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A solar street light is a great alternative to the conventional lights for being highly efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly. Solar street lights are a complete package of several solar components that work together to illuminate your premises to secure them.

An 18 watt solar street light comes with specially designed luminaries that provide an energy efficient and cost effective solar street light solution. The in-built solar battery is highly efficient and provide long backups.

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Furthermore, there are smart sensors that regulate the regular opeartions of these solar lights. Therefore, a solar street light provides an environment friendly as well as economical alternative to light up streets and roads, highways, compounds, parks, boundary walls, car parking areas, military and civilian security installations. It helps to create a safe surrounding environment to increase people’s outdoor night activities.

The complete details of 18 watt all-in-one solar street light is given below along with its price and specifications. So it’s worth spending 5 minutes reading this article.

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Buy solar panels online at best price
Buy solar panels online at best price

#1. 18 Watt Solar Street Light

Solar street lights come in a wide range of capacity variants. An 18W solar street light is among the most popular capacities used all across the country.

It is an independent lighting system that consists of a pre-installed solar panel, in-built lithium solar battery, solar charge controller (inbuilt), LEDs and other small solar accessories. An 18 watt solar street light allows the customers to illuminate a considerable outdoor area at an affordable price.

This solar light is equipped with dusk to dawn sensor that is smart enough to manage all the regulations significantly. It turn the lights on and off accordingly when it’s dark.

18 watt solar street light
18 watt solar street light

18 Watt Street Light

2,999(Inclusive of all taxes)
  • High Lumen LED Bulbs
  • No Grid Electricity Require
  • Inbuilt Dusk to Dawn Sensor
  • Easily Operatable via Wifi Remote
  • Light Weight & Easy to Install
  • Delivery - Within 7 Days

#2. 18W Solar Light Specification

An 18 watt all-in-one solar street light is a combination of commendable specialities such as low cost, reliability, great backup and more. Besides, there are many specifications as well. All of them are listed below.

Solar Light18 Watt
Solar Panel (Pre-Installed)5V 7W
Solar Battery (In-Built)12Ah
LED Bulb112 Nos.
Charge Controller12 volt inbuilt
Charging Time6-7 Hours
SensorDusk to Dawn inbuilt
AccessoriesWifi Remote & Nut-Bolt
Backup Time1 Night
ProtectionIP65 Waterproof
Warranty1 Year
Delivery7 days
Selling PriceRs. 2,999 (Inclusive of all taxes)

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#3. Feature & Benefit of PV Light

An 18 watt street light is designed to provide maximum possible benefits to its user. It is a better source of light that uses consistently bright LED lamps to provide attractive features and benefits.

There are several high-end components equipped possessing the state of the art technology and a sleek and aesthetic designation. Have a look at the detailed features of the gadget to know more about it.

18 Watt Solar Light
18 Watt Solar Light

Features of 18 Watt Solar Street Light

#1. All-In-One Solar Street Light

An 18W solar street light possesses the best-integrated design with modular production. It is ready to use solar device and comes with pre-installed solar panel and solar battery. In addition, the colour of light rays emitted is pure white, natural white or cool white.

#2. An In-Built High Efficiency Solar Charge Controller

With an 18W solar street light, you get an inbuilt solar charge controller. Hence, there is no need to worry about battery overcharging, deep discharging or any other current fault. 

#3. Equipped With Highly Efficient Solar LED Bulbs

The world is turning to LED lights over the conventional watchdogs for LED emitting consistent and constant radiations to illuminate the required area. It does not flicker like sodium lamps. 

#4. Inbuilt Motion and Light (dusk to dawn) Sensor

The motion sensor is the most lucrative feature of an 18W solar street light. This sensor senses the intensity of the light and gets turned On and OFF automatically when required. It also increases the intensity by sensing movement in the area. 

#5. High-Quality Battery and Solar Panel

An 18W solar street light comes with a 12Ah deep discharged solar battery and pre-installed high efficient solar panel. As a result, the device guarantees 80% lumens even after being operated on for 50,000 hours.

#6. High-Efficiency Management

The lights are designed in a way to provide thermal and electronic heat management. It is certified with IP65 waterproof protection and has a pressure die-cast aluminium body for improving LED life. And finally, it is based on the reuse, reduce & recycle theorem.

Benefits – Advantages of 18W Solar Light

Since an 18W solar street light is a feature-packed device, it offers a plethora of benefits to its users. During the daytime, solar panels generate electricity harnessing sunlight and storing it in the battery. At night, this electricity is used for illuminating the outdoor area.

The different designs, technical specifications and excellent quality of the lights cater to the benefit of all including the user, seller and the environment. Let’s see how:

  • You can install this solar light anywhere from equator to polar region.
  • It consumes 40% to 60% less energy for illumination.
  • 18 watt solar street light is cheap and easy to access solar product.
  • It comes with an integrated package and is easy to install.
  • It contains no mercury and is not harmful for eyes and health.
  • Best and reliable source of illumination.
  • It reduces your dependency on government electricity.
  • Only one time investment for a long time period.
  • Zero cost of running with no dependency on power outages.
  • Enhanced security with huge battery backup.
  • Easy to maintain and highly durable.
  • Self-contained environmentally friendly solution.

#4. Top Brands of 18W Solar Light

A solar product is best when purchased from the best brand. The brand is a guarantee of a best in class product with high efficiency. Hence, if you have decided to buy an 18W solar street lighting system, make sure that it is from the top solar brand. 

Here we are listing some of the top solar brands that provide you with the best quality solar products including solar street lights at affordable prices. The top most solar light brands are as mentioned below. 

#1. Patanjali Solar

With a vision of developing the country emphasising the Make in India projects, Patanjali Solar has set its foot in the solar market as well. It has manufactured a huge variety of solar products including a wide range of solar street lights. Its 18W solar street lights are highly popular for being productive, reliable and affordable simultaneously. 

#2. Havells Solar

Havells solar manufactures one of the most innovative ranges of solar products with its state of the art technology. It has an aesthetically designed collection of solar street lights. Havells provides high quality street lights for your outdoor premises or roads. These street lights help you to save money on your electricity bills by using the power of the sun.

 #3. Philips Solar

Philips is one of the most popular illumination brands across the country. Through its solar solutions such as solar street light, it is trying to provide a less expensive, healthier and eco-friendly lighting system. Philips is also engaged in two major LED solar street lighting contracts for UPNEDA (Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency) and MANIREDA (Manipur Renewable Energy Development Agency).

 #4. Moser Baer

Moser Baer solar company provides a plethora of solar street lights options to its customers to choose from. The superior technology with which the lights are designed makes them unique and the best among its alternatives. Another reason to buy a Moser Baer solar street light is its affordability. 

#5. Amrut Energy

Amrut energy or Amrut solar is also one of the biggest suppliers of solar street lights across India. The lights are of excellent quality, require negligible maintenance, use supreme quality raw material and employ a highly skilled team of professionals to operate the manufacturing process.

Frequently Asked Question

The distance between the two solar lights should be around 12 to 15 meter.

Solar lights comes with Dusk to Dawn inbuilt sensor. This sensor will automatically turn the light ON at evening and it will automatically turn the lights OFF at morning.

Dusk to Dawn sensor is like an artificial intelligence. It is a sensor that turn the light on in night and automatically turn them off at mornings.

In 18 watt solar light, you will get polycrystalline solar panel.

Learn more about: Polycrystalline Solar Panel.

Yes, you can install either monocrystalline solar panel or polycrystalline solar panel in 18 watt solar street light according to your continence.

This 18 watt solar street light will cost you around Rs.2,999.

You will get an inbuilt 12Ah solar battery with this 18 watt solar street light.

In 18 watt solar street light, the height of the pole will be 5 meter.

Yes, if you know the installation process than you can do it by yourself. Otherwise you should contact for a solar expert.

Yes, there is 1 year warranty on this solar street light.

For buying solar street light in any capacity, you can contact us. You can also visit at our online solar store for the same.


Top Solar Brands in India

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