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Nowadays, inverter is used in all the houses which acts to regulate the electrical voltage. But do you know that you can convert your existing inverter into solar inverter? Yes, don’t be surprised. Now you can make your existing inverter in solar inverter. Today we have become very modern and converting any normal or existing inverter to solar inverter is now as easy as just a pinch.

How to converter normal inverter into solar inverter

To convert the normal inverter into solar inverter, we need a solar conversion device called “Solar Charge Controller“. With the help of solar charge controller, we can also use our existing or non-solar inverter in a solar system. Let us know how solar charge controller works.


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How To Convert Existing Inverter Into Solar Inverter

For converting an existing inverter into solar inverter, you need to install a solar conversion kit i.e. solar charge controller. A solar charge controller is basically a small size solar device that connects between solar panel and inverter.

A solar charge controller has an inverter plug-in-slot. You just need to attach your inverter with solar charge controller. Further it also connects with your solar battery. A solar charge controller can upgrade your existing home or office inverter to solar inverter.

After installing solar charge controller, all you need is solar panel and solar battery. This device allows its user to go solar without spending heavy money.


Why To Convert Existing Inverter Into Solar Inverter?

Many people thinks that why should they convert their existing inverter into solar inverter? Let us tell you that there are a number of benefits of converting an existing inverter into solar inverter. Solar energy is a cheap and clean source of illumination and electricity compare to grid electricity. Solar energy is generated by solar system in the form of DC electricity. In a solar system, solar panel is used to absorb the sunlight and solar inverter is used to regulate the passing voltage.

We cannot use normal inverter instead of a solar inverter in a solar system. Because solar inverter has inbuilt function that converts DC power into AC power. While a normal inverter is not able to convert DC power into AC power. This power conversion is important because mostly in our homes we cannot serve DC power directly to run our electrical appliances. Therefore in a solar system only solar inverter is required.

Benefits Of Converting An Existing Inverter Into Solar Inverter

There are a number of benefits that you get after converting your existing inverter into solar inverter. Let’s have a look over these benefits in short.

  • Helpful in reducing high electricity bills.
  • No need to purchase solar inverter separately for a solar system.
  • Perform both function of normal inverter and solar inverter simultaneously.
  • Solar inverter block the reverse current flow from solar battery to solar panel.
  • Best alternative to generate electricity at your own place.
  • A solar inverter ensure the safety of solar panel and solar battery as well.
  • Less expensive than purchase a new solar inverter.
  • A solar inverter helps to increase the life of a solar battery and it also prevent the battery from overcharging.
  • Optimum use of old existing inverter.
  • No need of critical wiring, just add a solar conversion kit and your existing inverter will become solar inverter.

Types Of Solar Conversion Kit

There are not many types of solar charge controller in the market. A solar charge controller is available only in three different types or technologies. These different types are as mention below.

MPPT Solar Conversion Kit

MPPT solar charge controller is one of the best way to convert your existing inverter into solar inverter. Basically MPPT stands for maximum power point tracker. It not only converters a normal inverter into solar inverter but it also helps to extract maximum power out of a solar panel. These charge controller are highly efficient as their efficiency rate is approx. 96%.

MPPT Solar Conversion Kit Price

Solar Conversion kit ModelSelling Price
Smarten MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V-24V  30 AmpsRs.5,100

PWM Solar Conversion Kit

PWM (pulse width modulation) solar charge controller also has the ability to convert tour non-solar inverter into solar inverter. This solar charge controller is cheaper than MPPT solar charge controller. The efficiency rate of a PWM solar charge controller or solar conversion kit is around 70%.

PWM Solar Conversion Kit Price

PWM Solar Conversion Kit Model (Luminous Solar)Selling Price
6 amps, 12 volt Charge controllerRs.570
10 amps, 12-24 volt Charge controllerRs.1,050
20 amps, 12-24 volt Charge controllerRs.1,800
50 amps, 48 volt Charge controllerRs.8,350
50 amps, 96 volt Charge controllerRs.12,150
50 amps, 120 volt Charge controllerRs.15,000

Microtek Solar Conversion Kit Price

PMW Conversion Kit Model (Microtek Solar)Selling Price
30 amps, 12 volt Charge controllerRs.1,520
30 amps, 24 volt Charge controllerRs.1,800
60 amps, 12 volt Charge controllerRs.2,280
60 amps, 24 volt Charge controllerRs.2,650

Retrofit Solar Conversion Kit

retrofit solar charge controller is one of the best and also an upgraded version of charge controller. This solar conversion device allows your existing inverter to behave like a solar inverter. A retrofit solar charge controller is smarter than any other kind of charge controller.

Luminous Retrofit Solar Conversion Kit Price List

Retrofit Solar Conversion Kit ModelSelling Price
1220 Luminous Shine Retrofit1,400
2420 Luminous Shine Retrofit1,800
3650 Luminous Shine Retrofit2,950
4850 Luminous Shine Retrofit5,800
9650 Luminous Shine Retrofit8,400
 12050 Luminous Shine Retrofit11,500

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Updated On: 28/09/2021

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