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About 6 Meter Solar Cleaning Kit

A 6 meter solar panel cleaning kit is perfect tool to clean you solar panel. In this solar panel cleaning kit, you will get extension poles, a nylon brush, hose pipe some adapters etc. The solar brush is made of nylon bristles, with flaggy system that gives you smooth and effective scrubbing on panel. The handles of aluminum extension pole has soft sponge covered handholds that protect your hands while you are cleaning your solar panels. Various adapters provide the perfect closure for removable parts making them not only easy to install, but also easy to remove. This kit allows you to reach and clean even the most difficult parts of your solar panel. A 6 meter solar cleaning kit leaves no carbon footprint and also it conserves water.

Solar Panel Cleaning Kit
Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

You probably remember the movement that your shiny brand new solar panel arrive at your home and were installed on your rooftop. But over the time dust in the air, smog, bird droppings, leaves and more all find their way to your solar panel and start to create problems. Neglecting to clean your solar panel is not much different than throwing money out of the window. So maintaining a clean surface on your solar panel is essential for optimum energy output.

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Specifications of 6M Cleaning Kit

A 6 meter solar panel cleaning kit is designed to clean solar panel faster, safer, easier and is also better for environment. It also comes with other great specifications. If you want to know about its specifications in detail than have a look below.

Particular Description
Solar Cleaning Kit 6 Meter
Extension Pole 3 nos. X 2 meter
Solar Radius Brush 40 cm (Yellow Color)
Hose Pipe 11 Meter
Angle Adapter GIFLO
Tread Adapter ALU, AFAET
Solar Brand Unger
Warranty 1 Year
Delivery Within 7 working days
Selling Price Rs.20,000
6 meter cleaning kit
6 meter cleaning kit

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Feature & Benefit of Cleaning Kit

A 6 meter solar panel cleaning kit has many great features and also it is design to provide maximum possible benefit to its user by cleaning the solar panel smoothly and quickly. Here, we are going to discuss about its features and benefits in detail. Have a look on its feature and benefits.


  • Designed with nylon bristle solar brush.
  • Made of strong and lightweight aluminum.
  • Equipped with squeezer for instant dryness.
  • Easy to install and easy to remove.
  • It includes multiple hose adapters.
  • Comes with 3 extension poles.
  • 40 cm radius solar brush.
  • 1 year complete warranty.

Benefits – Advantages

  • Effective and safe solar panel cleaning tool
  • You can use it without ladders and without climbing the roofs.
  • You can clean the modules in the shortest possible time.
  • It is an environment friendly solar product.
  • It leaves no carbon footprints
  • Helpful for conserve the water.

6 Meter Solar Cleaning Kit – FAQs

Why should I clean my solar panel?

Over the time dust and dirt will freeze on solar panel. These unwanted elements will reduce the output efficiency of solar panel. To re-increase the production capacity of solar panel, you need to clean them.


What is the price of 6 meter cleaning kit?

A 6 meter solar cleaning kit will costs you around Rs.20,000.


Does it works with water or without water?

A solar cleaning kit always works with water. It wash the solar panel to remove dust particles. Without water, it is hard to remove them off.


Can I apply soap or shampoo on solar panels to clean them?

Yes, you can apply gentle soaps or shampoos on solar panel. But make sure they are not harsh chemicals.


After how much time solar panels should be clean?

There is not any standard time period for cleaning the panels. You can see the freeze dust on solar panel or when you find the production capacity is being decrease, then clean the panel.


What is the estimated life of 6 meter solar panel cleaning kit?

The estimated life of 6 meter solar panel cleaning kit is around 2 to 3 years.


What are other available models in solar panel cleaning kit other than 6 meter capacity?

Solar panel cleaning kit is available in many capacities and models. Other capacity solar cleaning kits are as mention below.


Is there any warranty on this solar panel cleaning kit?

Yes, there is 1 year warranty for complete cleaning kit.


How do I buy this solar panel cleaning kit?

For buying solar panel cleaning kit in any capacity, you can contact us. You can also visit at our online solar store for the same.

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Author: Bhanwar Chauhan
Updated On: 24/07/2021