Kenbrook Solar 2 in 1 MC4 T2 Y Branch Connector for Solar Panels (with 3 Pairs MC4)

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Main Features:

【Heavy Duty 2 In 1 Solar Connectors】Kenbrook Solar T2 branch connector supports Max. Voltage = 1500V DC & Rated Current = 30A. They are ideal for connecting 2 solar panels in parallel and are compatible with all brands and types of solar MC4 connectors.

【High Quality PPO + PPA Material】These 2 in 1 branch connectors are made of high-grade PPO+PA material. The conductor pins are made of copper with tin plated that can operate perfectly under heavy load.

【UV Resistance and Long Life】With excellent aging resistance and UV endurance, they can be used in harsh environments. The estimated life of these connectors are 25-30 years.

【Stable Self-Locking System】The built-in lock makes the connector more stable and secure. The self-locking mechanism keeps the male and female connectors tightly connected to each other for proper operations.

【Waterproof and Anti-Flame】These IP67-rated connectors are waterproof and dust free. The waterproof ring on the connection is ideal for keeping water and dust out and preventing corrosion.


Kenbrook 2 in 1 solar branch connectors are used to connect 2 solar panels in parallel. These connectors are specifically designed to keep your panel configuration’s voltage consistent. Our solar branch connectors are heavier and of higher quality than similar products on the market because we use high-quality materials in their manufacturing.

These T2 solar connectors are waterproof and designed to withstand heavy loads in harsh environments. Kenbrook T2 solar connector always comes in pairs, with one male (MMF) and one female (FFM) connector that can be used without fear of failure for an extended period of time. They are simple and quick to assemble and disassemble.

T2 Connector for solar panel

Technical Specifications of 2-in-1 branch connector with 3-pair MC4 Connector

The detailed specifications of T2 and MC4 connectors are listed below.



Product Name

T2 with 3 Pair MC4 Connector


Kenbrook Solar

Max. Rated Voltage

1500V DC

Rated Current

30 Amps

Contact Material

 Copper with Tin Plated

Insulation Material


Tested Voltage

6KV (50Hz, 1Min)

Contact Resistance


Protection Degree

IP67 (Waterproof)

Flame Class


Suitable For

Parallel Connection of 2 Solar Panels

 Temperature Range

 -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃

Unique Features of Kenbrook Solar T2 With 3 Pair MC4 Connectors:

Features of 2 in 1 solar connector

  • Copper with Tin Plated Contact Material
  • Stable self-locking system
  • Made of anti-flame material
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Waterproof & secure connection
  • Always come in pairs (Male & Female)
  • Best, quick, and effortless connections


These connectors are IP67-rated, which protects them from harmful dust, water and makes them waterproof. Waterproof ring is ideal for sealing water and dust and preventing corrosion.

T2 Connector Feature 1


Kenbrook solar connectors are made of a high-strength PPO+PA material that is resistant to heat and prevents electric shock. These solar connectors are extremely long-lasting and reliable

T2 Connector Feature 2


There is a built-in lock with a self-locking mechanism that keeps the connectors tightly connected. These connectors are very easy to install, just plug into each other and fix them for life.

T2 Connector Feature 3


Our 2 in 1 branch connectors are compatible with all brand’s all types of solar mc4 connectors. These connectors are ideal for connecting solar panels in parallel.

T2 Connector Feature 4

Additional information

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