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MC4 connectors are the electrical devices used to connect solar panels through a single contact. They tie up the connections of a solar system by joining several solar panels or several groups of solar panels together. 

Here MC refers to Multi-Contact and 4 indicates the dimension of diameter pin in mm. The high-quality tool with a sealed tip and metal pin is a great way to establish electrical contact between the modules.

Solar MC4 Connectors
Solar MC4 Connectors

The designation of the connector consists of a plug and a socket that are plastic shells from inside. The plug is a male connector with a cylindrical shape while the socket is electrically female having a square body. The plastic fingers of the female socket are pressed to insert into the plug. Popping outwards, the two components get locked together to serve the purpose.

Solar MC4 connectors and branch connectors are available in several types. So it’s worth spending 10 minutes reading the complete information about all these solar MC4 connectors for choosing the best that meets all your needs.

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Buy solar panels online at best price
Buy solar panels online at best price

#1. Types of MC4 Connectors

You can make your solar system wiring much easier and quicker using the different kinds of solar MC4 connectors. Perfect for outdoor installations, the connectors have become the most preferred choice of electrical inspectors. 

Based on the functionalities, there are two basic types of solar MC4 connectors. These are namely,

MC4 Connectors

Branch Connectors

Both of them are discussed in detail in the upcoming section.

Why use MC4 Connectors?

MC4 connector allows you to construct the strings of the solar panels quite easily and productively. Just pushing the connectors of the adjoining modules can get your work done.

The connection is hard to detach on its own hence the chances of accidental disconnection are near to none. Moreover, the gadget is weatherproof, UV resistant and a great alternative to the traditional junction box. 

Finally, an MC4 connector is a compatible device that has now become one of the most common and necessarily equipped products for solar installation.

#2. MC4 Connectors Price List

The heavy-duty wire connectors from Kenbrook Solar are available in several designs, specs and sets, at a competitive price range. The price starts with just Rs. 189. While it goes on decreasing per unit with the increasing quantity combos.

Here is the complete price list of solar MC4 connectors from Kenbrook Solar.

MC4 Connector TypeSelling PriceBuy It Now
MC4 Wire ConnectorRs. 189/Pair
10 Sq. MM MC4 ConnectorRs. 299/Pair
2 in 1 Branch ConnectorRs. 349/Pair
3 in 1 Branch ConnectorRs. 479/Pair
4 in 1 Branch ConnectorRs. 625/Pair
5 in 1 Branch ConnectorRs. 799/Pair
6 in 1 Branch ConnectorRs. 925/Pair

  • Above mention prices are inclusive of all taxes.
  • Prices can vary ± 3% to 5% depending on location, promotions and availability, and solar brand.
  • Check our Online Solar Shop or Amazon Store for latest price and stock availability.

#3. Solar MC4 Wire Connector

The solar MC4 connectors from Kenbrook Solar are designed with PPO + PA, a high-grade reliable material. As a result of the great foundation, the device offers long term durability along with a remarkable power to withstand harsh climatic conditions.

Solar MC4 Connector
Solar MC4 Connector

The parts of an MC4 connector include the following.

  • Base Caps
  • Strain Relief
  • Compression Sleeve
  • Female Connector Body
  • Waterproofing Ring
  • Female Pin
  • Male Pin
  • Base Cap
  • Male Connector Body

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Specifications Of MC4 Connectors

The heavy-duty MC4 connectors provide 1000V/30A current support besides being waterproof and moisture proof. Other specifications of the device are listed in the table below.
Particulars Description
Rated Voltage 1000V DC
Rated Current 30 Amp
MC4 Pin Material Copper with Outer Tin Plate
MC4 Body Material PPO + PA
Dimensions 6cm x 4cm x 2cm
Color Black
Weight 20 Grams
Waterproof Class IP67
Flame Class UL94-V0
Temperature Range -40 ℃ ~ +80 ℃
Wire Support 2.5mm² to 6mm² Solar DC Wire
Set Type Pair (Male and Female with Pins)
Selling Price Rs. 189 Per Pair (Inclusive of all taxes)
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#4. 10Sq. MM MC4 Connector

Ideal to crimp with 10 sq mm wires, these connectors are for 1500V/60 A current. They are manufactured with a great degree of protection using high-grade raw material. 

The components include a pair of male and female connectors made of copper with the tin-coated outside. Consequently, the gadget can bear a heavy load. Besides, it is UV resistant, highly durable, waterproof and anti-flaming. 

Kenbrook Solar 10 Sq. mm MC4 Connector
MC4 Connector

Specifications Of 10 Sq. MM MC4 Connectors

Make the connections of your solar system safer, quicker and easier with the most suitable 10 sq mm MC4 connector from Kenbrook Solar. Other specifications of the device are listed below.
Particulars Description
Maximum Working Voltage DC 1500V
Rated Current 60A
Suitable for 10mm² Wire
Contact resistance ≤5mmΩ
Safety Level Class II
Pin Dimension 10mm
Ambient temperature Range -40~+85℃
Flame Class UL94-V0
Waterproof Class IP67
Insertion Force ≤50N
Withdrawal Force ≥50N
Conductor Cross Section 8 AWG 10.0mm2
Selling Price Rs. 299 Per Pair (Inclusive of all taxes)
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#5. 2 in 1 MC4 Branch Connector

A 2 in 1 MC4 branch connector can connect two solar panels with a capacity range of 10 watts to 400 watts parallelly. 

It is a suitable tool for cables of dimensions 2.5 sq mm, 4 sq mm and 6 sq mm. The solar connector is a blend of copper and tin and possesses a long life of over 25 to 30 years.

2 in 1 solar connector
2 in 1 solar connector

Specifications of 2 in 1 Branch Connector

The 2 in 1 MC4 branch connectors or T2 branch connectors are heavier, TUV certified, highly protected and compatible. They possess a high current carrying capacity. Other specifications are mentioned below.
Particulars Description
Maximum Working Voltage 1500V DC
Rated Current 30 Amp
Flame Class UL94-V0
Contact Resistance ≤3mΩ
Protection Degree IP67 (Waterproof)
Safety Class II
Temperature Range -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
Test Voltage 6KV (50Hz, 1Min)
Suitable For Parallel Connections of 2 Solar Panels
Insulation Material PPO-PA
Contact Material Copper with Tin Plated
Dimensions 11cm x 4cm x 2cm
Set Type Male and Female
Weight 100 Gram (Pair)
Selling Price Rs. 349 Per Pair (Inclusive of all taxes)
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#6. 3 in 1 MC4 Branch Connector

The 3 in 1 branch connectors from Kenbrook Solar are the advanced tools used to connect three solar panels in a parallel combination. 

The core purpose is to configure consistent voltage and AMP while ensuring stable transmission. With great built quality, the connector contributes greatly to increasing the productivity of your solar system.

3 in 1 Branch Connector
3 in 1 Branch Connector

Specifications of 3 in 1 Branch Connector

Designed with high-quality material, a 3 in 1 MC4 branch connector is a heavy device, strong enough to withstand the harshest of climatic conditions. Other specifications are:

Maximum Working Voltage1500V DC
Rated Current50 Amp
Flame ClassUL94-V0
Contact Resistance≤3mΩ
Protection DegreeIP67 (Waterproof)
Safety ClassII
Temperature Range-40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
Test Voltage6KV (50Hz, 1Min)
Suitable ForParallel Connections of 3 Solar Panels
Insulation MaterialPPO-PA
Contact MaterialCopper with Tin Plated
Dimensions15cm x 4cm x 2cm
Selling PriceRs. 479 Per Pair (Inclusive of all taxes)
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#7. 4 in 1 MC4 Branch Connector

The 4 in 1 MC4 branch connector is for connecting four solar panels in a parallel combination. 

With 1500V and 50 AMP as voltage and current ratings, the connector delivers optimum quality service for your solar system. Its best features include high compatibility to get adjusted with any size of panels.

kenbrook solar 4 in 1 mc4 connector
kenbrook solar 4 in 1 mc4 connector

Specifications Of T4 Branch Connector

The 4 in 1 MC4 branch connector or T4 branch connector is a strong device that comes with several specifications mentioned below in the table.


Max. Voltage

1500V DC

Rated Current

Standrad MC4- 30A, 10MM MC4-50A

Waterproof Rating


Flame Class


Temperature Range

-40 ℃ ~ +125 ℃

Safety Class



All MC4

Suitable For

Parallel Connections of 4 Solar Panels

Insulation Material


Contact Material

Copper with Tin Plated

Set Type

Pair of Male and Female

Insertion Force


Withdrwal Force



17cm x 12cm x 2cm

Selling Price Rs. 349 Per Pair (Inclusive of all taxes)
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#8. 5 in 1 MC4 Branch Connector

Certainly, the 5 in 1 MC4 branch connector is used to make connections between 5 solar panels or modules of any size in parallel.

Capable of carrying a DC power of up to 1500 volt and 50 AMPs, the 5 in 1 solar connector is an excellently designed tool that supports up to 10 sq mm wire.

5 in 1 MC4 Connector

Specifications Of T5 Branch Connector

The T5 solar connectors are UV resistant, highly durable, waterproof, fireproof, shockproof and heavy-duty connectors. Their remarkable specifications are mentioned in the table below.


Rated voltage 1500V
Rated current Standrad MC4- 30A, 10MM MC4-50A
Waterproof degree IP67
Flame class UL94-VO
Safety Class
Withdrawal force ≥50N
Insertion force ≤50N
Insulation material PPO + PA
Connecting system Crimping connection
Temperature range -40 ℃ ~ +125 ℃
Contact material Copper with Tin plated
Contact resistance – ≤3mΩ
Protection degree IP67
Flame Class UL94-V0
Selling Price Rs. 799 Per Pair (Inclusive of all taxes)
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#9. Features of MC4 Connectors

The MC4 connectors contribute to being one of the most distinguishing features of solar panels. They are essential for avoiding misconnections.

Kenbrook Solar is the bestseller of quality solar connectors since the very beginning. It offers a huge range of attractive features that are mentioned below. 

#1. Great Built Quality

These solar connectors are made of PPO+PA material to provide high strength. As a result, the device is capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. 

#2. Highly Compatible

Ideal for connecting the solar modules in a parallel combination, the solar connectors are compatible to suit all brands and types of solar panel. Just plug the connectors and you are done. 

#3. Self Locking

Kenbrook Solar MC4 connectors are stable and secure solutions in the form of its MC4 connectors. The self-locking mechanism is used to ensure a tight connection that can be unlocked easily just by the simple press and pull. 

#4. Waterproof IP67

The MC4 solar connectors are IP67 rated. It means they are waterproof and dust-free. Equipped with each of them is a waterproofing ring to make the device corrosion resistant, shock resistant and highly durable. 

#5. UV Resistant

Besides the waterproofing features, the MC4 solar connectors from Kenbrook solar come with excellent ageing resistance. The UV endurance makes the device highly durable and extends its life expectancy to more than 25 years.

Tools Required With MC4 Connectors

Using the MC4 solar connectors in a solar system is a very simple process. All you’ll need are a few tools to crimp the connectors. 

The two main gadgets required to connect the MC4 connectors to the solar panels are-

  • MC4 Crimping Tool
  • MC4 Spanner

#1. MC4 Crimping Tool

An MC4 crimping tool, also known as, a crimper and crimping pliers, is used to deform and join the ends of the wire and the connector.

The grip obtained creates a solid contact between the two ends. With strain relief, the tool makes a superior connection mechanically while avoiding solder wicking.

Kenbrook Solar Crimping Tool-min
Solar Crimping Tool
Solar MC4 Tool Spanner
Solar MC4 Tool Spanner

#2. MC4 Spanner/Wrench

The MC4 spanner or MC4 wrench is a tool used to screw and unscrew the connector. The lightweight gadget can save your time and power for installing the connectors. 

An MC4 spanner is an efficiently working device you’ll need to assemble and disassemble the MC4 connectors.

#10. How to Use MC4 Connectors

MC4 connector can be used to connect multiple solar modules in series as well as in parallel. Both the combinations require different input and hence provide distinctive outcomes.

In simple words, you can use an MC4 connector to wire the solar modules in either of the two combinations according to your need. 

MC4 Connectors Wiring in Series:

Connecting solar panels in a series combination is the easiest of all wirings. To use this arrangement, you’ll need to connect the positive lead of the panel to the negative lead.

In simple words. Snapping the male connector into the female one can do your work.


When you connect two or more solar panels in series, the resulting voltage is the sum of the individual voltages while the current remains constant. 

MC4 Connectors Wiring in Parallel:

The parallel combination is the most preferred wiring of solar panels used to generate optimum benefits. Here, the positive leads are connected, the same is the case with the negative leads.

Since the arrangement is not possible naturally, you’ll need an MC4 multi-branch connector to achieve the purpose.


When connected parallelly, the solar panels generate an optimum current that is the sum of the individual current quantity. Whereas, the voltage of the solar system remains the same.

Frequently Asked Question

An MC4 connector is a device that connects the adjacent solar panels using a single contact.

Yes, one of the biggest advantages of using an MC4 connector is that it is waterproof.

Yes, MC4 connectors are universal in the solar industry.

Yes, for establishing a flawless connection to operate your solar system at its highest efficiency, you’ll need a solar MC4 connector.

MC4 solar connectors are easy to use devices that can be unlocked just by the simple press and pull out. You can use MC4 spanner for the same.

To crimp an MC4 connector, you’ll need wire cutters, wire sippers, a crimping tool and a connector tool.

A plier with a flat head can work similarly.

Crimping is possible with regular pliers but the quality degrades when compared to the MC4 crimping tool.

Generally, the female connector of an MC4 device is linked with a positive lead though checking the terminals is always recommended.

You can use the MC4 branch connectors to wire the solar panels making a parallel combination.

You’ll need an MC4 crimping tool to crimp the MC4 connectors.

Yes, you can connect several solar panels using MC4 solar connectors.

Solar panels can be connected in any of the two sequences, however, parallel connection is most preferred for it increases the current being generated.

Though MC4 connectors are not necessary, they are extremely effective to increase the overall productivity of your solar system.

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