Hari Sharan

About Hari Sharan

Hari Sharan: Also known as Harish, is a professional SOLAR ENERGY EXPERT with 8 years+ experience in site analysis, ROI, design, engineering, supply and complete project development. He is actively involved in Lead Generation through Digital Marketing, Sales and Business Development Strategies. He started solar career as a passion and empowered 1000+ homes in India by helping them to "Use Solar, Save Environment & Save Money"

Lubi Solar Pumps
INTRODUCTION Human existence has revolved around the availability of water. Mankind has continuously sought efficient techniques for transportation of water for the expanding populations. LUBI Pumps has been in operation since the early 60’s continuosly working on optimizing the traditional techniques while proactively investing on futuristic technology. LUBI offers solar […]

Lubi AC Solar Stainless Steel Submersible Borewell Pumps