Kenbrook Solar DCDB 1 In 1 Out Inbuilt DC Fuse 20A, SPD 1000V

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Main Features:

  • 【Suitable / Ideal】This 1 in 1 out 1000V DCDB is suitable for all types of solar panels. It support 1 string of up to 20 nos solar panels (1000V). This DC distribution box will provide multiple protections to your DC circuits and components that are connected to your solar system.
  • 【DC Fuse & Fuse Holder】Best quality self-blown DC fuse with DC fuse holder for protection of solar panel string and solar equipment from short-circuiting/high current (amperes). This DC fuse will automatically break the DC circuit by blowing itself if any disturbance occurs in the DC supply.
  • 【1000V DC SPD】Equipped with 1000V (3 Pole) ELMEX DC SPD. This Surge Protection Device (SPD) will protect your solar inverter/DC appliances and DC circuits before any mishap by diverting excess voltage to the ground via earthing
  • 【1 Year Warranty】This entire DC distribution box comes with 1 year warranty.


Kenbrook Solar DCDB (Direct Current Distribution Boxes are used to protect your solar panels and solar invertres from over current and voltage surge. These DCDB contains : #1. DC Fuse -Which protect from over current and short circuit #2. DC SPD – Which Protect from Voltage Surge and Over Voltage.


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