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About Livguard Solar Battery

Livguard Solar is a leading solar brand that specializes in various solar products along with solar batteries. Normally, solar batteries are used to capture the excess and unconsumed solar energy generated by solar panels, and store it for use at nights, during cloudy days, or during a blackout. Powering your home with a solar battery will maximize your energy independence, and lowering your ongoing energy bills.

Livguard solar batteries are C10 rated deep cycle batteries that require minimum maintenance over a long period of time. These solar batteries are specially designed with extra thick tubular plates to provide advanced technological experience. Its innovative Super Tuff 3D design ensures its premium quality and superior performance. Livguard batteries are tall shaped tubular batteries that focuses on providing top-class efficiency and heavy power backup.

Storing solar energy in Livguard solar battery means you can fulfill all your home’s electrical needs by self-generated clean, green electricity 24/7. You’ll be protected from rising electricity costs and heavy electricity bills on regular basis. Adding a solar battery to your home solar system can be an absolute game-changer that helps to maximize the value of your solar system as well as your home.

Livguard Solar Battery Price

Livguard solar batteries are reliable and the most suitable storage alternative to be used with off-grid and hybrid solar systems. These batteries are easily accessible and offer a lot of affordability in the buying of the customers. The detailed prices of Livguard solar batteries are mentioned below.

Solar Battery Model Selling Price
40Ah Solar Battery  
75Ah Solar Battery  
100Ah Solar Battery  
135Ah Solar Battery  
150Ah Solar Battery  
165Ah Solar Battery  
180Ah Solar Battery  
200Ah Solar Battery  


Livguard Solar Battery Features

Livguard solar batteries will definitely be a great alternative to use renewable i.e. solar energy that increases your independence from the utility grid. There are a number of great features in these solar batteries. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

  • Industry’s 1st innovative Super Tuff 3D design.
  • Double side pasting ensures longer battery life.
  • Life cycle – 2000 at 80% Depth Of Discharge.
  • Robust high-quality durable material.
  • Tall tubular C10 rated deep cycle battery.
  • Extra thick tubular plates for heavy backup.
  • Topping up frequency – Initially 8 to 10 months
  • Eco-friendly and reduce carbon footprints.

Livguard Solar Battery Benefits

Solar panels generate energy throughout the whole day when, traditionally, Indian home users cannot use this much electricity. So here you will store the surplus energy in Livguard solar battery which would otherwise be wasted.

A solar battery will reduce your dependency on the traditional electricity grid.  You can store your self-generated electricity in Livguard solar batteries that further can be used to power your home appliances during cloudy days, at night, and most importantly during a blackout.

Adding a solar battery could mean that the major part of your electrical need will be powered by stored electricity that is generated via the solar panel. It means you’ll import less electricity from the utility grid and can save you money on your energy bills. Also, you will get up to 5 years of warranty on the Livguard solar battery.