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About Top Solar Panel Brands

“What are the top solar panel brands that we can trust?”  It is very common question among those who are going to install a solar system. Basically, a solar panel is a major component of solar system which absorbs sunlight and convert it into electricity.

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You must have often seen people confused about the top solar panel brands. It happens because of improper knowledge about top solar brands. A solar panel should be effective, cheap and reliable.

Top solar panel brands
Top solar panel brands

There are few top solar panel brands that provides all of these features in their solar panel. Here are some of the top solar panel brands that most often associated with best/top solar panel according to various categories. These ranking may be different as per solar expert’s experiences and their opinion.

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Top Solar Panel Manufacturers

This is the first category to classify the top solar panel brands or manufacturer by their manufacturing capacity. They are as mentioned below.

Rank Solar Brands Manufacturing Capacity
1. Vikram Solar 1.1GW
2. Adani Solar 1GW
3. Usha Shriram Solar 550MW
4. Waaree Solar 500MW
5. Emmvee Solar 500MW

Vikram solar is the biggest manufacturer of solar panel with 1.1 gigawatt production capacity per annum. Solar panels by Vikram solar are high efficiency and reliable panels. Vikram solar panels are also most selling solar panels in solar market.


Adani solar is at number two with approx.1 gigawatt per annum production capacity. The company is a solar panel manufacturing unit of Adani Group of Industry. Also it is India’s second largest solar photo-voltaic cell and panel manufacturer.


Usha Shriram Solar manufacturer is at number three. Solar panel by Usha solar are completely reliable solar product. They are also one of the best solar panels on the basis of their performance, durability and reliability.


Waaree solar is also one of the top solar panel manufacturer. The annually production capacity of Waaree solar is around 500 megawatt. The company also provides other solar products along with EPC services, project development, rooftop solutions, and solar water pumps.


Emmvee solar provides both types of solar panel i.e. monocrystalline solar panel and polycrystalline solar panel. The company was founded in 2007 as a manufacturing unit. But over the time it become one of the top solar company with high performance solar panel.

Top Solar Panel By Efficiency

Not only on the basis of manufacturing capacity but we also compare all the solar panel on the basis of their efficiency too. According to the efficiency of solar panel, the most efficient solar brands are as following.

Rank Solar Brands Solar Panel Efficiency
1. Sun Power 21.5%
2. Panasonic 21.4%
3. LG 21.4%
4. Canadian Solar 20.9%
5. Hanwha Q CELLS 20.7%

SunPower Solar is a reputed name and brand in the field of solar power. If we compare the efficiency of all solar panel brands then SunPower Solar tops the list. The efficiency level of solar modules by the company is highest i.e. around 21.5%.

Panasonic is also not far than the topper’s list. With approximately 21.4% efficiency rate, Panasonic solar and their solar module is at number second. The efficiency level of Panasonic solar panels are just a little bit less than SunPower solar panels.

At number three, it is LG solar panel with around 21.4% efficiency. However, solar panels by Panasonic and LG are equally efficient. So it is little bit difficult to give them a proper rank. If you are looking for one of the most efficient solar panel than you can either choose Panasonic or LG solar panel.

Canadian Solar also manufacture high efficiency solar panel. The efficiency level of Canadian solar panel is around 20.9%. These solar panels can be good choice for those who want to install solar panels to get high power generation or output at their places.


Hanwha Q CELLS are also one of the most efficient solar panel manufacturer. The efficiency of these solar panels are around 20.7%. These solar panels are best choice for home solar system as well as commercial solar systems.

Top PV Panel By Temp. Coefficient

Temperature coefficient is also one of the most important factor when we compare top solar panel brands. Any physical change in solar panel due to environmental temperature will be temperature coefficient for solar panel.

Rank Solar Brands Temperature Coefficient
1. Panasonic -0.26
2. REC Group -0.26
3. SolarTech Universal -0.26
4. SunPower -0.29
5. LG -0.30

Panasonic solar panels are the least affected solar panel. It means weather the temperature is high or low, there is less possibility of any physical damage to solar panel. Rather than its temperature coefficient feature, Panasonic solar panels are also best for their efficiency level.

Solar panels by REC Group manufacturer is also very good in performance. The rate of temperature coefficient of these solar panel are around -0.26. These solar panels are also best in extreme weather conditions.


SolarTech Universal Solar is at number three. However, the temperature coefficient rate of SolarTech Universal, REC Group and Panasonic is almost equal. But it again creates further confusions for peoples. So it is not reasonable to place all the solar brands at first place.


SunPower Solar is at number four in this category. Solar panel of the same company were ranked first in terms of efficiency, but if we talk about the temperature coefficient, then in this case the solar brand slips to number four.


Again at number five, it is LG solar panel brand. The temperature coefficient rate of these solar panels is nearby around -0.30. These solar panels by LG are also very less affected by the temperature factor. So they are idle solar panel for home or business installations.

Top Solar Panel By Warranty

Warranty is a major and one of the big factor that can affect our buying decision. However, almost all solar panel manufactures provide around 25 year warranty for their product. Let’s have a look below to compare top solar brands.

Rank Solar Brands Warranty Period
1. Tata Power Solar 25 Years
2. Usha Shriram Solar 25 Years
3. LG & Panasonic 25 Years
4. Vikram Solar 25 Years
5. Adani Solar 25 Years


As you can see, in this category Tata Power solar brand stands at first number. Similarly, Usha solar at second, LG & Panasonic is at third, Vikram Solar is at forth and Adani Solar is at fifth number. However, all of these solar brands provide equal warranty of 25 years on their solar panel. But on the basis of their after sale services, we are listed then as above.

Top Solar Panel Brands By Experts

Here it is a list of top solar panel brands on the basis of their overall performance. These ranking is given by solar experts after analyzing all aspects of these solar panels.

Rank Solar Brands
1. Panasonic
2. Tata Power Solar
3. LG
4. Usha Shriram Solar
5. Vikram Solar

At number one, it is Panasonic solar panel. Panasonic solar brand is number one among all solar brands. It is best in quality, highly efficient and most reliable solar panel. But here is also a disadvantage of this solar brand. It is expensive than other solar brand.

With great efficiency, reliability, and reasonable prices, Tata solar brand is at number two. Tata solar panels are most selling solar panels in India. Also Tata solar is best in their after sale services. Tata solar panels are easily available in the market. Anyone can buy and install them.


LG solar brand is at number three. LG solar panels are also one of the top solar panel with high efficiency, most reliability and great after sale services. LG solar panels are also little bit expensive solar panel compare to Tata and other solar brands.


Usha Shriram solar panels are best solar panel to be install at home or business. These solar panels are extremely efficient, less affected by temperatures and many more. Usha’s solar panel is available in market at very affordable prices.


Vikram solar brands is also one of the top solar panel brand. It has the highest manufacturing capability. Solar panels by Vikram solar are completely reliable, affordable in price and also great in efficiency.

Best Solar Panel For Home

If you are still confuse that which solar panel brand you should choose for your home than have a look below. We are providing top solar panel brand list for home installations.

Rank Solar Brands
1. Tata Power Solar
2. Panasonic
3. Usha Shriram Solar
4. LG
5. Vikram Solar

If you are looking for home solar system than Tata solar panel should be your first choice. Tata solar is a reputed solar panel brand that provides around 25 year manufacturing warranty to its user. Also Tata solar panels are cheaper than other solar brands with great features.


Panasonic solar panels are at number two in the sense of home solar installations. However, Panasonic solar panels are best solar panels but they are little bit expensive compare to other.


Usha solar panel are well known solar product in solar field. These solar panels are best for home solar system. They are highly efficient, less expensive, not more affected by high temperatures and reliable solar panel.


LG solar panels are also top most choice home solar installations. Solar panel by LG is consistent power generator even in extreme weather conditions. But they have also the same disadvantage as Panasonic solar panels have. These solar panels are also little bit expensive.


Vikram solar is a reliable solar brand which is providing solar panel since long time. Vikram solar panel is also great options for those who are looking for efficient solar power solution and want to install solar system at their home or other places.

Top Solar Brands in India

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Author: Bhanwar Chauhan
Updated On: 24/07/2021