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Online Store to Buy Solar Panels, Solar Systems & Products in India

We have our branch offices, business associates and dealer network in more than 20 main cities in all over India. For Online Buyers, we deliver and install the complete solar system  within 3 working days in every city of India.

Solar Panel Online store to buy solar products online in india
Solar Panel Online store to buy solar products online in India

Challenges During Buying Solar Products Online:

1) Expert Advice: Before finalising, I need a technical adviser or solar expert. Who will guide and suggest me to buy solar as per my load and electricity consumption?

2) Site Survey: If I order online, the installation of suggested solar system capacity is feasible at the terrace of  my roof or not?

3) Delivery: If I buy online, Who will deliver the complete solar system safely at my home as the chance of broken during transportation is high due to breakable glass item?

4) Installation: If I buy online, who will install the complete system on my rooftop as the installation plays a big part in lifetime performance of solar system?

5) Warranty: If I buy online, who will provide the warranty of solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverters and complete system?

6) Services:  If I Order online, who will provide after sale services and repairing?

These are the major challenges in Buying Solar Systems and Products Online. Lets see the Complete Online Solar Solution KENBROOK provides.

Complete Online Solution for All Your Solar Needs:

Keeping all these challenges in mind KENBROOK has designed a successful system for online buyers,  where customer can place order online and get the system installed within few days. This is the first this type of Online Portal where customer can get Expert Advice >> Site-Survey >> 3-Days-Delivery >> Experienced Installation >> Onsite-Warranty >> After Sale Services.

FAQs About Buying Solar Online:

Who will guide me to choose the solar system as per my load?

There are dedicated trained solar experts from NISE (National Institute of Solar Energy) to answer all questions. For easy understanding, a product video is available with every solar system and product on website and you can also contact through provided contact number.  The complete information will be provided which customer needs to know before buying any product. Experienced Solar Engineers also do site-survey, if you required.

How I can Place Order Online?

“One-Stop Solar Solution on you Fingertips” with array of products that are available with the click of a button. You can place order from your computer, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile. Just go to, on the top of the website, search the product and place the order as you place to other online shopping site.

How can pay Online/Payment-Options?

You can pay through all Debit-Cards, Credit-Cards, Net-Banking, Mobile-Banking etc. Apart from this, loan on Credit Card, Bajaj card is also provided digitally. Rs. 1,00,000 of loan is provided instantly to consumers just need to enter Aadhar number and Pan card at check out page.

How we Deliver the Products to Our Online Buyers?

To deliver product within 3 days, we have partnership with India’s fastest courier service FedEx. Online Buyers aromatically get a Tracking ID after placing order, you can check delivery status online using FedEx tracking id through Mobile or Desktop device itself.

Who will install the Solar System?

If you are buying a complete system with our Online Store, Installation will be provided free of cost on your rooftop thorough your local city experienced and authorised partner.

Who will provide the warranty and after sale services?

We sell online reputed brands on our Online Portal, who commit us to provide service in every corner of India including Luminous, Okaya, Microtek, Schenider etc. So, you will get warranty and after sale services through brand by just calling on provided customer care numbers.