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About Top Solar Battery Brands

There are only few top solar battery brands who provides best solar battery. Nowadays, many solar brands have come in the field of solar power. All of them wants to provide quality solar product to their customer. Due to this, many people are confused about the top solar battery brand. They want to know what are the top solar battery brands for them.

Top solar battery manufactururs in India
Top solar battery brands in India

Here, we will discuss about top solar battery brands who design their solar battery to provide maximum possible benefits. These top brands of solar batteries may vary according to different solar analyzers or solar experts. To identify the top brands of solar batteries, we have compared many features of solar batteries by various solar manufacturers on various aspects.

Top Solar Battery Manufacturers

This is the first most aspect to find top solar battery brand in India. The ranking is given according to the annually generation capacity of these solar manufacturers.

Rank Solar Brands
1. Exide Solar
2. Okaya Solar
3. Luminous Solar
4. Usha Shriram Solar
5. Amara Raja Solar

If we talk about the production capacity of the solar battery, then Exide Solar comes at first number. Exide Solar is the largest manufacturer of solar batteries in India. Also these solar batteries are great in features and provide long backups.


Okaya Solar is a well-known and leading brand in India. It is the second largest producer of solar batteries in after Exide Solar. This solar brand is basically associated with Microtek. Okaya solar batteries are reliable and affordable solar backup solution.


Luminous is a dominating name in the field of technology and solar power as well. Luminous solar manufacture solar batteries in many models, capacities and design. These batteries are C10 rated batteries that provides deep charge and discharge feature.


After Exide, Okaya and Luminous, Usha Shriram Solar is the largest solar battery manufacturer. Usha deals in solar product since a long time. Rather than its long backup feature, these batteries are also affordable.


Amara Raja is also one of the biggest solar battery manufacturer. It is a well-known brand in the solar battery industry. This solar brand manufacture solar battery to provide long battery backup to its user. Solar battery by Amara Raja is also one of the top most choice of people.

Top Solar Batteries By Efficiency

After comparing solar brand on the basis of their production capacity, now it’s the time to compare them on the basis of their battery’s efficiency.

Rank Solar Brands
1. Okaya Solar
2. Usha Shriram Solar
3. Exide Solar
4. Luminous Solar
5. Patanjali Solar

Here, Okaya solar batteries are at number one. The efficiency of Okaya solar battery is extremely great. The company manufacture each solar battery to provide maximum long backup to its user. These solar batteries can be install anywhere weather it is your home or your industry.

Usha Shriram solar batteries are at number two. Usha solar batteries are one of the most efficient solar battery. These batteries are C10 rated that are specifically designed to be charge and discharge deeply. These solar batteries can be install easily.


Exide Solar comes in third place in terms of efficiency of solar battery, however it was at the first place if we talk about production capacity. Exide solar batteries are good option for those who are looking for heavy power backup options.


Luminous solar is at fourth number. If we see than Luminous solar batteries are best solar battery weather it is about efficiency or about their reliability. Luminous solar batteries are good option for home solar system and commercial solar system.


Patanjali solar is an indigenous company that believes to provide high quality solar products at affordable prices. Along with its other feature, Patanjali solar battery is also extremely efficient. They are able to provide long power backups for emergency purpose.

Top Solar Batteries By Warranty

Warranty period of any solar product will directly affect our mentality. It also plays an important role to decide whether we should buy that product or not. So it is also important to compare all top solar battery brands on the basis of warranty provided by them.

Rank Solar Brands Warranty Period
1. Luminous Solar 5 Years
2. Usha Shriram Solar 5 Years
3. Exide Solar 5 Years
4. Okaya Solar 5 Years
5. Patanjali Solar 5 Years

Almost all top solar battery brands provide 3 to 5 year manufacturing warranty of their product. So accordingly, Luminous, Usha, Exide, Okaya and Patanjali solar also proving 5 year warranty on their solar battery. So they are very close to each other on the basis of warranty.

Top Solar Battery Brands By Experts

After comparing all top solar battery brands, now its turn to see what is the top solar battery according to solar experts. Below mention ranking is given after analyzing their overall performance.

Rank Solar Brands
1. Usha Shriram Solar
2. Luminous Solar
3. Exide Solar
4. Okaya Solar
5. Patanjali Solar

Usha solar battery is top solar battery according to solar experts. These batteries are extremely efficient, reliable and least expensive than other solar brands. Usha solar batteries are able to provide long power backups during regular electricity cuts.


Luminous solar is second most trustable solar battery brand in India. Luminous is providing quality solar battery along with other solar products. These solar batteries are also efficient, C10 rated and affordable.


The manufacturing of Exide solar battery is more because it provides best quality solar battery at better prices. Exide comes on third number according to solar experts. As we told you, Exide solar batteries are available in many models, size and design. Therefore these solar batteries are suitable for all type of solar system.


Okaya solar batteries are fully tested C10 rated solar batteries. If you are thinking to install a solar system at your home or office than you can install Okaya solar battery without any worry. These solar batteries are affordable too.


At number five, it is Patanjali solar. Patanjali solar is supporting solar energy everywhere in India. So it is providing best quality solar battery at adorable prices. Also these solar battery comes with 3 to 5 years. So if we see, Patanjali solar batteries are also a great option for home installations.

Top Solar Batteries For Home

If you are still confused about which solar battery you should install at your home, then take a look at the description given below. These solar batteries are fully trusted and reliable. You can choose any of below mention solar battery for your home.

Rank Solar Brands
1. Luminous Solar
2. Usha Shriram Solar
3. Okaya Solar
4. Exide Solar
5. Patanjali Solar

Luminous solar batteries are top solar batteries to be install at home. These solar batteries are specially designed for solar applications. If you install a number of solar battery together than they are able to run your heavy load too.


Usha Shriram solar brand is also one of the top most choice. These batteries are able to provide long power backup on regular basis. Usha manufacturers are committed to provide best quality solar products along with solar battery to its user.


Okaya solar batteries are also a good option for those who are looking for a reliable and affordable storage solution at their home. These solar batteries can be use with all type of solar system whether it is off grid solar system or it is hybrid solar system.


Exide batteries are also best solar batteries that can be install at home. Solar batteries by Exide solar comes with around 5 year warranty. So in case of any premature defect, you don’t have to worry about.


Patanjali solar battery is one of the top solar battery that you can trust without worrying. It can either be install for home or also be at industries. Patanjali solar manufacture both SMF and VRLA solar batteries. You can choose any one of them according to your convenience.

Top Solar Brands in India

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Author: Bhanwar Chauhan
Updated On: 24/07/2021