UTL Gamma Plus 3350 rMPPT Solar Hybrid Inverter 3000VA- 24Volt- 50Amp (3kVA 24V)

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Main Features:

【 Built-in rMPPT Charge Controller】Equipped with latest technology >94% high-efficiency rMPPT (maximum power point tracker) charge controller. Controller-based unique design and Pure Sine Wave output with 100% solar panel tracking.

【PV Panel Configurations】It supports 24 volt solar panels and maximum 2000W DC power. Solar Panel Configuration = 315W/320W/325W*6 (6 Parallel) or (2 Series & 3 Parallel) | 390W/425W*5 (Parallel).

【Multi-Colour LCD Display】Multi-color LCD display shows parameters like the battery voltage, charging current, output voltage, input voltage, solar voltage, solar current, the amount of solar power consumed, etc.

【Multi Charging Stages】Comes with multistage charging (Bulk, Absorption, and Float) to increase battery backup while maintaining the gravity and temperature. Compatible with all types of solar batteries (SMF, Gel & Tubular).

【Protections】Overload, Battery Low/High, Output Short Ckt, Battery Reverse (Fuse Blown), Over Heat@90°C ± 10°C, Over/Under frequency, I/P HV, I/P LV, SPV High, SPV Low.


UTL’s 3kVA 24Volt rMPPT-based Gamma+ solar inverter is an integrated all-in-one solar solution, consists of grid charger, inverter, MPPT Solar Charger. It provides an uninterrupted power supply and gives preference to solar power over grid power.

Gamma rMPPT PCU Uniqe Features
Gamma rMPPT PCU Uniqe Features

The inverter comes with 3 priority selection modes– PCU, Smart (Default) & Hybrid. The priority in various modes will be:

  • Smart Mode (Default) – Priority Solar → Grid → Battery
  • PCU Mode – Priority Solar → 50% Battery → Grid
  • Hybrid Mode – Priority for load Grid →Solar →Battery

Useful Tips:

  1. Before installing the inverter, read all of the instructions and warning labels on the unit.
  2. For optimum operation of this Gamma+ solar inverter, please select the appropriate cable size.
  3. Installation and wiring must be done carefully by a qualified person.
  4. Avoid touching the connections while the inverter is in operational mode.
  5. Do not install the inverter on flammable construction materials.
  6. Make sure that the wires are tightly connected to avoid short circuits and overheating.
  7. Before making final connections, ensure that the positive (+) is connected to the positive (+) and the negative (-) is connected to the negative (-).


Technical Specifications of 3kVA 24V Gamma+ Solar Inverter

The accessories and detailed specifications of 3kVA 24V Gamma plus solar inverter are listed below.




3kVA/24V Gamma+ Solar Inverter

Operating DC Voltage


Nominal Output Voltage


Nominal Frequency

50Hz ± 1%

Max. Output Current


Output Waveform




Battery Charging Method

3 Stages (Bulk/ Absorption/Float)


Reset for system ON/OFF, UP, Down, Back, and Enter (For LCD Calibration)

Maximum PV Power Recommended

315/320/325W*6 or 390/425*5 (Parallel) (Total 2000W)

Switching Element


LED Indication

System ON, (IT Mode, SMF/Tub, Boost Chg, DG Mode, Grid Chg) Enable/Disable


Overload, Battery Low/High, Output Short Ckt, Battery Reverse (Fuse Blown), Over Heat @90°C ± 10°C , Over/Under Frequency, I/P HV, I/P LV, SPV High, SPV Low

Operating Temperature

0°C -50°C


#1. rMPPT Based Technology

Equipped with advanced MPPT technology-based solar charge controller. This in-built MPPT charge controller extracts the maximum power from the solar panels, increasing the system’s efficiency.

It provides high-frequency pure sine wave output. This Gamma Plus solar inverter is 30% more energy efficient than other available alternatives in the market.

2000VA gamma solar inverter for home
2000VA gamma solar inverter for home

#2. Power Packed Solar Inverter

Comes with four switches for configuring operations – grid charger, IT Load, SMF/TUB, boost charging, and mode selection.

The DG enable mode allows any of the frequencies to be used as the input source frequency and IT enable mode minimizes the change over time, ensuring that there is no breakdown in the power supply.

2000VA 24V gamma solar inverter
2000VA 24V gamma solar inverter

#3. Multi Colour LCD Display

Multi-colour LCD display and LED indicators for a dynamic display of system data and operating status.

Controller-based design with complete protections including short circuit protection, over-voltage and under-voltage protection, overload protection, reverse protection, etc.

2000VA 24V gamma solar inverter for home
2000VA 24V gamma solar inverter for home

All the electrical parameters, such as battery charging voltage, battery high cut, battery low cut, and battery charging current, can be adjusted manually by the user based on their preferences or needs.

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 50 × 45 × 35 in


UTL Solar

UTL Solar is one of the best solar brands and a manufacturer of all types of solar products including solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries and solar charge controllers. Through its extensive network in India, UTL provides a wide range of high-quality solar products and the fastest after-sale service. UTL is the only brand that offers a complete range of solar solutions under one roof. Its solar solution range includes an on-grid solar system, an off-grid solar system, and hybrid solar system.


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