Kenbrook Solar MC4 Connector Spanner Wrench 1 Pair

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* Made with High Quality Plastic for Long Life.

* For quickly connect and disconnect the MC4 connectors

* Package Includes: 2 Pieces (1 Pair) MC4 Solar Panel Spanner

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* DESIGNED – This MC4 spanner is designed for assembling and disassembling MC4 male and female solar connectors.


* DURABLE & EASY – They are durable, easy to use, save time and manpower for installation. The MC4 Tool Kit installs solar connectors easily and accurately.


* SAFE – Easy grip handles with PP and TPR coat for comfortable and safe operating.


* HIGH QUALITY – Kenbrook Solar MC4 Solar Panel Connector Wrench Spanner is perfect locking ensure high quality. It is compatible with all types of MC4 Solar Connectors.


* MATERIAL – High Quality Material used for made up MC4 Solar Wrench/Spanner. Excellent material gives strength and durability. It also makes the spanner flexible and user-friendly.


* COMPATIBLE – It is compatible for all types of male and female connectors. Kenbrook solar spanner’s makes the process of installation very effortless and gives results in very little time.


* PERFORMANCE – It performs the assembly as well as the disassembly of the solar MC4 connector.


* PAKAGE INCLUDE- It comes in set of 2 piece means 1 Pair to connect and disconnect the MC4 connector properly.


Kenbrook Solar

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