Kenbrook Solar MC4 Solar Connector for Solar Panel Connection (Set of 10 Pairs)

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Main Features:

【Heavy Duty MC4 Wire Connector】 Kenbrook MC4 Solar Connector Conductor Pins are Made of Copper with Outer Tin Plated. Made of High-Quality PPO + PA material, It makes a rock-solid connection after you crimp the pin with wire, and these are operated perfectly under heavy load.

【UV Resistance and Long Life】 With excellent aging resistance and UV endurance, it can be used in harsh environments. Estimated Life 25 Years.

【Waterproof and Anti-flame】 Once you complete the installation, your joint is waterproof. These solar panel cable connectors with resistance to extra high & low temperatures and are fireproof.

【Compatibility】 These Solar Male/Female Connectors are compatible with different insulation diameters from 2.5mm to 6mm Single and Double PVC Solar DC Wires.

【Package Include】10 Sets of Male and Female MC4 Solar Connectors with Pins. Total 40 Units.


Kenbrook Solar MC4 Connectors are heavy-duty solar connectors, made of high-quality PPO + PA materials for long-term durability. These connectors are specially designed for connecting photovoltaic solar panels with high mechanical requirements.

Our MC4 Connectors make a rock-solid connection once the pins are properly crimped with Solar DC Wire. Kenbrook connectors are more durable compared to other similar products in the market. These MC4 connectors are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy loads up to 1000 Volt – 30 AMP current.

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Technical Specifications of MC4 Connector

The detailed specifications of MC4 connector are listed below.



Product Name

Solar MC4 Connector


Kenbrook Solar

Rated Voltage


Rated Current

30 Amps

MC4 Pin Material

 Copper with Outer Tin Plate

 MC4 Body Material


Waterproof Class


 Flame Class


 Wire Support

2.5mm² to 6mm² Solar DC Wire

 Temperature Range

 -40 ℃ ~ +80 ℃

 Set Type

 Pair (Male and Female with Pins)

heavy duty mc4 connector

Unique Features of Kenbrook Solar MC4 Connectors:

  • Made of High PPO + PA Insulation Material.
  • Quick & simple assembly with MC4 Crimping Tool.
  • Heavy-duty seal ring for better waterproof connections.
  • Compatible with different insulation diameters from 2.5 to 6 sq. mm.
  • Excellent aging resistance and UV endurance, handle harsh weather conditions.



It is always preferable to ensure proper stripping without harming the thickness of wire. Strip the wire around 1.5 cm with any available tool like a paper cutter, wire stripper or cutter. Remove Insulation Properly.

MC4 Installtion Step 1


Crimping of Wire and MC4 Pins is the Most Important Part of the Installation. Always use MC4 Crimping Tool or do soldering for a sparkless connection. WARNING: AVOID LOOSE CONNECTION.

MC4 Installtion Step 2


Insert the crimped wire into MC4 Connector as instructed in the video. Push the wire/pin with force until it makes a small sound. And tight it properly with your hands or use an MC4 spanner (Optional). Plug and Play.

MC4 Installtion Step 3

Additional information

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