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Usha Solar Panel

Usha solar is a leading manufacturer of best quality solar panel in India. The company is providing high quality solar power solutions at affordable price to its customer since 2017. After its first step toward solar, Usha solar has made its mark internationally. Now the company is a leading supplier of solar panel, solar inverter, solar battery and solar products provider in India, which provides you the best solar panel at your doorstep.

Usha solar is an established name in the field of solar having a team of highly skilled technicians who are well trained and experienced. The company have 200+ dealers and suppliers, network of 100+ customer support centers across the country that are available to serve you.

The company provides a wide range of services to consumers including complete on grid solar system, off grid solar solution, solar street light, solar inverters, solar batteries, and installation.

Types of Usha Solar Panel

There are mainly two types of solar panel that are manufactured by Usha solar. These panels are best in the sense of their efficiency, cost, working life, reliability and many more. Types of Usha solar panels are as follow

  1. Polycrystalline Solar Panel
  2. Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Poly-crystal solar panels are very popular type of solar panel among the people who want to install solar panel. The efficiency of these solar panels are up to 17%. Usha solar manufacture polycrystalline solar panels by using a special kind of silicon to make them more durable and efficient. Polycrystalline solar panel by Usha solar is available in many models and rating.

Polycrystalline solar panels are available from 40Wp to 325Wp capacity at adorable price. Usha solar poly-crystal panels will cost you around Rs.24 to Rs.30 per watt. The prices of polycrystalline solar panels are as below.

Usha Solar Polycrystalline Panel Price List 2020

Model Selling Price Price Per Watt
40 Watt Solar Panel Rs.1,200 Rs.30
50 Watt Solar Panel Rs.1,500 Rs.30
60 Watt Solar Panel Rs.1,800 Rs.30
75 Watt Solar Panel Rs.2,550 Rs.30
100 Watt Solar Panel Rs.2,800 Rs.28
150 Watt Solar Panel Rs.4,200 Rs.28
160 Watt Solar Panel Rs.4,480 Rs.28
200 Watt Solar Panel Rs.5,600 Rs.28
270 Watt Solar Panel Rs.7,020 Rs.26
325 Watt Solar Panel Rs.7,800 Rs.24
Polycrystalline Solar Panel
Polycrystalline Solar Panel

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Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Usha solar manufacture monocrystalline solar panel by using high quality silicon. The efficiency of these panels are up to 19%. These solar panels are more effective and efficient than polycrystalline solar panel. Therefore, these panels are idle for home and commercial solar system.

Monocrystalline solar panels by Usha solar are available from 40Wp to 325Wp capacity. Usha solar mono-crystal panels will cost you around Rs.26 to Rs.32 per watt. The prices of Usha solar monocrystalline solar panels are mentioned below.

Usha Solar Monocrystalline Panel Price List 2020

Model Selling Price Price Per Watt
40 Watt Solar Panel Rs.1,280 Rs.32
50 Watt Solar Panel Rs.1,600 Rs.32
60 Watt Solar Panel Rs.1,920 Rs.32
75 Watt Solar Panel Rs.2,400 Rs.32
100 Watt Solar Panel Rs.3,000 Rs.30
150 Watt Solar Panel Rs.4,500 Rs.30
160 Watt Solar Panel Rs.4,800 Rs.30
200 Watt Solar Panel Rs.6,000 Rs.30
270 Watt Solar Panel Rs.7,560 Rs.28
325 Watt Solar Panel Rs.8,450 Rs.26
Mono pecr solar panel
Mono pecr solar panel

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Usha Solar Panel Features

Usha solar panels are designed to be installed at home and commercial places. These solar panel comes with many great features. The features of Usha solar panels are as mentioned below.

  • Solar panel conversion efficiency > 19%.
  • ISO 9001:2005 certified solar photovoltaic panel.
  • Available in 12V/24V rating.
  • ARC coated glass is used in manufacturing.
  • Made with ‘A’ grade solar cell.
  • PID free solar cells.
  • Optic/electric/mechanically tested solar panel.
  • Positive power tolerance even in extreme weather.
  • Heavy duty strong Aluminium frame.
  • MNRE & ICE certified solar panel.
  • Maximum system voltage supportable up to 1000.
  • After 10 years min. 90% performance warranty.
  • 80.2% performance warranty even after 25 years.

Usha Solar Panel Benefits

Usha solar panels are best choice for home and commercial solar system. The company is providing best quality solar panel since a long time and therefore is committed to provide various benefits to its customer. The benefits of Usha solar panels are as below.

  • Reliable and maintenance free solar product.
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain.
  • Best for all types of solar system.
  • Effective way to harass solar power.
  • Energy efficient solar equipment.
  • Last longer than other solar brands.
  • Comparatively excellent durability.
  • Best for extreme weather conditions.
  • Solar panels with long working life
  • Most trustable solar brand.

Solar Panel Applications

Generally, solar panel generates DC (direct current) electricity and this DC electricity can be use to power different type of solar or electrical applications. In these electrical/solar application includes solar street light, solar system, solar water pump and solar air conditioner and many more.

Solar Panel Applications
Solar Panel Applications

Solar Street Light

In the field of solar power, solar street lights are a cost effective and modern technique to illumination. Solar street lights are also known as stand-alone system with solar battery that will store power from the solar panel to illuminate. Usha solar lights are available from 9 watt capacity to 24 watt capacity.

On Grid Solar System

Mostly, 300 watt solar panel and above rated solar panels are used in on grid solar system. On grid solar system range includes 1kW solar system to 10 kW solar system for home use and 15kW solar system to 100kW solar system for commercial use.

Off grid solar system

This type of solar system is also known as battery based solar system. Off grid solar system range include 1kW solar system to 100kW solar system. In off grid solar systems, 100 watt to 330 watt solar panel is used.

Hybrid solar system

Hybrid solar system is a combination of off grid and on grid solar system. Most likely people like to install 300 watt solar panel and above rated solar panel in this solar system. These type of solar system starts from 3kW solar system.

Solar water pump

Solar water pump is a modern approach in the field of agriculture. This water pump is also used fo domestic as well as commercial use. Solar water pump range start from 1HP capacity to 10 HP capacity. High rating panel are also used in these pumps.

Solar AC

Today, it is possible to run air conditioner on solar power. To reduce your heavy electricity bill, solar air conditioner is a best alternative instead of normal air conditioners. In solar ACs, 300 watt panels are mostly used.

Usha Solar Panel FAQs

When did Usha enters in SPV field?

Usha is in the field of solar power since 2017.


What is the dimension of 200 watt solar panel?


Does Usha solar manufacture both mono and polycrystalline solar panel?

Yes, Usha solar manufacture both monocrystalline solar panel and polycrystalline solar panel.


How is the response of these solar panels in cloudy days?

Usha solar panels are best solar panel designed for all weather conditions. Their performance is at peak even in cloudy weather. But the output will be lower than sunny days.


How much solar panel do I need to install with 5KVA solar inverter?

The quantity of solar panel will depend upon its power rating. With 5KVA solar inverter, you should install 15 to 16 solar panels of 325 watt each. If you install low power rating panels than the quantity will be increase.


Can I install Usha solar panels with my existing solar panels?

Yes off course, you can install Usha brand solar panel with your existing panels of other solar brand. To prevent your appliances, ensure to install same capacity solar panels together.


What is the efficiency level of Usha monocrystalline solar panel?

Monocrystalline solar panels are up to 19% efficient. On the other hand polycrystalline solar panels are up to 17% efficient.


Is there any warranty on these solar panels?

Yes, there are 25 years performance warranty. After 10 years 90% and after 25 years 80.2% performance is warranty by Usha solar.


What does it cost for 150 and 160 watt polycrystalline solar panel?

150 watt solar panel will costs you around Rs.4,200 and 160 watt solar panel will Rs.4,480.


270 watt panel by Usha is 12V panel or 24V panel?

A 270 watt solar panel is 24V solar panel. It is a high rating solar panel so it can’t manufacture in 12V range.


What can I run on these solar panel?

A single solar panel can run only your basic load like LEDs, small fans. But after installing a number of solar panels together and fixing a battery in it than you can run almost all type of appliances. Than you can run everything on solar power like solar AC, TV, fridge, cooler, fans etc.


Can I run 1.5 ton solar AC on 270 watt solar panel?

Yes, you can run 1.5 ton solar AC on 270 watt solar panel. For this purpose you need to install 13 nos. of 270 watt solar panel.


How many solar panel do I need in 5kW solar system?

The quantity of solar panel depend upon its rating. Like if you are installing 200 watt solar panel then 25 solar panels are needed but if you are installing 325 watt solar panel than only 15 to 16 solar panels are required.


How much power these solar panel generate in a day?

Power generation capacity of any solar panel depends upon its type and capacity. As as a total 1000 watt (1KW) solar panels can generate 4 units over a day.


Can I run a room heater on solar panels?

Yes you can run room heater on 5kW solar system.


How much space is required to install 325 watt solar panel?

For installing one solar panel of 325 watt capacity, 2 shadow free areas is required. Accordingly, if you install 2 panels of 325 watt capacity than 4 sq. meter area will be required.


How do I claim my warranty if I found any pre-mature defect in my solar panels?


Is there any government subsidy on Usha solar panels?

Yes, there is 30% to 90% subsidy on solar panel is available by Indian government. The subsidy rates may vary according to your state solar policy.


How is after sale service of Usha solar regarding solar panels?

Usha solar’s after sale service regarding solar panel or regarding any other product is excellent. You will be satisfied by Usha once you file your claim.


How do I buy Usha solar panel?

For buying solar panel, solar inverter, solar battery you can contact us. You can also buy it from our online solar store.