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What Is Solar Rooftop?

A solar rooftop system is also known as photo-voltaic solar power system, rooftop PV system and solar power system etc. It is basically a solar system in which solar panel is mounted on the rooftop of a residential or commercial building. These solar systems are low cost and cheap alternative of electricity generation and therefore they are becoming popular day by day. A rooftop system has various solar components such as solar panel, solar battery, solar inverter, solar panel mounting structure, several cables and other solar accessories.

Reduce your bills with solar system
Reduce your bills with solar system

Roof mounted solar systems are mostly of small size solar systems as compared to ground mounted solar system. If we see, than these solar systems are available from 1kW capacity to 20kW capacity. Rooftop systems are a great choice for those peoples who are facing the problem of expensive electricity and heavy bills.

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Types Of Solar Rooftop

Rooftop solar systems are mainly available in three types. These solar photo-voltaic systems are different on the basis of their features. However, all solar system performs the same work as they all are installed to generate electricity through solar panel.

Let’s have a look over all type of solar systems to know the difference between them.


On Grid Solar Rooftop

on grid system for home
on grid solar rooftop

In an on grid rooftop system, solar panels generate the electricity from sunlight through photo-voltaic effect. This system allows you to send excess or unconsumed electricity to the electricity grid. This PV rooftop system is suggested to them whose electricity bills are very high. By supplying excess amount of electricity to the grid, they can reduce their electricity bill.

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Off Grid Solar Rooftop

Off grid home solar system
Off grid solar rooftop

An off grid solar photo-voltaic rooftop system is also known as battery based or stand-alone solar system. In this type of rooftop system, you will get solar battery that allows you to store excess or unconsumed electricity in them. This stored power further can be used at the time when the solar panel is not generating power during night or rainy day.

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Hybrid Solar  Rooftop

Hybrid Solar Power System
Hybrid Solar Rooftop

A hybrid rooftop system is basically a mixture of on grid solar power system and on grid solar power system. In this solar photo-voltaic rooftop system, you can store additional power in the solar battery and after your solar battery got fully charged then you can supply electricity to the utility grid.

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Applications of Solar Rooftop

A rooftop solar system is used at many places nowadays or we can say that it has a wide scope of solar applications. Because it is a low cost source of power generation for long time, so it is mostly used in following applications as mentioned below.

Let’s have a look over these applications in brief.


Solar Rooftop For Home

Solar system for home
Solar system (rooftop) for home

Solar power systems are like as a compulsion for a home today. In home solar system, solar panel get installed on rooftop of your house or your residential building. Mostly home rooftop systems are installed between 1kW solar system to 20kW solar system capacity. The electricity generated through these system is used to power home appliances such as TV, fan, AC, computer etc.



Institutional Solar Rooftop

Institutions too are second to none in the sense of rooftop system. You must have seen solar rooftop installation on the roof of many organizations. An institutional solar system allows you to power your institutional appliances on solar power without using electricity grid. These rooftop systems are continuously being installed on schools, colleges, hospitals, NGOs etc.


Commercial Solar Rooftop

Commercial rooftops
Commercial rooftop

A solar system is also applicable on commercial areas as they can also get installed on the roof of a commercial premises. For commercial rooftops, solar systems are available from 20kW solar system capacity to 100kW solar system capacity. The electricity generated through a commercial photo-voltaic rooftop system is used to power factory lightings, manufacturing machines, office appliances and many more.

Solar Rooftop Subsidy Scheme

To promote solar rooftop system in India, government is also providing subsidy on these solar systems. As you know, solar system is a little bit heavy kind of investment. Therefore to provide financial help or relaxation to people, Indian government is providing 30% to 90% subsidy on solar panel through many state solar department and noddle agencies. There are also many other solar subsidy schemes offered by government. If you want to read in detail about these schemes, than visit at: subsidy on solar panel.

FAQs About Solar Rooftop

What is solar rooftop system?

A rooftop system is a modern system that has the ability to generate electricity itself. This solar system is installed on rooftop of a commercial or residential building. A rooftop system includes solar panel, solar battery and solar inverter along with other accessories.


How many solar panels do I need to install in rooftop system?

The quantity of solar panel depends upon what capacity solar photo-voltaic rooftop system you are installing. As in 1kW solar system, 3 nos. of 335 watt solar panel is required.

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What is the backup time of 3kW solar rooftop system?

The actual battery backup of solar battery depends upon your power requirement and operational time. But as an average solar batteries in 3kW solar system can provide you up to 6 hours for 800 watt aggregate load.

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What will be the cost of installation for rooftop PV solar system?

The cost of a solar rooftop installation will vary according to the capacity of a solar system. To know about exact installation cost of a particular capacity/size rooftop system, you can contact us.


What is the subsidy rate on home rooftop system?

Government is providing 30% to 90% subsidy on solar according to your installation purpose. However, subsidy rates is not same for all states so it is little bit different to say about exact subsidy rates. You can contact us or your state solar department for more information.


What is the cost of 3kW and 5kW rooftop system?

A 3kW solar system will cost you around Rs.2,23,289 while a 5kW solar system will costs you around Rs.3,89,189.


What accessories do I get in a rooftop system?

In a photo-voltaic rooftop system you will get solar panel, solar battery, solar panel mounting structure, wires and solar inverter along with other solar accessories.


What does a 10kW solar system can run?

A 10kW solar system can run almost all appliances of your home of office. You can run TV, fans, computer, fridge, AC, refrigerator and other appliances till the limit of 8000 watt easily.

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How do I buy a rooftop system?

For buying solar rooftop system for your home, office, institution and industry, you can contact us. You can also buy it from our online solar store.

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Author: Bhanwar Chauhan
Updated On: 24/07/2021