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A 9 watt street light is an environment-friendly, green and carbon-free method of outdoor lighting. It is used for many purposes. 9-watt photo-voltaic street light has high energy efficiency and it acts as centralised security for many streets.

The solar panel absorbs the sunlight, converts it into the form of electricity and supplies power to the lighting resources to illuminate a particular outdoor area.

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Solar PV street light
Solar PV street light

The extra electricity produced by the panels is stored in the batteries equipped and is utilised at night when solar energy generation is not possible. Mostly, a solar street light is mounted on the lighting structure or integrated on the pole itself. 

The complete details of 9 watt solar street light is given below along with its price and specifications. So it’s worth spending 5 minutes reading this article.

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Buy solar panels online at best price
Buy solar panels online at best price

#1. 9 Watt Solar Street Light

A 9 watt solar street light is a lighting system composed of a high efficiency solar panel, lighting fixture, inbuilt solar battery and a pole. It is used to illuminate streets in rural as well as urban areas without being connected to the electricity grid.

The light is small in size hence highly compatible. Consequently, it is the best option for illuminating small outdoor areas at an affordable price and high efficiency.

Solar Street Light Price
9 Watt Solar Street Light

9 Watt Street Light

12,000(Inclusive of all taxes)
  • High Lumen LED Bulbs
  • No Grid Electricity Require
  • Inbuilt Dusk to Dawn Sensor
  • Light Weight & Easy to Install
  • Delivery - Within 7 Days

#2. 9W Solar Light Specification

This 9-watt solar street light is a well designed solar street light.  It provides sufficient and low-cost illumination for years with minimum maintenance.

Other than this, a 9 watt solar photo-voltaic street light comes with many great specifications that are as follows.

Solar Light Capacity9 Watt
Solar Panel50 Watt Panel
Solar Battery40 Ah
LED Bulbs9 nos.
GI Pole5 Meter
Solar Charge Controller12 volt (Inbuilt)
SensorDusk to Dawn (Inbuilt)
AccessoriesPanel Structure, wires, connectors, nut-bolts etc.
Backup TimeUpto 24 Hours
Warranty2 year for complete system & 25 year for solar panel
DeliveryWithin 7 working days
Selling PriceRs.12,000 (Inclusive of all taxes)

#3. Feature & Benefit of PV Light

The proper illuminating device of high-efficiency, a 9W solar street light provides a perfect solution to plenty of outdoor lighting requirements including parking lots, recreation areas, roadways, streets, gardens etc.

There are a lot of features and benefits associated with it. The material is of premium high quality and the technology used is highly advanced. Besides, the most important features of a 9W solar street light are discussed below in detail.

12w Solar Street Light
9 Watt Solar Street Light

Features of 9 Watt Solar Street Light

#1. Highly Productive LED Bulbs

A 9 watt solar street light has high lumen LED bulbs with a guarantee of 80% lumens. The consistency won’t change even after 50,000 hours of operation.

#2. Dusk to Dawn Sensor

The light is equipped with an in-built sensor that senses dusk and dawn and regulates the system on and off accordingly. 

#3. Appreciative Designation

A 9W solar street light has the best-integrated design. Equipped with modulation production, the colour of light produced is pure/cool white. Besides, there are lenses made of PMMA that are of high-quality optical grade.

#4. High-Efficiency Solar Panel

The solar panels used to generate electricity are of the highest efficiency. They are highly productive to produce electricity throughout the day.

#5. Advanced Solar Battery

This 9W solar light is equipped with a solar battery having a deep discharging feature. It stores the electricity produced and supplies power to the lighting source at night when harnessing solar energy is not possible. 

#6. An Inbuilt Solar Charge Controller

With a 9W solar street light, you get a well-organised solar charge controller to protect your battery and hence the entire system.

Benefits – Advantages of 9W Solar Light

A 9W solar street light has proved to be an extremely beneficial source of solar light. Besides being of ample importance to nature and the environment, the light is pocket-friendly. It is among the smallest sizes and hence, it can be a great tool to trial solar energy.

  • Consume 40% to 60% less energy for illumination.
  • 9 watt solar street light is easy to maintain and access.
  • It is lightweight and easy to install
  • Reduces your dependency on the utility grid.
  • It contains no mercury, therefore it is not harmful.
  • Cheap and low cost source of illumination.
  • Only one time investment for a long time period.

#4. Top Brands of 9W Solar Light

Now that you know a lot about a 9W solar street light along with its benefits and features, you must be introduced to the best brands to ensure a high-quality product. Here we are listing some of the top solar brands that provide you best solar products along with solar street lights at affordable prices.

The top most solar light brands are as mentioned below.

#1. Patanjali Solar

With an initiative of providing electricity access to the remotest area of the country, Patanjali Solar has designed a wide variety of solar gadgets including solar street lights. The innovatively designed 9W solar street light is highly productive and more reliable than its alternatives.

#2. Havells Solar

Havells solar is one of the major solar street light manufacturers with state of the art technology. Havells provides high quality street lights for your outdoor premises or roads. These street lights are effective enough to save a good amount of money on your electricity bills by using solar energy.

#3. Philips Solar

Philips is one of the most popular illumination brands across the country. Through its solar solutions such as solar street lights, it is trying to provide a less expensive, productive and eco-friendly lighting system. The system is great at bringing light to remote areas without demanding electricity.

#4. Moser Baer

Moser Baer solar company uses superior technology to manufacture solar street lights. The best reason to choose this brand is their quality solar products at an affordable price range. Hence, it is the best option for purchasing a solar street light as well. 

#5. Amrut Energy

Amrut energy or Amrut solar is also one of the biggest suppliers of solar street lights across India. It is an Ahmedabad based company which manufactures high quality solar street lights and other solar products. The solar street lights from Amrut are more than 95% efficient.

Frequently Asked Question

You will get 50 watt solar panel along with the 9 watt solar street light.

Yes, this solar street light is specifically designed to work even in extreme weather. So it will definitely work even it is cloudy outside.

In 9 watt solar street light, you will get a solar battery of 40 Ah.

In solar street lights, mostly polycrystalline solar panel is used. Because their efficiency is almost consistent in every weather.

9 watt solar street light is available at Rs.12,000.

Solar street light is available in many capacities and models. The various capacity of solar street light is as mentioned below.

Yes, there is 2 year warranty for complete system and 25 year warranty for solar panel as well.

In 9 watt solar power street light, solar battery will provide you around 18 to 24 hours backup.

In this solar street light, you will get 5 meter long GI pole.

For buying solar street light in any capacity or model, you can contact us. You can also visit at our online solar store for the same.

Top Solar Brands in India

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