3kW Luminous On Grid Solar System Price for Home

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Main Features:

3kW Luminous on grid solar system with 3kW solar inverter, 9 nos. x 335 watt monocrystalline solar panel, GI structure included complete accessories. Included GST, transportation and Installation.


3kW Luminous on grid solar system with inverter

3kW Luminous on grid solar system is a complete solar COMBO with 9 nos. X 335 watt solar panel, 3kW (single phase) on grid solar inverter, ACDB/DCDB, mounting structure, wires, nut-bolts and other solar accessories that can run basic load of your home, business, school etc.

3kW Luminous on grid solar system required 18 sq. mt area for installation and comes with 5 year warranty for complete system or 25 year warranty for solar panel. 30% subsidy on benchmark cost along with net metering facility is also applicable on this solar system. You will get the delivery within 3 days from the date of placing an order and we will get it installed in next 3 days form the date of delivery.

List of Equipment in 3kW Luminous On Grid Solar System

In 3kW solar system, some major parts or equipment like solar panel, solar inverter & ACDB/DCDB etc. are used for installation. The complete list of these equipment is as below:

Luminous Solar All Products
Luminous Solar All Products
Particular Description
Solar Panel 9 x 335 watt
Solar Inverter 1 x 3kW (1 Phase)
DCDB 1 Box
ACDB 1 Box
Earthing 3 Nos
Lightning Arrestor 1 No.
Mounting Structure GI (9 Panels)
DC Wire Meter  50 x 4 Sqm
AC Wire Meter  20 x 6 Sqm 2C
Connectors 10 x MC4

✔ Including complete kit accessories as per standard.
✔ Included GST, transportation (Delhi NCR) & installation.
✖ No hidden charges.

Technical specifications of 3kW On Grid Solar System

Luminous Solar Panel

3kW on grid solar system comes with 9 nos. X 335 watt solar panel. Luminous 335 watt solar panel is highest capacity model in 24 volt monocystalline solar panel range. The efficiency level of this 335 watt mono solar panel is > 18%. It can generates upto 8 amps current. The dimension of Luminous 335 watt solar panel is 6.4 feet * 3.2 feet.

luminous mono panel
luminous mono panel
Particular Description
Brand Luminous Solar
Model Lum-335W
Rating 335 Watts
Volt 24Volt
Panel Type Mono-Crystalline
Warranty 25 Years

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Luminous Solar On Grid Inverter (3kW)

Luminous 3kW on grid inverter is a powerful inverter that converts DC electricity into AC electricity efficiently. This type of solar inverters are also known as on grid solar inverter which can works without battery. Luminous 3kW on grid solar inverter ensures that in the event of a blackout, the inverter will shutdown to prevent the line workers who are fixing the power grid. 
Luminous 3kW on grid solar inverter
Luminous 3kW on grid solar inverter
Particular Description
Brand Luminous
Inverter Model NXI330
Rating 3000 watts
Volt 120-200V
Inverter Type On Grid
Warranty 25Years

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Electricty Generation by 3kW On Grid Solar System

A 3kW solar on grid system by Luminous is specifically designed to provide maximum power. It can produce 12 unit over a day when it is full sunny outside. So accordingly you can see its generation capacity below.

Particular Average Generation (Units)
Daily 12 Units
Monthly 360 Units
Yearly 4320 Units


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Author: Hari Sharan
Updated On: 24/07/2021

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