Kenbrook Solar DCDB 3 in 3 out 1000V up to 60 Solar Panels

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Main Features:

►3 in 3 out DCDB Box

►Voltage – 1000V

►IP Rating – IP67

►Capacity – UP to 60 Solar Panels

►Usage/Application – Solar Power System


AboutFull form of DCDB is known as Direct Current Distribution Box. It is used in solar panel system to protect the whole system like solar panels, solar inverter etc. and DCDB manage the DC current. Its capacity is 3 in 3 out 1000V DC and support up to 60 Solar Panels.


What is InsideInside of DCDB box has Fuse with Holder, SPD, MCB and Bus Bar. Also has good quality DC wire for connection and MC4 connector.


WorkingKenbrook Solar DCDB controls the DC power from the solar panel and sends solar panels current to inverter. DCDB box is installed in middle of solar panel and inverter connection. It protects our solar panel system and inverter.


ProtectionIn case solar panel system produce extra current as much need or any short circuit issue then MCB is automatically trip, SPD sends extra current in ground and fuse has a coil that is burn and breaks the circuit.


Fuse WorkWhen over power is produced by solar panel system then Fuse coil burn and breaks the circuit and save all electrical appliances and solar inverter.


MCB WorkWhen extra current is come then MCB is automatically trip and saves the inverter.


SPD WorkSPD sends extra current to earthing and save all electrical appliances.

Special Features

  • Voltage – 1000V
  • IP Rating – IP67
  • 3 in and 3 out DCDB Box
  • Capacity – UP to 60 Solar Panels
  • DCDB manage Direct Current
  • DCDB can Extend Inverter Life
  • Usage/Application – Solar Power Plant
  • Wall mounting design for easy installation
  • DCDB box has Fuse with Holder, SPD and MCB etc
  • Protects the system if there is any fault during failure in DC side
  • Protection: Over current, extra current, short circuit and lightning
  • DCDB box Installed in middle of solar panel system and inverter connection

Technical Details

Particulars Description
Brand Kenbrook Solar
DCDB Voltage 1000V
DCDB Capacity Up to 60 Solar Panels 3 in 3 out
Protection Overload, Over current
Applications Solar power plant
IP Rating IP67
Frequency 50 Hz
Dimension ( L*W*H ) 130*180*100 mm


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