Kenbrook Solar MC4 Connector for Solar Panel (10 Pairs)

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  • Mc4 solar connector makes a rock-solid connection after crimping the pin into the wire and tightens the connectors and also
  • There is wide applications range: Compatible with Solar cables with different insulation diameters
  • Waterproof ring on connection and perfect to seal out water and dust to prevent corrosion
  • Quick and simple assembly processing and easy self-locking system which is easy to lock and open
  • Mc4 solar connector is made up of PPO material with excellent aging resistance
  • It perfectly working in heavy loads UV endurance rain, high force winds, and snow for more than 10 years

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Description of Mc4 Solar Wire Connector

  • Solar MC4 Connector 10 Pairs Conductor pin is tinned Copper: made of PPO + PA material, it makes a rock solid connection after you crimp the pin to the wire, and these are operated perfectly under heavy load.
  • We have high quality MC4 wire Connector with long life Lifespan, UV protected and weather resistant.
  • Mc4 solar connector doesn’t need extra instruments for the removal of plugs and removal will not cause any harm to plugs.
  • Male / Female solar Connectors, Compatible with different insulation diameters (2.5mm to 6mm).
  • Package Include: Solar MC4 Connector 10 Pairs with male and female pins (10 piece Male & 10 piece Female). If you are unsatisfied with our product for any reason, just feel free to contact support for exchange or refund. Your Satisfaction is our priority.

Specification of Solar MC4 Connectors

Particulars Description
Maximum Current 45 A for 4
Rated for 1,000 volts max -40 degrees C to +90 degrees C (-40 F to 194 F)
Maximum Working Voltage DC 1500V
Rated Impulse Voltage 8 kV
Test Voltage 6 kV (50 Hz, 1 min)
Upper limit temperature 100 deg C
Maximum operating humidity 5% -95% (No condensation)
Lock mode Self locking
Insertion force ≤90 N
Withdrawal force ≥50N
Degree of Protection IP 67
Mating Contacts Copper, Tin plated
Suitable for 2.5mm² to 6mm²
Voltage 1000V
Suitable Cable 10, 12, 14 AWG [2.5, 4.0, 6.0mm2]
Rated Current 30A
Contact resistance ≤1mmΩ
Pollution degree 2
Flame class UL94-V0
Waterproof Class IP67

Features of Solar MC4 Connectors

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Durable
  • Light weight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Fine finish
  • Protection A grade
  • TUV Certificated
  • Parallel Connection
  • Series Connection
  • Quick & simple assembly processing and simple removal of plugs
  • Compatible with different insulation diameters
  • Double seal ring, better waterproof
  • Connection by the crimping tool
  • Insulation Material: Made of PPO + PA material.


Kenbrook Solar

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