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About Solar E-Rickshaw

Solar e-rickshaw is a new means of transport and advanced technology that blends solar energy with mechanics. In simple words, solar e-rickshaw is a three wheeler powered by solar energy, suitable for short distances. Its popularity is rapidly growing in India, due to low running and initial cost with other economic and environment benefits.

This vehicle uses solar power to drive the motor by converting sunlight with the help of solar panels. A solar panel consists of several solar cells that convert the sun’s energy directly into electric energy. The term solar vehicle generally means that solar energy is used to power all or part of that vehicle. Solar e-rickshaw is promoted as a green rickshaw because it did not contribute in global warming as it does not emit harmful gases.

Solar E-Rickshaw
Solar E-Rickshaw

Mostly e-rickshaw are made in fiber glass or metal bodies. Travelling by solar e-rickshaw can be a great fun. It is an exciting way of exploring any country although at a slow pace. Rickshaw rides are as attractive as other modes of travel. These vehicles take you in or around the city.

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How Solar Rickshaw Works?

Why to use solar battery
How Solar Rickshaw Works?

If you are confused that how can a rickshaw be powered by solar energy, than we are here to tell you. A solar rickshaw comes with a solar panel and an inbuilt solar battery. This solar panel is pre-installed on the roof of that solar rickshaw. Basically, a solar panel consists of small solar cells. To form a solar panel, these solar cells fitted in aluminum frame. The work of solar panel is to make electricity by absorbing sunlight. Solar batteries store this electricity on their own. Later, this solar energy is used to supply power to the rickshaw motor that drives the rickshaw.

Features of Solar E-Rickshaw

Solar e-rickshaw is designed to provide maximum possible benefits to its users. It comes with many great features. Its detailed features are as mentioned below.

Particulars Description
Rickshaw’s Body Weight 150 to 180 Kgs. (Including all items)
Maximum Speed 20 to 35 km/hr.
Maximum Sitting Capacity 4 + 1 (Including driver)
Battery Type Deep Discharge Lead Acid
Battery Charging Time 5 to 7 hrs. (Approx.)
Mileage/Average 60 to 90 km/charge

Note: Above mentioned points are just an average figures. These features may vary according to model and brand of various solar e-rickshaw.

Cost And Profit Analyzation

The cost, price and earning is a major concern of any solar product. Here we are providing a detail financial comparison between electric rickshaw and solar e-rickshaw. Let’s have a look below to learn and understand about it.

Particulars Electric Rickshaw (Amount in Rs.) Solar E-Rickshaw (Amount in Rs.)
Initial Cost -160000 -226000
Yearly cost of energy purchasing -18250 -8087
Yearly fare collected with (30 trip per day with 4 passenger) @10 INR +438000 +438000
Yearly maintenance cost @ 10% of initial cost -18000 -18000
Yearly battery replacement cost -23000 -16000
Driver compensation with 15000 INR per month -180000 -180000
Saving at the end of first year +32750 -17130
Yearly saving without considering the initial cost of rickshaw +192750 +208870

Note: Above mentioned amounts are just an average figures. These amounts will vary according to model, brand of solar e-rickshaw and the city in which you are using it.

Pros & Cons of Solar E-Rickshaw

After analyzing various aspect of solar e-rickshaw, now its turn to explore its pros and cons, i.e. its advantages and disadvantages. They are as mentioned below.

Pros & Cons of Solar Panel
Pros & Cons of Solar Rickshaw

Pros – Advantages

  • 40% less energy consumption cost.
  • Comes with high efficiency solar panel.
  • Noise free medium of traveling.
  • Great source of income generation.
  • Very low maintenance and running cost.
  • More mileage/average compare to normal rickshaws.
  • Pollution free solar electric vehicle.

Cons – Disadvantages

  • Little bit more expensive than normal rickshaw.

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Author: Bhanwar Chauhan
Updated On: 24/07/2021