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About Top Solar Inverter Brands

A solar inverter is an important component of a solar system. There are many top solar inverter brands that are providing best quality solar inverter and other solar products at very affordable prices. People often get confused about which inverter they should buy for their home of office. So here we will discuss about top solar inverter brands.

Top solar inverter brands
Top solar inverter brands

If we talk about an inverter’s quality feature than it should be cheap, efficient and reliable. On some such basis, we have compare all the solar inverter brands. After comparing them we arrange them according to their ability. Have a look below to know about top solar inverter brands.

Top 5 Solar Inverter Manufacturer

This is the first most desire of many people to know that what are the top manufacturer of solar inverter.  So we have a list of top solar inverter manufacturer below.

Rank Solar Brands
1. Delta Solar
2. SMA Solar
3. ABB Solar
4. Fronius Solar
5. Sofar Solar


Delta solar is India’s top solar inverter brand and manufacturer. It is the first one to cross the milestone of 1 GW+ rooftop installations. Delta solar provides both home and commercial solar inverters. Its inverter is available in RPI-home & commercial series, utility series and hybrid series.


SMA solar is second biggest solar inverter manufacturer after Delta solar. Its most popular solar inverter model is Sunny Boy. SMA solar inverters are best option for those who are looking for reliable and consistent performer in the field of solar power.


ABB solar manufacturers are third in this series. This solar inverter is cost-efficient and powerful solar solution to power your places. ABB inverters are available in single phase and three phase as well. Experience the power sun with ABB’s great solar inverter models.


Fronius solar is also one of the top solar manufacturer. Its solar inverters are unique snap-in design which make the installation process easy. Fronius inverters are designed with an integrated solar DC isolator eliminate.


Sofar solar is a subsidiaries of Sofar Group in China. It also deserve to stand in the list because it manufactures a large number of solar inverter worldwide. Sofar solar inverters are available from 1kW to 7.5kW (residential purpose), 10kW to 70kW (commercial purpose).

Top Solar Inverter By Efficiency

When we compare top solar inverter brands together, than it is not enough to compare them on the basis of their manufacturing capacity. Therefore, it is a list of top solar inverter brands according to their efficiency.

Rank Solar Brands
1. Delta Solar
2. ABB Solar
3. Havells Solar
4. Sofar Solar
5. Luminous Solar


Delta solar inverter is not only number one in manufacturing capacity but it is also at the forefront of efficiency of inverter. If you are looking for most efficient solar inverter than you can go for Delta solar inverter. These solar inverters are equally efficient for home and commercial use.


ABB solar inverters are second in the list when it comes to their efficiency. It manufactures micro, three-phase string and central inverters. These inverters are best alternative to regulate the voltage and to provide power for solar appliances.


Havells solar inverter are one of the most efficient solar inverter. These solar inverters are popular because of their maximum efficiency rate. Havells solar provides durable, extreme quality material at very affordable cost.


Sofar solar inverter are fourth in the list. These inverter works very efficiently and also can be install at home or industry. Sofar inverter are able to work under extreme weather conditions. For those who want to install an efficient solar inverter, can go for Sofar solar inverter.


Luminous is a leading solar brand that provides many solar equipment including solar panel, inverter and solar battery. Solar inverter by luminous are extremely efficient, therefore Luminous sands here. Luminous solar inverters are reliable, durable and low cost solar solution.

Top 5 Solar Inverter By Experts

After manufacturing capacities and efficiencies, it is now the turn to put solar inverter in order according to the recommendation of solar experts. Look below to see their ranking in their recommended order.

Rank Solar Brands
1. Luminous Solar
2. Microtek Solar
3. Havells Solar
4. Usha Shriram Solar
5. Delta Solar


Luminous solar inverter is the top most choice of solar expert also. These inverters are best in quality, cheap in cost and reliable solar option for home and business. Luminous solar inverter comes in on grid, off grid and hybrid model.


Microtek solar inverters are at number two. If you are looking for best solar inverter than you can also choose Microtek solar inverter. Microtek is a well-known brand that offers solar product since a long time.


Havells is also one of the top most choice of solar experts. This solar inverter is able to supply high voltage for a long time. If you are looking to install a reliable solar inverter at your industry than you can choose Havells solar inverter.


Usha Shriram solar are also committed to provide premium quality solar inverter to provide best possible benefits. Solar inverter and other solar products by Usha solar is available at very reasonable prices. Therefore these solar inverter are best according to experts.


Delta Solar is also one of the top solar brand according to solar experts. These solar inverters stands at number five. You can get a better experience by installing this solar inverter. These inverter provides high voltage of electricity for high power usage.

Top Solar Inverter For Home

If you are still confuse that which solar inverter you should buy for your home than have a look below. We have listed top solar inverter for home below.

Rank Solar Brands
1. Delta Solar
2. Luminous Solar
3. Microtek Solar
4. Usha Shriram Solar
5. Havells Solar


Delta solar inverter is number one solar inverter for home use. If you want a reliable and consistence solar inverter than you should install Delta solar inverter.


Luminous solar inverter is also one of the most selling and top most choice of many people across the world. These solar inverter is best to use for home and other places.


Microtek solar inverter is a great option for those who are looking top solar inverter to install at their home. These solar inverter are highly efficient and also cost efficient.


Usha solar inverter have the ability to provide maximum power from the solar panel. If you are looking for an efficient solar inverter than you can go for Usha solar inverter.


Havells solar is the most trustable solar brand in India. These solar inverters are easy to install, maintenance and access. You can also go for Havells solar inverter if you are looking for reliable solar inverter.

Top Solar Brands in India

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Author: Bhanwar Chauhan
Updated On: 24/07/2021