3kW Luminous Solar System for Homes and Shops (Mppt)

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3kW Luminous solar system with 3kW Mppt PCU, 4 nos. x 150Ah solar battery, 9 nos. x 335 watt solar panel, GI structure included complete accessories. Included GST, transportation and Installation.

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3kW Luminous solar system with MPPT PCU & battery

3kW Luminous off grid solar system is complete solar COMBO with 9 nos. X 335 watt solar panel, 3kW mppt solar PCU, 4 nos. X 150 Ah solar battery, mounting structure, wires, nut-bolts and other solar accessories that can run basic load of your home, business, school etc.

3kW Luminous solar system can run 8 LED lights + 2 fans + 1 ton solar AC (or) 8 LED lights + 4 fans + 1 cooler + 1 fridge (or) 2000 watt any type of load. This 3 kilowatt solar system can run up to 3000 watt maximum load. It requires approx. 18 sq. mt area for installation.

List of Equipment in 3kW MPPT Luminous Solar System

In 3kW solar system, there are some important parts or equipment like solar panel, solar inverter & solar batteries that are used for installation. The complete list of these equipment is as below:

Luminous Solar All Products
Luminous Solar All Products
Solar Panel9 x 335 watt
Solar Battery4 x 150 AH
Solar PCU3kW
Mounting StructureGI (8 Panels)
DC Wire Meter 40 x 4 Sqm
ConnectorsYC & MC4

✔ Including complete kit accessories as per standard.
✔ Included GST, transportation (Delhi NCR) & installation.
✖ No hidden charges.

Technical specifications of 3kW MPPT Solar System

Luminous Solar Panel

3kW solar system comes with 9 nos. X 335 watt solar panel. A 335 watt Luminous solar panel is a 24 volt solar panel, made of high quality silicon cells. The conversion efficiency of solar cells in 335 watt solar panel is > 18%. These 9 nos. X 335 watt Luminous solar panel can generate up to 12 units over a full sunny day.

luminous mono panel
luminous mono panel
BrandLuminous Solar
Panel ModelLum-335W
Rating335 Watt
Volt24 Volt
Panel TypeMono-Crystalline
Warranty25 Years

Know more about working, types, comparison and pros & cons: Solar Panel 


Luminous Solar Battery 150Ah (4 nos.)

Luminous 150 Ah solar battery is top most choice and also highest selling battery model in India. Luminous solar batteries are designed specifically to connect with any solar inverter. This 150 Ah battery will provide you upto 4-8 hours backup. A 150Ah solar battery is C10 rated battery that can store 1800 watt power in it when it is fully charged.

Luminous 150Ah Solar Battery
Luminous 150Ah (4 nos.)  Solar Battery
Battery ModelLPT12150H
Rating150 AH
Volt12 Volt
Battery TypeLead Acid
Warranty5 Years

Know more about types, models, price and brands: Solar Battery 


Luminous Solar MPPT PCU (3kW)

3kW Luminous solar PCU is single phase solar PCU that comes with inbuilt Mppt charge controller (Input Voltage 80-165 Voc) that can extract upto 30% more power from solar panels. It is a smart PCU that can operate both grid and solar power. It comes with inbuilt isolation transformer to protect from grid surges and noise. 

2kW Luminus PCU
Luminos MPPT PCU
PCU BrandLuminous
Rating3000 watts
PCU TypeSine Wave
Warranty2 Years


Battery Backup of 3kW Luminous Solar System

Luminous solar batteries are designed to provide at least 4 to 8 hours power backup to its consumers. Solar batteries by Luminous are C10 batteries, specially designed for solar applications. Power backup on 3kW watt solar system depends upon the running load and electric combinations. Luminous solar batteries can provide backup according to load capacity as below:

If LoadBack-up Time
2000 watt4 hours
1000 watt8 hours
500 watt12 hours

To know more about working, pros & cons and all detail about visit: Off Grid Solar System.

Read more about Luminous Solar.

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Updated On: 24/07/2021


Luminous Solar

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