Kenbrook Solar ACDB 3 PH 63 AMP 14KW to 25 KW

 4,999.00 (Inclusive of All Taxes)

► 14KW to 25 KW 3 Phase Solar ACDB Box

► Voltage – 230 V

► Current – 63 AMP

►Protection from Extra current, overload & Short circuit

►Components – AC SPD, AC MCB & Fuse with Holder

►ACDB Installed Between Inverter and Connected Load.


AboutKenbrook Solar ACDB 3PH 14 kw to 25kw 63 AMPs- It is important part of solar panel system as it provides extra protection to the system in case of failure / short circuit on load side. The full form of ACDB is Alternate Current Distribution Box. ACDB has component like MCB, SPD, and Fuse etc. ACDB installed after inverter and before connected load.

WorkIt provide additional electrical protection to the solar panel system during failures or any short circuit. It provides the interconnection between the input string from the inverter and the output string to the connected load.

Protection ACDB receives AC power from inverter and sends it to connected load through. ACDB comprises of Surge Protection Device (SPD) and MCB which are required to protect the solar Inverter and connected load from short circuit, overload, over current and heavy voltage.

SPD WorkIn cases of over voltage, SPD (Surge Protection Device) send extra current to earth.

MCB WorkMCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) prevent from over current flowing short circuit. When any failure comes into system MCB trip and save connected load.

Component ACDB has AC SPD, AC MCB, Fuse and Fuse Holder. These all components used to protect solar inverter and connected load from any damage or heavy load.

Special Features

  • Brand – Kenbrook Solar
  • 14 KW to 25 KW 3 Phase Solar ACDB Box
  • Voltage – 230 V
  • Power -14Kw to 25 KW
  • Degree of Protection -IP67
  • Application -Solar Power Plant
  • Current – 63 Amps
  • ISO Certified
  • Mounting Plate
  • Three Phase
  • 50 Hz Frequency

Unique Features

  • ACDB receives AC power from solar inverter and directs it to AC load.
  • Reliable electrical protection to prevent.
  • AC distribution box simplifies maintenance and enhances system reliability.
  • Incorporating ACDB significantly reduces overall system installation time.
  • All AC Distribution boxes are tested and certified as per IEC/IS standard.
  • It has wall mounting design for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Each terminal is protected and weather proof to make it suitable for outdoor applications as well as highly secure wiring.
  • ACDB enables the installer to isolate different loads at a single location, making repair and maintenance much safer and faster.

Technical Details

Description Particulars
Power 14KW to 25 KW
Phase Three Phase
Frequency 50HZ
Certificate ISO
Max Current 63 AMP
Max Voltage Rating 230V
Display Type LCD
Applications Solar Power System
Mounting Plate Yes
Temperature Range 40° Celsius
Component AC SPD, AC MCB and Fuse with Holder
Protection Over current, short circuit etc


Kenbrook Solar


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