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A solar street lighting system is a composition of solar panel, solar battery, solar charge controller and other solar accessories. It is a device that can light up a particular outdoor area to ensure the security of your premises.

A 15W solar street light is the need of every remote area that needs light for security. This capacity of solar street light is the right choice for lighting small parking areas and gardens.

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Solar PV street light
Solar PV street light

Its dusk to dawn smart feature helps to reduce the unnecessary usage of solar power stored in solar batteries which further helps to provide more backup.


  • A 15-watt solar street light can be used as a street light as well as a garden light. 
  • However, solar light is widely used in street and roads, residential areas, industrial areas, parks, playgrounds and other public areas where you need light after evening. 
  • It helps create a safe surrounding environment that will increase people’s outdoor night activities.

The complete details of 15 watt solar street light is given below along with its price and specifications. So it’s worth spending 5 minutes reading this article.

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Buy solar panels online at best price
Buy solar panels online at best price

#1. 15 Watt Solar Street Light

15-watt capacity is the most popular type of street light. In 15-watt solar street lights, you will get 75-watt solar panels and 60 Ah solar batteries. It comes with an inbuilt intelligent sensor control system which helps to operate and switch the light ON and OFF.

12w Solar Street Light
15 Watt Solar Street Light

15 Watt Street Light

17,000(Inclusive of all taxes)
  • High Lumen LED Bulbs
  • No Grid Electricity Require
  • Inbuilt Dusk to Dawn Sensor
  • Light Weight & Easy to Install
  • Delivery - Within 7 Days

#2. 15W Solar Light Specification

This 15 watt solar street light is specially designed by solar experts to provide maximum possible illumination for a long time at affordable prices with minimum maintenance requirement. Besides, this solar street light has other great specifications that are mentioned below

Solar Light Capacity15 Watt
Solar Panel75 Watt
Solar Battery60 Ah
GI Pole5 Meter
Solar Charge Controller12 volt (Inbuilt)
SensorDusk to Dawn (Inbuilt)
AccessoriesPanel Structure, wires, connectors, nut-bolts etc.
Backup TimeUpto 24 Hours
Warranty2 year for complete system & 25 year for solar panel
DeliveryWithin 7 working days
Selling PriceRs.17,000 (Inclusive of all taxes)

#3. Feature & Benefit of PV Light

There are many great features as well as advantages of 15W solar street lights. Let’s have a look over its features and advantages one by one.

Features of 15 Watt Solar Street Light

#1. Highly Efficient

A 15W solar street light is a well-performing lighting system that is adequate to lighten up a considerable outdoor area with high-intensity rays. The solar panel is also of high efficiency. Besides, it is certified with IP65 waterproof protection. 

#2. Inbuilt Solar Charge Controller

A 15W solar street light comes with an inbuilt high-efficiency solar charge controller that secures the battery of your system and regulates the proper flow of energy. 

#3. Aesthetic Design

The lights are built with a high-quality aluminium alloy designation. It has the best-integrated design with modular production. Consequently, they look great and add value to your property. The colour of light is pure/natural/cool white. 

#4. Motion Sensor

There is an inbuilt motion sensor that senses light and adjusts the intensity accordingly. This way, the electricity does not get wasted. Also, it comes with automatic ON and OFF switches.

#5. Advance Components

A 15W solar street lights come equipped with high lumen LED bulbs. It comes with a deep discharge solar battery and high-quality optical grade PMMA made lenses. Also, there is an 80% lumens guarantee even after 50,000 hours of operation.

Benefits – Advantages of 15W Solar Light

Solar gadgets are eco-friendly. They conserve the environment, reduce electricity costs and contribute to the benefit of nature. Besides, a 15-watt solar street light is a great money saver. It reduces the cost of several devices and services and provides the users with the following benefits. 

  • 15 watt solar light can be installed from the equator area to the polar region.
  • It consumes 40% to 60% less energy for illumination.
  • 15 watt solar street lights are easy to maintain and access.
  • Comes with an integrated package and is also easy to transport.
  • It reduces your dependency on government electricity.
  • It contains no mercury and is not harmful for eyes and health.
  • Cheap and low cost source of illumination.
  • Only one time investment for a long time period.

#4. Top Brands of 15W Solar Light

When it comes to buying solar products, the brand that has manufactured the products plays an important role in determining the efficiency of the lights. The performance, output and durability of a 15W solar street light are subject to the brand.

Here we are listing some of the top solar brands that provide you with quality solar products along with world-class solar street lights at affordable prices. The top most solar light brands are as mentioned below.

#1. Patanjali Solar

Patanjali Solar is a popular solar brand that offers the best quality solar products including a wide variety of solar street lights. The 15-watt solar street lights from Patanjali Solar are the most trusted, eco-friendly and highly affordable lighting solution. 

#2. Havells Solar

Havells solar is one of the major solar street light manufacturers that offer premium quality devices designed with state of the art technology. Havells provides high quality street lights for your outdoor premises or roads

#3. Philips Solar

Philips is one of the most popular illumination brands across the country. Through its solar solutions such as solar street lights, it is trying to provide a cheaper, healthier and eco-friendly lighting system. 

#4. Moser Baer

Moser Baer solar company uses superior technology to manufacture its wide range of solar street lights. The best reason to choose this brand is their quality solar products at an affordable price range. 

#5. Amrut Energy

Amrut energy or Amrut solar is also one of the biggest suppliers of solar street lights across the Indian subcontinent. It manufactures A-grade quality solar street lights that are highly efficient along with several other solar products.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, 15 watt solar street light is specifically designed to work even in extreme weather. So it will definitely work even it is cloudy outside.

In 15 watt solar street light, you need around 60 Ah solar battery.

Yes, this solar street light can be used anywhere at roadsides as well as home purpose also.

This 15 watt solar street light will cost you around Rs.17,000.

Yes, you can install either monocrystalline solar panel or polycrystalline solar panel in this solar street light according to your convenience.

Know more about: Types Of Solar Panel.

This solar PV street light can be installed anywhere. You can use it for schools, residential areas, parks, play grounds, commercial purpose etc. These solar lights can also be used at road sides and national highways as well.

Solar lights comes with Dusk to Dawn inbuilt sensor. This sensor will automatically turn the light ON in evening and it will automatically turn the lights OFF in the morning.

Once the solar battery will fully charge than they can provide you around 18 to 24 hours backup.

Yes, there is 2 year warranty for complete system and 25 year warranty for solar panel as well.

For buying solar street light in any capacity, you can contact us. You can also visit at our online solar store for the same.

Top Solar Brands in India

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