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UTL MPPT SMU is one of the most advanced SMUs available in the market that works on the latest rMPPT technology developed by UTL Solar. The rMPPT technology increases energy generation by 30% when compared to its alternatives.

It is an automatic SMU from UTL that supports 12V and 24V solar panels with a maximum current of 40A. This advance SMU has a long list of highly useful features that include in-built protection against overcharging voltage, under-voltage and overcharging current.

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Besides, the performance of UTL MPPT SMU 12V/24V 40 AMP automatic solar charge controller is remarkably appreciable as it amplifies the current produced by the solar panels

The other key highlighting features of UTL rMPPT SMU are listed below:

  •  Highly reliable and efficient micro-controller
  • Inbuilt electronic protection
  • Equipped with 3-in-1 rMPPT technology
  • An easy to monitor LCD
  • Provides a long battery life
  • Increases efficiency of the system by 30%
  • Prioritises solar power usage over grid consumption
  • Switch for automatic/manual operation
  • 3-stage charging- BLK, ABS, FLT
  • Compact design with wall mounting

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Buy solar panels online at best price
Buy solar panels online at best price

#1. UTL MPPT SMU Price

UTL manufactures the widest range of high quality solar products including the MPPT SMU at an affordable price. Hence, it is a great investment to spend a reasonable amount on such a useful gadget. The price of UTL MPPT SMU 12V/24V 40Amp is described in the table below.



9,990 5,699(Inclusive of all taxes)
  • Support 12V/24V Panel with Single Battery
  • Prioritize Solar Power over Grid Power
  • High Performance Micro-Controller
  • In-Built Protection for Battery
  • Wide Operating Temperature

#2. Specifications of MPPT SMU

The MPPT SMU from UTL is loaded with numerous highly useful qualifications that result in developing the most advanced features for the device including electronic protection, over-temperature protection and transient and surge protection.

The specifications of rMPPT SMU from UTL are mentioned in the table below.

MPPT SMU Specifications
MPPT SMU Specifications

How does MPPT SMU Works?

The MPPT technology is a further step to MPPT in terms of advancement that stands for Rapid Maximum Power Point Technology. It works with the intensity of the sunlight by fluctuating the voltage correspondingly.

In simple words, the rMPPT SMU works by constantly monitoring the output, at every single moment, which can give maximum power. The system then changes it according to the voltage of the solar panel to get the optimum advantage.

Hence, with this technology, the solar panels can work on the most productive output for the entire day increasing the efficiency even more.

How MPPT SMU Works
How MPPT SMU Works

The solar world is changing rapidly and people are coining several innovative technologies that increase the efficiency of solar panels. The rMPPT technology is one such technology evolved and patented by UTL Solar.

With the Maximum Power Point Trackers, the solar panels are bound to work for maximum power output at the optimum voltage. Hence, this advanced technology makes the solar system 30% more efficient.

#3. Supports 12V & 24V Panels

The MPPT SMU automatic solar charge controller supports both a 12V panel and a 24V solar panel. It has a feature for automatic voltage selection that allows it to work with both voltages flawlessly.

The SMU works by detecting the voltage of the PV panels and adjusting its performance with correspondence. However, there are terms at which the SMU works with each capacity of solar panels.

Precisely, the MPPT SMU from UTL supports:

  • 12V solar panel having 12V battery,
  • 24V solar panel having 12V battery and
  • 24V solar panel having 24V battery.

#4. Features of rMPPT SMU

UTL rMPPT SMU is a feature-packed device that works by elevating the efficiency of the output given by the solar panels. All the critical features of UTL’s rMPPT SMU are discussed below in detail. 

  • Advanced 3-in-1 Technology

The rMPPT technology of this UTL SMU is a combination of three highly productive technologies which are P&O, Incremental Conductance and Ripple Correlation. 

  • Efficient Micro-Controller

The speed and performance of this SMU are incomparable to its alternatives and it is highly efficient and reliable. 

  • Easy to Connect

The SMU has an appreciably compact design and a wall-mounted structure that make it easy to install and connect at home. Also, the operating process is quite easy. 

  • Long Battery Life

This UTL SMU improves the performance of the system and renders the battery with a surprisingly long life. Also, the maintenance required is negligible. 

  • Digital Display

The LCD equipped with the SMU allows you to watch, compare and analyse the operating status and dynamic figures quite easily. 

  • Advance Protections

The protections provided are Battery Reverse Polarity, Battery Reverse Current, Over Current of SPV, Solar High Voltage, SPV Reverse Polarity, Over Temperature, and Mains High and Low Cut. 

  • Solar Prioritisation

The SMU ensures that the power being consumed is solar power on priority. Hence, it aims to reduce the system’s dependency on grid electricity. 

  • 3-Stage Charging

The battery of the SMU can be regulated using 3 stage battery charging which is bulk, absorption and float. 

  • Eco-friendly

The SMU promotes the usage of solar power as the primary source of energy and increases its efficiency. Hence, grid consumption reduces contributing to the benefit of the environment.

Frequently Asked Question

An MPPT solar controller is a solar device that converters an existing inverter into solar inverter.

SMU is a Solar Management Unit that makes a simple inverter a solar inverter.

rMPPT (rapid maximum Power Point Tracking) is the latest solar technology that optimises the production of the solar system.

You will need MPPT for your solar system to extract maximum power from the solar system.

MPPT is better than PWM as its efficiency is 30% more.

No, SMUs and solar charge controllers cannot be used without a battery.

The price of MPPT SMU is Rs. 5,699.

Yes, it works efficiently with lithium battery.

An MPPT SMU works by amplifying the voltage and current produced by the solar system.

No. MPPT SMUs are installed with existing or non-solar inverters only.

There is 1 year warranty for any manufacturing defect.

To buy UTL rMPPT SMU, you can contact us. You can also buy it from Amazon Store.

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