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About Solar Mc4 3 in 1 out Connector

Solar mc4 3 in 1 connector are used to connect the solar panels. 3 in 1 out MC4 connectors ensure that the solar panel wire is not accidentally disconnected when cables are pulled. This photovoltaic branch connector set is the perfect solution for connecting any solar panel. They have ability to resist anti-aging and ultraviolet radiation on the out cover. The length of the cable with the connector depends on the customer’s need.

Kenbrook Solar 3 in 1 out Solar MC4 Connector1
Kenbrook Solar 3 in 1 out Solar MC4 Connector1

This is a wonderful solar device for connected solar panels. Solar mc4 3 in 1 connector with a male connector and one has a female connector. This is best for parallel connection they are really easy to install and uninstall, just push it and fix it for a lifetime. They come with an estimated life of 10-15 years, equivalent to the lifetime of your solar panels.

A rivet and lock are used to connect the cable and no additional equipment is required for the assembly or disassembly of the plug. These connectors are suitable for connecting any size of 3 solar panels in parallel. The metal used in these connectors is made from high quality machined copper and seal tip which can ensure excellent electrical contact. Insulation material to protect against electric shock, it is IP67 rated safety degree which makes it waterproof.

Technical Details of Solar 3 in 1 Connector

Particulars Description
Colour Black
Usage/Application Solar
UV Protected Yes
Rated current 30A
Degree of protection IP67
Rated voltage 1000V DC
Flame class UL94-V0
Test voltage 6000V (50Hz, 1min)
Overvoltage category CATIII of MC4 solar cable connector
Suitable class OD4.5-7.0(2.5-6.0mm²)
Contact resistance of plug connector 1.0mΩ
Insertion force/withdrawal force ≤50N/≥50N
Contact material Copper, silver Plated
Connecting System Crimp connection
Insulation material PPO of MC4 solar cable connector
Temperature range -40~+125
Wire size range 4/6mm2
Protection degree IP67
Insulation material PPO
Contact resistance Under 5mΩ
Safety Class
Pin Dimensions Φ4mm
Contact Material Copper, Tin Plated

3 in 1 Solar Connector Suitable for:

Kenbrook solar t3 mc4 connector
Kenbrook solar t3 mc4 connector
  • Parallel Connection of 3 Solar Panels
  • Connection of 2.5, 4 and 6 sq mm DC Cables
  • Current Capacity as Per Wires:
    • 5 mm² (AWG14): 12A
    • 0 mm² (AWG12): 20A
    • 0 mm² (AWG10): 30A
    • 10 mm² (AWG8): 50A

Unique Features:

  • 3 in 1 out solar mc4 connector is best for Parallel Connection of 3 Solar Panels
  • It is very easy to install and uninstall, just push and fix for life
  • 10-15 years estimated life, equal to your solar panels lifespan
  • Copper with Tin Plated Contact Material
  • Made of Anti-Flame Material
  • Waterproof Connection
  • 10-15 Years Estimated Life
  • Insulation material to prevent from electric shock
  • IP 67 rated protection degree makes it waterproof mc4 solar connector

FAQs about Solar 3 in 1 Connector


Question: Can this 10sqm mc4 connector?

Answer: No sir, we recommend 2.5mm, 4mm and 6mm square wire for best result.


Question: What is used in it copper or aluminium?

Answer: Contact material is copper, tin plated.


Question: Will it fit to my solar panel existing mc4 connector?

Answer: Yes sir, it will connect.


Question: Will it fit to 375 watt 24 volt solar panel?

Answer: Yes sir.


Question: I have 350 watts 3 solar panel, so I can use T3 mc4 solar connector?

Answer: Yes you can.


Question: Am planning to buy these connectors. How to remove wire out from old MC4?

Answer: If the wire or connector has burner then you need to cut wire and put a new mc4 connector. You can use a professional mc4 crimping tool to crimp a connector. If old connector is good then try to remove by hand or use mc4 spanner.


Question: What is current rating for this branch connector?

Answer: 40A.


Question: Shall I disconnect and re connect the panels, when location changes? Is this connectors are designed for single use?

Answer: Yes sir you can disconnect and re connect it.


Question: 180 x 3 mono panel’s parallel connection- for around 27.5 amps – how much sq mm dc wire is recommended?

Answer: 6sq mm.


Question: Can we connect only 2 panels and leave one for future use?

Answer: Yes sir you can.


Question: No of Connector (1 or 2) in the package

Answer: There are two connectors in a pack, one is male and another is female.


Question: Can I use 10sq mm DC cable in this connector?

Answer: NO sir.


Question: Can kenbrook solar connector 3 in 1 mc4 solar connector is use for 330w luminous solar panel?

Answer: Yes. You can use with Luminous Panels. Even it supports all brands solar panel.