Kenbrook Solar 15W Solar Street Light Inbuilt Battery

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Main Features:

Kenbrook Solar 15W solar street light with 1 nos. X  60 watt solar panel, 17 Ah (11.1V) solar battery (inbuilt), PMW solar charge controller (inbuilt), dusk to dawn sensor (inbuilt), GI pole and other complete accessories. Included GST, transportation and installation.


15W Solar Street Light with Inbuilt Battery

15 watt solar street light is extreme quality solar street light that provide you cool/natural/pure white illumination to experience a new world. This solar light comes with 1 nos. X 60 watt solar panel, 17AH/11.1V (173wh) lithium-ion battery, 36 to 48 nos. of best quality LED bulbs, solar charge controller (inbuilt), 1 pole and solar panel mounting structure along with other solar accessories that provide you high quality illumination for long time.

A 15 watt solar light can illuminate 10 to 12 meter area where it is get installed. For its installation only 2 feet X 2 feet shadow free area is required. This solar street light is a best alternative to provide outside illumination for a long time with high energy efficiency. A 15 watt solar street light can be used for many purpose such as sidewalks, roadside illumination, schools & other institutions, gardens, playgrounds and many more.

List of Equipment in 15W Solar Street Light

There are some major equipment or parts in 15 watt solar street light that comes along with the street light. These parts includes solar panel, solar battery, solar charge controller, LED bulb and other solar accessories. The complete list of these equipment is as mentioned below:

usha solar street lighting
Kenbrook solar street light
Particular Description
Solar Panel 1 nos. X 60 watt
Solar Battery 17 Ah (11.1V)
LED Bulbs 36 to 48 LEDs
Solar Charge Controller 12V PMW (Inbuilt)
GI Pole 5 Meter
Solar Accessories Mounting structure, wires, light arm, nut- bolts etc.

✔ Including complete kit accessories as per standard.
✔ Included GST, transportation (Delhi NCR) & installation.
✖ No hidden charges.

Technical specifications of 15W Solar Street Light

Solar Panel

A 15 watt solar street light comes with 60 watt polycrystalline solar panel. 60 watt solar panel is 12 volt panel that is consistence performer in a solar street light. A poly crystalline solar panel is made out of a number of silicon. The silicon crystals are melted together to form the wafer of polycrystalline solar panel.

Particular Description
Brand Kenbrook Solar
Solar Panel 60 Watt
Volt 12 Volt
Panel Type Polycrystalline Panel
Warranty 25 Years

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Solar Battery (17Ah inbuilt)

A 15 watt solar street light comes with 17 Ah solar battery (inbuilt). This solar battery will provide you power backup when the solar panel is not generating electricity i.e. at night and during cloudy days. It is a lithium-ion battery with 11.1 volt rating for long backups and high efficiency. Kenbrook solar provides minimum 2 year warranty for its solar battery in a solar street light.

Particular Description
Brand Kenbrook Solar
Rating 17 Ah
Volt 11.1 Volt
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Backup 18 to 24 Hours
Warranty 2 Years

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Additional Specifications of 12W Solar Street Light

Solar street light is specially designed solar street light with great specifications to provide maximum possible benefits to its user. It is a semi-integrated solar light that comes with quality features and additional specifications. If we talk about its additional specification, then then they are as mentioned below.

Particular Description
Solar Charge Controller 12V PMW (Inbuilt)
Lumen Output 130 ISOL/W LEDs used
Luminance 1200 (80 luminance/watt)
Auto Dimming Inbuilt automatic time sensor to 40% power after half an hour
Dusk to dawn sensor Automatic dusk to dawn sensor (Inbuilt)
PIR Motion Sensor Light will glow in full bright mode for first half hour. After half an hour, light will dim to 40% power and motion sensor will activate for detection of motion. If any motion is detected in 12 m area around the light, it will glow in full bright mode for 2 min, after that it will come to 40% power
PCB- Installation Solder free

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Author: Akhil Sharma

Updated On: 25/07/2021


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