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What Are Solar Tiles?

Solar tiles are the latest innovation in the field of clean and renewable energy i.e. solar energy. These tiles are also known as solar shingles and solar slates. A solar tile combine traditional roofing properties with the technical properties of solar panel. Solar tiles are used to generate electricity by using sunlight. Solar cells are fixed in the solar tiles which absorbs the sunlight and transforms it into usable electricity. In recent years, technical researches have made it possible to modify solar panel and to give them a real shape in the form of solar tile.

Whar are solar tiles

People often think that solar panels will spoil the beauty of their home. Solar tiles are designed to remove this flaw of the solar panel. Solar tiles can be easily installed on the roof of any building. These tiles are great option to provide electricity or power your home. Solar tiles are photosensitive and waterproof solar product that can protect itself from outdoor elements.

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How Solar Tiles Works?

The working principle of solar tiles are same as solar panel do. Solar tiles are made of the same material as those used in regular solar panel. These solar tiles are further connected with wires to collect and store the electricity. The actual amount of generation depends upon the availability of sunlight. Obviously, the production in sunny days are more than cloudy days. Now let’s understand how solar tiles actually works?

Working of solar tiles
Working of solar tile

Whenever sunlight hits solar tile, they create an electric field capable of providing electrical energy for use inside the building. The electricity is generated because of the movement done by electrons inside the solar cell. To generate huge amount of electricity, each and every tile is connected by solar cables to the power distribution board. To get more and regular benefit out of those solar tiles, it is suggested to install a solar inverter and solar battery along with these solar tiles.

Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla solar is one of the major manufacturer of solar tiles. Tesla solar tiles are available in four types. The production capacity of these solar tiles are extremely high. These solar tiles are not only a medium of power production but they will also give your home a modern look.

Many people think that it is a heavy investment to do. Off course, it needs one time lump-sum payment but after installing these tiles you will get awesome ROR. The higher power productivity of solar tile is a profitable deal for you because the more electricity you produce, the less you will have to import from the national electricity grid. And in the whole process, you can reduce your electricity bill up to 0 rupees.

Types Of Tesla Solar Tiles

It is only the Tesla solar who invented or manufacture solar tile in various types. Tesla solar tiles are available in four different types that are as mentioned below.

  • Tuscan Glass Tile


  • Slate Glass Tile


  • Textured Glass Tile


  • Smooth Glass Tile

Types of tesla solar tiles

Tuscan Glass Tile

This is the first most types of solar tile. This type of solar tile is popular and mostly installed in European-style homes. Roofs that made of this type of solar tiles remind us of Greek and Roman era.

Slate Glass Tile

This is second type of solar tile. Slate glass solar tile is most popular and highly demanded solar tile. These solar tiles gave your roof the hand-crafted look. Tesla solar plays an important role to recreate these tiles and turn them into solar tiles.

Textured Glass Tile

This is the third type of solar tile. Textured glass solar tiles turn your modern roof into traditional roof. There was a time when these tiles were popular. But then there are new type of solar tile was introduced. However, these tiles are still best choice among various regions.

Smooth Glass Tile

These are the latest type of solar tiles. If we say that these tiles are design to give your home a modern look, than even that will be not wrong. These tiles comes with straightforward, clean-cut design that is perfectly suitable for contemporary home design.

Prices Of Solar Tiles

Solar roof tiles are mainly manufactured by Tesla Solar. And as announced by Tesla itself, the average price of solar roof tiles are around $ 22 (exactly $21.85)/ square feet. This estimate is given for such a roof which is made of 35% solar tiles. So accordingly, the prices of solar roof tiles will be as mentioned below.

Solar Roofing Area Selling Price (INR) Selling Price (USD)
500 Sq. Ft Area Rs.8,25,000 $ 11,000
1,000 Sq. Ft Area Rs.16,50,000 $ 22,000
2,000 Sq. Ft Area Rs.33,00,000 $ 44,000
3,000 Sq. Ft Area Rs.49,50,000 $ 66,000
4,000 Sq. Ft Area Rs.66,00,000 $ 88,000
5,000 Sq. Ft Area Rs.82,50,000 $ 1,10,000
10,000 Sq. Ft Area Rs.1,65,00,000 $ 2,20,000


Pros & Cons Of Solar Tiles

There are always two side of a coin. One is positive and another is negative. So if you are thinking of installing solar tiles at your roof than let’s compare their pros and cons first.

Pros & Cons of Solar Panel

Pros – Advantages

  • Best alternative to solar panel.
  • Highly efficient solar product.
  • Blends better than solar panels on the roof.
  • Durable than normal solar panel.
  • It will turn any roof into modern roof.
  • Eco-friendly solar product.


Cons – Disadvantages

  • Hard to install on existing roof.
  • Expensive compare to solar panel.

Should You Install Solar Tiles?

Why to use solar battery

Till now, we have learn almost everything about solar tiles. But now the question is, “Should you invest in solar tiles or not?” Obviously, solar tiles are not suitable and best option for each and every person.

Solar tiles are best option for those who are planning to build a new structure or building and also want to give beautiful look to their roofs. Solar tiles are also designed for those who never want to compromise with their luxury and comfort. One side solar tiles will turn your traditional roof into modern roof simultaneously they will generate free electricity for you for a long time.

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Author: Bhanwar Chauhan
Updated On: 24/07/2021