. X 150 Ah
Solar Accessories Standard
BEE Rating 5 Star
Cooling/Heating BTU/h 12,000
Air Circulation (msg/h) 650
Refrigerant R-410A
Condenser Copper
Power Supply Volt 230 V
Power Input Wattage 998 w
Running Current AMP 4.47 amp
Warranty 5 year for complete system & 25 year for solar panel
Delivery Within 7 working days
Selling Price Rs.99,000 (Including installation)

Please Note: Above mention price of 1 ton solar air conditioner includes solar panel and solar inverter only. Solar battery is optional and additional also.

1 ton solar ac
Solar AC Photo

You can place order online for 1 ton solar air conditioner with or without installation:

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Features & Benefits of Solar AC

This 1 ton solar air conditioner has all the standard features of any other normal AC such as auto start, turbo cooling mode, auto dry mode, sleep mode, auto on/off timer, speed setting, night glow buttons on its remote etc. But it’s not all. This air conditioner also has some additional features that are also mentioned below.

Particular Description
Air Filters Anti-bacteria, Vitamin C, Titanium Di-Oxide
Air Flow 4 Way Swing
Panel Display Digital
Remote Control LCD
Noise Level 33
Indore Dimension W-985, H-270, D-210, Weight 9Kg.
Outdoor Dimension W-780, H-540, D-260, Weight 30Kg.


Benefits- Advantages

  • Zero electricity bill & saving up to 100%.
  • It also can work without electricity.
  • Low maintenance cost & easy to install.
  • You will get clean and fresh cool air.
  • Solar AC are helpful in carbon reduction.
  • Eco- friendly technology for cooling.
  • Less dependency on grid electricity.
  • Optimum use of renewable energy.
  • Mobile app based control in your hand.

FAQs About 1 Ton Solar AC

How does a solar AC works?

In solar air conditioning system, solar panel generates the electricity. Further solar inverter regulates the voltage and sent it into your solar AC. After that your air conditioner starts to run.


Can I really save my money by installing solar AC?

Yes, you can save your money by installing solar AC. Solar air conditioners doesn’t need grid electricity to run. They can be run on solar power. So you can see the savings in the form of reduction in your heavy electricity bills.


What is the cost of 1 ton solar AC?

The cost of 1 ton solar air conditioner is Rs.99,000.


How many solar panels are required to run 1 ton solar AC?

For 1 ton solar AC, 6 solar panel of 250 watt capacity will be sufficient.


What is battery backup time in 1 ton solar air conditioner?

A solar battery can run your 1 ton solar AC for around 2 to 4 hours. The backup time will also depend upon your usage of solar AC.


What are the available models in solar AC other than 1 ton solar AC?

Solar AC is available in many different models in the market. A solar air conditioner is available in many models such as 0.5 ton solar air conditioner, 1.5 ton solar air conditioner, 2 ton solar air conditioner and so on.


Can I run my existing air conditioner on solar power?

Yes, you can run your existing air conditioner on solar power too. But the capacity of solar system will depend upon your air conditioner. You can install any type of solar system i.e. on grid solar system, off grid solar system or hybrid solar system.


What capacity solar system should I install for 1 ton solar AC?

You should install at least 3KW solar system. You can run either 1 ton solar AC or 1 ton normal AC on 3kW solar system.

Read in detail about: 3KW Solar System


How much power is required to run 1 ton air conditioner?

To run 1 ton solar air conditioner, 1500 watt (230 Volt) power is required.


Is there any warranty on this solar air conditioner?

Yes, there is 25 year warranty for solar panel and 5 year warranty for complete system.


How much area can a 1 ton solar AC cool?

A 1 ton solar air conditioner can cool 80 square feet to 120 square feet size rooms.


Suggest me some top most solar brands to buy a solar AC?

As per google Videocon, LG, Samsung, V-guard are the top solar brands who manufacture the solar air conditioners.


How do I buy this solar AC?

For buying solar air conditioner you can contact us. We have a range of quality solar products. Or you can visit our online solar store for the same.

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Author: Bhanwar Chauhan
Updated On: 24/07/2021