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Nowadays, an inverter is used in all the houses which acts to regulate the electrical voltage. But due to the increasing electricity prices, many of them are looking for a better alternative. If you are among those people who want to reduce their electricity bill along with saving the environment from pollution, here is some good news for you. With certain technology, you can make your existing inverter a solar inverter. 

Converting any normal or existing inverter to solar inverter is now as easy as just a pinch. Now you can go solar with your existing inverter and enjoy the benefits of completely clean and green energy.

How to converter normal inverter into solar inverter
How to converter normal inverter into solar inverter

To convert the normal inverter into solar inverter, we need a solar conversion device called “Solar Charge Controller“. With the help of solar charge controller, we can also use our existing or non-solar inverter in a solar system. 

In this article you will get an answer to your questions and queries about converting existing inverter into solar inverter. Read carefully to know about the possibilities, technologies, and solar devices for making your normal inverter a solar inverter.

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Buy solar panels online at best price
Buy solar panels online at best price

#1. How To Convert Existing Inverter Into Solar Inverter

For converting an existing inverter into a solar inverter, you need to install a solar conversion kit i.e. solar charge controller. A solar charge controller is basically a small size solar device that connects between solar panel and inverter.

The solar charge controller has an inverter plug-in-slot. You just need to attach your inverter with a solar charge controller. Further it also connects with your solar battery. These simple steps can upgrade your existing home or office inverter to a solar inverter.

Hence, for converting your normal inverter to a solar inverter, you will need to introduce two main components to the system (In case, they are not already installed). These are solar panels and solar charge controllers. Or you can go with a solar conversion kit that has every component necessary for conversion. 

#2. Why To Convert Existing Inverter Into Solar Inverter?

A normal inverter is a simple device that only deals with alternating current i.e grid electricity. On the other hand, a solar inverter is a more advanced device that utilizes solar energy.

Solar energy is a cheap and clean source of illumination and electricity compare to grid electricity. It is generated by the solar system in the form of DC electricity where a solar panel is used to absorb the sunlight and a solar inverter is used to regulate the passing voltage.

Why to convert existing inverter into solar inverter
Why to convert existing inverter into solar inverter

Since a normal inverter can’t deal with DC power, we can’t use it in a solar system. That is why we need a solar inverter to work on the solar energy. A solar inverter has inbuilt features to convert DC power into AC power for the solar system.

In simple words, for converting the solar power into electrical power we need a solar inverter instead of normal inverter. This power conversion is important because in our homes we cannot serve DC power directly to run our electrical appliances.

#3. Benefits Of Converting An Existing Inverter Into Solar Inverter

There are a number of benefits that you get after converting your existing inverter into solar inverter. Let’s have a look over these benefits in short.

  • Helpful in reducing high electricity bills.
  • No need to purchase solar inverter separately for a solar system.
  • Perform both function of normal inverter and solar inverter simultaneously.
  • Block the reverse current flow from solar battery to solar panel.
  • Best alternative to generate electricity at your own place.
  • Ensures the safety of solar panel as well as solar battery.
  • Less expensive compare to purchasing a new solar inverter.
  • Increase solar battery life and prevents it from overcharging.
  • Optimum use of old existing inverter.

#4. Types Of Solar Conversion Kit

A solar conversion kit allows your home electrical system to manage and regulate the electricity generated by the solar panels in the form of DC. It is basically a connection between solar panels and the regular inverter. A solar conversion kit can use different technologies to function.

On the basis of these technologies, the kits are categorized into three main types. These different types are as mentioned below.

#5. MPPT Solar Conversion Kit

MPPT solar charge controllers work on the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology. It not only converts a normal inverter into a solar inverter but it also helps to extract maximum power out of a solar panel. These charge controllers are highly efficient as their efficiency rate is approx. 96%.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller
MPPT Solar Charge Controller

MPPT solar charge controller is one of the best ways to convert your existing inverter into a solar inverter. These controllers are sophisticated yet more expensive. As a result, they are perfect for big solar organizations demanding high efficiency.

UTL MPPT Solar Charge Controller

UTL is a well-reputed solar product manufacturing company in India with UTL solar conversion kit being its most demanded product. The kit is designed with highly advanced technologies to increase energy production. It has in-built microprocessors that boost the efficiency of energy transfer by 30%.

UTL MPPT solar charge controllers come in a wide range that starts from the power rating– 12V to 240V.  All the variants possess unique features with a body specially designed to suit even the rugged weather conditions of India.

See other solar products by: UTL Solar

UTL 48V Solar Charge Controller
UTL 48V Solar Charge Controller

Price List Of UTL Solar Charge Controller

The price of UTL MPPT solar charge controllers depends on their power ratings. The price list of these affordable yet high-quality products from UTL is mentioned below.

UTL Solar Conversion Selling Price Range
12V Solar Charge Controller (10A to 40A)Rs.1,706 – Rs.4,095
24V Solar Charge Controller (10A to 40A)Rs.2,457 – Rs.7,917
36V Solar Charge Controller (10A to 40A)Rs.4,095 – Rs.10,238
48V Solar Charge Controller (10A to 60A)Rs.6,143 – Rs.30,030
96V Solar Charge Controller (30A to 60A)Rs.27,300 – Rs.34,125
180V Solar Charge Controller (30A to 60A)Rs.30,713 – Rs.40,950
240V Solar Charge Controller (40A to 60A)Rs.40,950 – Rs.68,250

Smarten MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Smarten Solar is another popular name in the solar world. It is a well-trusted brand that offers a wide variety of solar products. It manufactures high quality MPPT solar charge controllers under the name of Smarten PRIME+.

The product is nothing less than a boon to people looking for an efficient voltage and current regulator. There is a complete range of Prime+ MPPT based solar charge controllers.

See other solar products by: Smarten Solar

Smarten 12V-24V (50A) Solar Charge Controller
Smarten 12V-24V (50A) Solar Charge Controller

Price List Of Smarten Solar Charge Controller

To buy Smarten solar charge controller that performs its basic tasks with high efficiency besides saving your battery’s life and solar panels, have a look at its price list mentioned below.

Smarten Solar Charge ControllerSelling Price
12V/24V 30A Solar Charge ControllerRs.5,100
12V/24V 50A Solar Charge ControllerRs.5,600
24V/48V 50A Solar Charge ControllerRs.10,299

#6. PWM Solar Conversion Kit

A PWM solar charge controller employs the Pulse Width Modulation technology to function for the solar power system. The efficiency rate of a PWM solar charge controller or solar conversion kit is around 70%.

PWM Solar Charge Controller
PWM Solar Charge Controller

This solar charge controller is cheaper than the MPPT solar charge controller. And for this, even after being slightly less efficient than its alternatives, the PWM solar charge controllers are extremely popular in many parts of the country.

Luminous PWM Solar Charge Controller

Widely popular for its electrical gadgets, Luminous has gained high popularity for its solar products in India. It sells a wide range of feature-packed solar charge controllers at affordable prices.

The PWM solar charge controller from Luminous is aesthetically designed in compact size to reduce maintenance and boost charge control efficiency. The controller performs techniques of solar optimization to maximize solar usage.

See other solar products by: Luminous Solar

Luminous Solar Charge Controller Price List
Luminous Solar Charge Controller Price List

Price List Of Luminous PWM Solar Charge Controller

Have a look at the price list of this straightforward proposition controller from Luminous that comes in a wide range and at affordable prices.
Luminous Solar Charge Controller Selling Price
6 amps, 12 Volt Charge Controller Rs.570
10 amps, 12-24 Volt Charge Controller Rs.1,050
20 amps, 12-24 Volt Charge Controller Rs.1,800
50 amps, 48 Volt Charge Controller Rs.8,350
50 amps, 96 Volt Charge Controller Rs.12,150
50 amps, 120 Volt Charge Controller Rs.15,000

Microtek PWM Solar Charge Controller

Microtek is among the most trusted and well-preferred solar product manufacturing companies in India. It serves innovative, reliable, trustworthy and best in class products especially its series of solar charge controllers.

Its in-built microcontroller boosts system’s efficiency, tough designation provides long life and four stages battery charging extends battery life. When inactive, the controller consumes negligible energy and its protection technology prevents overcharging.

See other solar products by: Microtek Solar

Microtek solar charge controller
Microtek solar charge controller

Price List Of Microtek PWM Solar Charge Controller

Check the price list of this high speed Microtek PWM solar charge controller to buy and install the high speed, high performing gadget for your home.

Microtek Solar Charge ControllerSelling Price
30 amps, 12 Volt Charge ControllerRs.1,520
30 amps, 24 Volt Charge ControllerRs.1,800
60 amps, 12 Volt Charge ControllerRs.2,280
60 amps, 24 Volt Charge ControllerRs.2,650

#7. MPPT V/s. PWM Solar Conversion Kit

Both the types of solar charge controllers have their pros and cons. To find the perfect one you must choose the controller with the set of features that satisfy most of your specific requirements.

The MPPT solar charge controllers are highly efficient yet expensive while the PWM solar charge controllers are cheaper yet slightly less efficient. Other points of difference are mentioned below. 

MPPT Vs PWM Charge Controller
MPPT Vs PWM Charge Controller





About 68%

Around 97%


Relatively cheaper


Charging Stages

3 stage charging

Multi stage charging

Charging current

Maximum 60A

Up to 120A

Working Voltage

Should be same for battery and solar panel

Solar panel voltage can be greater than battery voltage


Compatibly large

Comparatively Small

#8. Retrofit Solar Charge Controller

The retrofit solar charge controller is a highly efficient device you can install to convert your existing inverter to a solar inverter. It is an upgraded form for traditional solar charge controllers that comes with in-built intelligence that optimizes solar energy use.

Luminous Retrofit Solar Charge Controller

Luminous offers the most advanced retrofit solar charge controlled under the brand name—Luminous Solar Shine Retrofit. It is an improved version of normal solar charge controllers that can operate with batteries having power range from 12V to 120V. 

Luminous Solar Shine Retrofit is packed with advanced features that include Solar Optimization Technique, MCB protection and four stages charging.

Luminous Retrofit Solar Conversion Kit Price List

The product comes at the price rates mentioned in the table below.

Retrofit Solar Conversion Kit Model

Selling Price

1220 Luminous Shine Retrofit Rs.1,400
2420 Luminous Shine Retrofit Rs.1,800
3650 Luminous Shine Retrofit Rs.2,950
4850 Luminous Shine Retrofit Rs.5,800
9650 Luminous Shine Retrofit Rs.8,400
 12050 Luminous Shine Retrofit Rs.11,500

Frequently Asked Question

A solar charge controller is needed for this. It helps your existing inverter to deal with solar power by converting and regulating the voltage/current generated by the solar panels.

Comparing the efficiency, MPPT is better than PWM.

 A solar controller is not needed for small panels while it is necessary for high capacity panels.

It depends on your preference and requirements. However, Luminous, Smarten, UTL, etc. are among the top selling solar conversion kits.

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