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Lubi Solar AC Solar Stainless Steel Submersible Borewell Pumps

Lubi Solar Pumps

Lubi Solar Stainless Steel Borewell Pumps

Human existence has revolved around the availability of water. Mankind has continuously sought efficient techniques for transportation of water for the expanding populations. Lubi solar borewell pumps has been in operation since the early 60’s continuously working on optimizing the traditional techniques while proactively investing on futuristic technology.

Lubi Solar Pumps
Lubi Solar Pumps

Lubi Solar offers solar pumps backed by state of art technology, designed to provide green and efficient solution for reliable water supply to places with little access to clean water and electricity. The three key components of a solar pumping system are solar pumps, controllers and solar panels. Lubi solar borewell pumps offers all the three components indigenous manufactured at its various facilities in Gujarat and certified to the global standards as defined by the industry The Lubi Solar Pumps shall be functionally classified as given:

  1. Submersible Pumps

    1. Centrifugal Pumps ( AC and DC both)
    2. Helical Pumps (DC Only)
  2. Surface Pumps

    1. Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps.
  3. RANGE:

    1. Maximum flow: 540 cubic mtr/day
    2. Maximum head: 463 metres
    3. Rating: 0.5 to 20 hp ( 0.37 kW to 15 kW)

    1. Flood irrigation of small fields
    2. Drip irrigation for farms
    3. Cattle Watering
    4. Water supply Villages
    5. Schools, Hospitals and Homes


– Highly energy efficient assembly

– Robust galvanized steel mounting structure for longer service life

– Automatic controller incorporating dynamic MPPT control technique, Efficiency of 98%

– Comprehensive protection against under/over voltage and dry run for longer pumping life



The investment decisions for solar pumps are governed by the initial capital outlay, which generally is quite high compared to other conventional energy installations. Going by the fractions, the cost of Lubi solar borewell pumps ownership of diesel engine driven pump is just 5 % of the total operations cost and maintenance cost. Solar pumping systems when compared to diesel engines cost much higher initially. The operations and maintenance cost amount to only minuscule contributions. Typically, solar pumps offer a break even in cost within 4 to 6 years depending on site conditions, post which the operations costs comes to practically zero.

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