Eapro 1700VA 24V 50A Solar Inverter Inbuilt PWM

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Main Features:

►Inverter Capacity: 1700VA 24V & Inbuilt PWM 50A Solar Charge Controller

► Solar Panel Capacity: 1450 watt 24V

►Load Capacity: Run up to 1450VA load, that may include 4-5 fans, 10-15 led lights, TV, inverter fridge etc.

►Battery Supports: Flat Plate, Tubular & SMF

►LED Display: Display all Parameter

►DSP Sine Wave True Hybrid RTC (Real Time Clock) technology based solar inverter.


【UseSolar battery refers to devices that store the energy generated from a solar panel for later use. Solar battery designed to connect with solar charger controller and solar inverter for power backup. All types of solar systems run connected loads in sunlight during the day and export solar batteries with additional power off grid solar systems and hybrid solar systems. Solar batteries serve to store energy generated from solar panels during the day. They save energy in the form of DC energy and hence, you will need a power inverter to convert DC energy into AC energy.


【TechnologyEapro 1700VA solar inverter is best solar inverter home. Its rating is 1450VA 24V 50Amp and best for solar applications. This Solar inverter has pure sine wave technology PWM.


【PriorityEapro solar inverter is smart, it utilize maximum solar power on first priority.


【Monitoring】Eapro solar inverter has a function in which customer can remote monitoring and controlling of PCU through Wi-Fi/ LAN/ GPRS/Android App (Optional).


【SettingImportant parameters as per user requirement like boost time, battery voltage, solar max charging current, battery low cut voltage etc.


【Panel LoadIt supports 1450 watt maximum solar panel power.


【As per User Requirement SettingThere are 4 different saving levels in this setting as per the requirement of the user which include full time charging from solar and no mains charge etc. Eapro 1700VA  Solar Inverter setting of important parameters like time, boost battery voltage, solar max charging current, battery low cut voltage etc.

Technical Specification

Particulars Description
Capacity 1700VA
Nominal battery voltage (VDC) 24V
Charge Controller Type PWM
Charge Controller Rating 50A/24V
Maximum PV Power 1600Wp
Rated Output Power (KVA) 1450VA
Input Voltage Range (Voc) 46V
Input Voltage Range (VMP) 29V -36V
Battery Boost voltage (Adjustable) 14.4V (Default setting)
Battery Low Cut (Adjustable) 10.6V (Default setting)
Grid charging current(Adjustable) 17A (Default setting)
Solar Charging Current(Adjustable) 40A (Default setting)
Dimensions 405*370*260 mm
Weight 14.9Kg
Supported Battery Types Flat, Tubular and SMF


  • Rated AC power: 1700VA 24V 50A.
  • Charge Controller Rating – 50A/24V with 98% efficiency for fast charging.
  • Efficient current charging at low mains in normal mode only.
  • High Power new generation MOSFET capable of handling high inrush/surge current.
  • Intelligent Multicolored LCD display for all system parameters.
  • Inbuilt cooling fan and fully regulated charge controller.




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