3kW Luminous On-Grid Solar Panel System

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Complete Luminous On-Grid System with 3kW Solar Inverter, 9 x 335 watts Mono Crystalline Solar Panels, GI Structure including complete accessories as per standard. Including ✔  Tax, ✔Transportation, ✔ Installation. (✖ No Hidden Charges).

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3kW Luminous On-Grid Solar Panel System:

3kW Luminous Solar On-Grid System is a complete Solar COMBO with Solar Panels, Solar On-Grid Inverter, ACDB, DCDB, Structure, Wires, Nut-Bolts and Complete accessories to to run your total connected load of home, business, school etc.

Area Required: 18 squire meter.

Warranty: 5 years for Complete System. / 25 years for Solar Panels.

Delivery and Installation: Delivery within 3 days from date of order/Sanction. / Installation within 3 days from the date of delivery.

Net-Meter and Net-Metering:  Yes, Net-Metering is applicable on this system.  Net-Meter Cost is Included in the Price. / Documentation will be done by our company.

Govt. Subsidy:  Yes, 30%  Govt. Subsidy on benchmark cost will be direct to Customer. Documentation for the subsidy will be done by Our Company.

List of Equipments with 3kW On-Grid Solar System:

Particulars Discription
Solar Panel 9 x 335 watts
Solar Inverter 1 x 3kW 1P
DCDB 1 Box
ACDB 1 Box
Earthing 3 Nos
Lightning Arrestor 1 No.
Structure GI (9 Panels)
DC Wire Meter  50 x 4 Sqm
AC Wire Meter  20 x 6 Sqm 2C
Connectors 10 x MC4

✔ Including complete kit accessories as per standard.
✔ Including Tax, Transportation, Installation.
✖ No Hidden Charges.

Technical Specifications of 3kW On-Grid Solar System:

Specifications of 335w * 9 Luminous Solar Panels:

Particulars Discription
Solar Panel Make Luminous Solar
Solar Panel Model Lum-335W
Solar Panel Rating 335 Watts
Solar Panel Volt 120-500Volt
Solar Panel Type Mono-Crystalline
Solar Panel Warranty 25 Years

Specifications of 3kW Luminous Solar On-Grid Inverter:

Particulars Discription
Solar Inverter Make Luminous
Solar Inverter Model NXI330
Solar Inverter Rating 3000 watts
Solar Inverter Volt 120-200V
Solar Inverter Type On-Grid
Solar Inverter Warranty 25Years

Electricty Generation by 3kW On-Grid Solar System (Units):

Particulars Average Generation
Daily 12 Units
Monthly 360 Units
Yearly 4320 Units


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Luminous Solar

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Arun Dev Sinha

    This Solar System saves around 4200 units per year for me.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    RK Mathur

    10/10 perfect solution.

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