Eapro 700VA 12V Solar Inverter: PWM Charge Controller

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Main Features:

►Inverter Capacity 700VA 12V & 50A Inbuilt Charge Controller

►Load Capacity: 650 watt

► Solar Panels Capacity: 12V 800 watt

►Battery Supports: Flat Plate, Tubular & SMF

►24 Month Warranty


UseEapro 700VA solar inverter is best solar inverter home and rating is  650Va 12V.

PWM BasedEapro Solar Hybrid UPS has inbuilt real time clock for providing the optimum performance of the solar inverter for maximum power saving with Pure Sine wave (PWM) technology.

PriorityIt is smart solar inverter, it utilize maximum solar power on first priority.

SettingEapro 700VA Solar Inverter setting of important parameters like time, boost battery voltage, solar max charging current, battery low cut voltage etc.

User RequirementThere are 4 different saving levels in this setting as per the requirement of the user which include full time charging from solar and no mains charge etc.

LED DisplayIt shows the Multicolour LCD display for all system parameters

ModeEapro inverter supports dual mode of working, UPS mode (180V to 270V) and Normal mode (90V to 290V)

Battery ProtectionIt has Auto Sensing Software Control (ASSC) smart battery charging technology for longer battery life.

MonitoringEapro solar inverter has remote monitoring and controlling of PCU through Wi-Fi/ LAN/ GPRS/Android App (Optional).

SettingProvision for setting important parameters as per user requirement, e.g., boost time, battery voltage, solar max charging current, battery low cut voltage etc.

Panel SupportIt supports 12V 800wp maximum solar panel power.


  • Capacity : 650VA
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • Inbuilt cooling fan
  • Inbuilt fully regulated charge controller
  • Charge Controller Rating – 50A/12V, with 98% efficiency for fast charging
  • Efficient Current Charging at Low Mains in Normal Mode only
  • Intelligent Battery Charging and Charge Sharing with Mains/Charging by solar power only
  • Dual Charging option: Normal Charging and High Charging
  • Intelligent Multicolour LCD display for all system parameters

Technical Specification

Particulars Description
Capacity 650VA
Nominal battery voltage (VDC) 12V
Charge Controller Type PWM
Charge Controller Rating 50A/12V
Maximum PV Power 800Wp
Rated Output Power (KVA) 650VA
Input Voltage Range (Voc) 23V
Input Voltage Range (VMP) 14.5V -18V
Battery Boost voltage (Adjustable) 14.4V (Default setting)
Battery Low Cut (Adjustable) 10.6V (Default setting)
Grid charging current(Adjustable) 15A (Default setting)
Solar Charging Current(Adjustable) 40A (Default setting)
Dimensions (L*W*H) [mm] 330*325*185 mm (Net Weight 8.38 Kg)
Supported Battery Types Flat, Tubular, VRLA(SMF)

Additional information

Weight 8.50 kg
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 7 in




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